March 21, 2010

Super Junior 2nd Asia Tour (Super Show 2) Live in Malaysia

Right now, I still can't believe that I was attending my 1st ever kpop concert and I really happy it was Super Junior concert. It wasn't plan at all. (maybe we just lucky?).

We (Me & Shar) went to Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil around 6 o'clock with no planning to attend the concert but just to have fun. We met some friends, taking pictures together while watching people around. I saw around 5000 fans gathering in front of the stadium and some more fans already entering the stadium.

From outside, I heard people cheering and screaming so loud. So, I thought 'Ahh..Its started already'. Me, Shar, Jess and Shu Ling standing together (others manage to get their ticket and already entering the stadium), chatting and still looking around. We saw this uncle is like giving@selling a ticket and Jess and Shu Ling decide to approach that pakcik. On the other hand, another random uncle approach me and Shar and asked us whether we were looking for the tickets. And we said yes. He said he have two tickets and ask us if we wanna buy it. We asked him how much he wanna sell those tickets? And he asked us how many we're willing to pay? He said he has 2 Rock Pitt tickets. I laughed and said I only have RM150 only. (I was so honest + naive that time..haha). Btw Rock Pitt tickets is worth for RM458 ok. Then, he said ok and he don't mind. I can't describe how I feel at that time. Unbelievable + happy + worried + disappointed (because Jess didn't get the ticket yet since ShuLing got a free ticket from the pakcik she approached just now.)

Me and Shar decide to enter 1st, while ShuLing stay with Jess. We rush towards the entrance door and stopped by the guard to do some checking. They asked us to open our bag and force us to take out everything. Stupid guard. I had so many 'girly2' things in my bag ok. Then, he didnt allowed the umbrella and the bottles.

After passed the checking, we enter the stadium to find our seat. Rock Pitt B where a lot of people standing there. I was so amazed when I see more then 10,000 fans in the stadium. Around 15,000 I guess. The view from my place was so amazing. What you expected when you're center of the stage?kekeke. Luckily, the concert didn't started yet. Fans just randomly screaming when Super Junior ads was on the big screen.haha. I feel so funny at that time. Because everybody was anticipating and excited for every single movement in the stadium.


Around 8, the concert really begin. The entrance of the 10 guys is just WOW!! 1 by 1 was introduced individually in most entertaining manner.

Starting from "Dangerous Cinderella HeeChul"
- he really got princess sickness.

and "The Living Work of Art Siwon" <-- (not sure about Siwon..ngee)
- I'm very sure man also got jealous when they see his chocolate abs.

followed by "Bubble Boy Yesung"
- 1 of the main vocal.

"Lovable Blurness Ryeowook"
- He's so petite. So small. So tiny.

"Ultimate Sweetness Sungmin"
- He show off his powerful high kick. He's become more manly then he used to be.

"Bejewelled Eunhyuk"
- His name 'Eun' means jewel.

"Sexy Fishy Donghae"
- He did moonwalk. I bet he's sexy.

"Hottest Baby KyuHyun"
- He's not the hottest baby I ever know. But, can consider hot la.

"Cutie Pie Shindong"
- He's so funny. I love his confidence even though he's not so good looking.kekeke

and "Fallen Angel Leetuk"
- Angel? Whatever leader!haha

I really hope Kangin, Kibum and Hankyung were there. But fans do cheer a lot when they appear on the big screen.


1. A Man In Love
2. U
3. It's You
4. She Wants It
5. Angela
6. Miracle
7. Disco Drive
8. Dancing Out
9. Sungmin solo (He sing ballad while play piano more cute thinggie thing like he always do)
10. Donghae solo (No doubt he's a good dancer. He also sing very well. Dats why he got so many part in each songs.)
11. Yesung solo (He's really a good singer.)
12. Insomnia (Ryeowook solo) (He's trying to be a sexy guy. But he's too cute for that..^^)
13. 7 Year's Love (KyuHyun solo)
14. What If (Suju K.R.Y ft Sungmin)
15. Heartquake (Suju K.R.Y)
16. Honey (Leeteuk solo)
17. Sonata of Tempatation (HeeChul solo)
19. Don't Don
20. Twins
21. Our Love
22. Puff the Magic Dragon
23. Henry solo
24. Who Am I (Siwon solo)
25. Blue Tomorrow (Suju M)
26. Super Girl (Suju M)
27. Shining Star (The performances that overwhelmed the whole stadium. Leader sgt terharu hingga menitiskan air mata. Some fans also spotted crying together!)
28. Sorry SOrry, solo performance.
29. Chu~
30. Rokkuko
31. Sunny
32. Pajama
33. Carnival
34. Wonder Boys
35. Marry You

Here are some photos..Creditz to marctensia for the photos..(I'm so lazy to compress mine..haha)

They play around so much..

Crazy HeeChul wif his watergun..Siwon oso following HeeChul..

Chu~! F(x) r u doing Chullie ya~!

'Keji'ness of Chul & Siwon..^^
Yesunggie..he's injured that night..Poor him..^^

1 of the performances..^^

ShinDong &