July 26, 2010

Wonder Girl's 2DT Album Contest! I am lucky indeed!!


Can u see this?haha. Yes, its true!

YEAYYY!!! I won again. Lucky me!! Extremely excited..^^

This contest held by The Breakfast Show @ntv7. Since it's early in the morning, so I had watched it several time only. But, I read somewhere on facebook that TBS is giving away Wonder Girl's album. So, i just try out my luck. Answered a question which is 'list the name of WG members' (easy question that anyone know the answer) and create a slogan. And I guess I am lucky indeed when they chose me as a winner!haha. Thanks @ntv7..!!

Since I stay with my brother I always share my story with him. I always love to see how he react to every single thing I told him. Sometimes, he even do not interested but still ask me a lot of questions.haha

When I told him that I won Brian Joo stuff, he said this "Cuba la masuk pertandingan yang hadiah kereta ke, tv lcd ke..blablabla". But, when I told him I won Wonder Girls album, he is more excited than me. "Really? Can see them this weekend?". He even know Wonder Girls will come this Saturday.lol And he also willing to send me to Sri Pentas on this Thursday to collect my album.^^ (Note: He don't even know who is Brian Joo but he is Wonder Girls and 2PM fan..haha)

Mesyuarat Tingkap

Lame jgk x mengupdate blog..Sgt ke'bizi'an..Sejak 2 menjak ni busy dgn kerja, busy dgn my sis pny wedding preparation. Orang laen kawen, org laen terlebih busy.-_-

Nak jgk citer ni, last week, aku balik kg. Sbb ade mesyuarat. Ingat kat opis je ade mesyuarat. Org nak kawen pon ade mesyuarat tau. Tak tau la tempat laen panggil ape. Rewang?? Ntah la.. Yang penting kg aku panggil mesyuarat la. Then, buat pertama kalinya dalam sejarah hidop aku, aku telah mengupas/membelah lebih 30 biji kelapa. Giler ar. Kalo masuk pertandingan ni mesti menang..hik3. Tp al-maklumla..orang x pernah buat kerja berat sikit. Malam tu tangan aku rasa nak tercabut. Abes sume org kat rumah tu aku suh urut tangan aku. Last skali, aku suh bapak aku urut, dia suruh aku plak urut dia balik..haih

This thursday, aku mula bercuti..Mak aku suh cuti awal. Katenye banyak benda nak dibuat. Sbg anak yang solehah, aku pun menurut je la.haha

Anyway, kepada kawan2 yg dijemput, sila la bertandang ke rumah ok. I'll be waiting for u'ols. Kepada yg tak dijemput tu nak datang pun bole. Tp msg dlu ok.^^

July 16, 2010

I won Brian Joo's SMS Contest!!!


My 1st time entering sms contest and I won!! Guess I had some kind of lucky charm when I was sending the SMS..haha
All Brian Joo's stuff that I won. Autographed album + Autographed poster + Towel + Postcards.

Autographed Poster. Still on the floor in my room.. Should hang it in my bedroom right?kekeke

Ok this is how I won these stuff. On 10th July 2010, Brian Joo held the very 1st fan meeting in Malaysia. And that night, he was invited to be a special guess on 8tvNiteLive where fans can have a chat with him (by sending sms) and hosted by 2 hilarious MCs - Moe and Mike. The 1st 6 SMS which is read and answered by Brian will win the autographed poster and postcards. And the 3 most impressive SMS will win the autographed album, autographed poster, postcards and towel. So, I am the lucky 3.Yeay!!!

Curious what SMS I'm sending to him?hahaha

Go and watch 8tvNiteLive catch up tv at http://www.8tv.com.my/ where Brian as a guess..LOL. Or u can watch it here..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1YyjM4wH64 Around 7:30 i think..kikiki

July 12, 2010

Viva La Espana!!


What does Viva La Espana means? I googled it and found so many answers. 'Go Spain!', 'Long Live Spain' and so on so on. Whatever!! But still..its sound good huh!^^

Finally, the most prestigious football cup belongs to SPAIN! Congrats to them. Even though I was cheering for Holland (once again, I'm not a lucky charm to my team.haha), Spain proves the world that they are the best this year. You must be happy Incik Sotong Paul, kerana ramalan anda benar belaka!hahaha

Actually, I didn't watched it last night. I'm waiting until 12.30am then I feel sleepy. I planned to wake up on 2.30am, but I only wake up after I got message from Shar at 5.30am. Shar said Spain won!! haha. I missed it! Whatever! Gonna catch up it this evening!

Anyway, farewell to South Africa. See u again in 2014. Hope Incik Sotong Paul masih hidup di masa itu. Jangan jd sambal sotong suda..haha

July 07, 2010

World Cup 2010

Nah..Since everyone in the world have been struck by World Cup fever, me too kena tempias nye. I'm not a big fan of soccer, but I do watch sometimes. I also know some of the players and which club they play for. Takde la ketinggalan sgt kan.hehe. But, I never missed World Cup. Time World Cup je, I suddenly become a big fan. I still remember last World Cup in 2006, I asked my brother to wake me up at 2.30am, only to watch Ronaldo and Deco play for Portugal.haha.

But this year, all teams that I cheering and rooting for, semuanya 'BUNGKUS'. Starting with Korea and Japan. *ASIAN RULES!!!* Then Brazil, Portugal and Argentina. Lastly, last night -> Germany. Seems I'm not a lucky charm to them.haha

Bukti kefanatikan sy menjelang Piala Dunia.haha. Actually, I got this schedule and this land yard when I went for some movies. If I'm not mistaken when I watched A-Team a month ago. They gave it to me for free when I bought big popcorn..^^

Actually I loves World Cup 2010 the most because its full of surprise and drama. Many underdog team go through round of 16, while big names like Italy and France left Africa at early stage. I bet many people lost their money in betting and gambling right?hahaha. (I also lose in betting when Brazil meet Korea DPR in group match. Bet Brazil will won with 3 goals and above. Luckily didn't involve any money.haha)

World Cup 2010 dah nak sampai ke kemuncak. Finally, Spain will meet Netherlands in finals. I will be rooting and cheering for Netherlands. FIGHTING!!!

July 06, 2010

Why boys must look pretty??

Recently, CNBLUE (my favourite band after FT Island..^^) boys revealed their bare faces for the first time. This photos was uploaded by 1 of the radio station where they were invited as special guest.

What attracted my attention is why these boys are so pretty even without makeup. YES! WITHOUT MAKEUP! I used to think most celebrities looking good because of 'THE POWER OF MAKEUP'. But then, these boys just proves me wrong. They also can look good without makeup. Look at those flawless skin.haih *JEALOUS*

But then, why should I care? And what makes me wrote this entry?LOL

Because...........when u guys this pretty, then what makes girls feel/think?

July 04, 2010

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10

Oh I wanna this phone so badly! Somebody please buy me 1...hahaha.

Then, I 'terpaksa' add 1 more to my resolutions..tukar new phone by the end of this year..ahaks

Setelah bermain2 dgn Shar pny Xperia, I am very interested to buy this phone. Skrinnye yg besar mmg menarik hati. And the features too..

Woot..woot..here the features :

* GSM GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
* UMTS HSPA 900/1700/2100
* UMTS HSPA 800/850/1900/2100
* 4.0-inch scratch-resistant WVGA touchscreen with 480 x 854 resolution
* Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz processor
* 8.1-megapixel camera with 16x digital zoom, auto focus, geotagging and video recording
* Bluetooth Stereo
* Media player
* Sony Ericsson Timescape and Mediascape features that handle communication and media, respectively
* Microsoft Exchange support
* Gesture control
* A-GPS with Google Maps and Wisepilot
* 3.5mm headphone jack
* microUSB connectivity
* Wi-Fi support
* Phone memory: up to 1 GB
* 8GB microSD card
* Android Donut 1.6
* Size: 119 x 63 x 13mm
* Weight: 135g
* 1500mAh battery

As far as I know, the review ratings is also high!! Must get this!!^^ Anyone interested to sponsor, u are welcome..ngeh3