June 30, 2010

R.I.P Park Yong Ha

This is tragic! Park Yong Ha found dead yesterday morning in his room with his cellphone charging cable hanging around his neck. Suicide. Depression for a long time. He's such a great actor and singer back then. Condolences for his family.


B2st/Beast's Effect


I'm not a big fan of either SS501, Suju and also Beast. I'm actually a big fan of 2PM, 2AM and FT Island. But then, I have different feeling when I meet them in person. Suddenly, I become very interested in them, and looking forward in everything they do.

Arghh..I hate this feeling. I keep missing these boys again --> Beast. Listening to their songs again and again. This is why I don't like going to concert or showcase. This is why I hate when our eyes meet. I cannot avoid the heartbroken feeling when they leave. Sigh. Tell me I'm stupid, but this is true. This is so weird. The same thing happen when I meet SS501 and Suju back then. Sometimes I smiling and giggling alone. Sometimes I feel hurt because I know how hard it feels when we missing someone.

Already 3 days since they left Malaysia. Believe or not, I played their songs hundred times. Only their songs. YES! I ONLY HAVE THEIR SONGS IN MY PLAYLIST!!

What should I do to heal this feeling? But I think it's ok. Time will heals everything right. Usually it takes 2 weeks for me to become a normal person back..kekeke

They said they will come again next time. JunHyung tweet this pics with caption "Korea arrival..! Thank you for making us such great memories in Malaysia!! To end here is Yoseob and Dongwoon’s goodbye ceremony"
The shirt says I love Malaysia. And we love Beast too!! Please come back soon!!\/(-_-)\/

Psst : Forgive my spazziness + craziness!!XD

June 27, 2010

Beast aka B2st Showcase! Is either hell or heaven!

Date : 26th June 2010

Location : KL Live

I was attending B2st's 1st Showcase in Malaysia last night. It was an awesome performance by the boys. But sadly to say, it was the worst organizer ever. Btw, I'm not a hardcore fan of B2st (Pronounce as Beast). I only know all Beast's members 3 days before the showcase.lol

And I'm ready for spazzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiinggggggg!!!!! Are u ready?? Get ready for getting annoyed!muahahaha

I left home early at 1.30pm. Going to eat and jalan2 at Pavilion and then walk to KL Live with my friends. We arrived in front of KL Live around 4.00pm and the line was so long. There's also a lot of boys in the line. U guys must be proud because have a lot of fan boys.haha

Meeting other friends, change into B2st shirt (kunun2 siapa pakai shirt get the priority to enter 1st but semuanya penipuan. Cis! I hate u UMM!!) and start to lineup. Almost 7PM, but the door still not open. (Btw, the showcase should be start at 7PM ok). The fans start shouting "Open the door! Open the door!". Then, the shouting change to "We want Beast! We want Beast!". And then, change again to "T-Shirt first! T-Shirt first!". The climax is "Refund! Refund!".

8PM : They still didn't let us in! Everyone start getting mad and keep shouting to open the door, but they totally ignoring us! Also got some fight+ yelling between the security staff with fans. The atmosphere are getting HOT! Fans fainting here and there. Fans shouting! Staff shouting! Security staff cannot control the crowd anymore when all of them rempuh the gate beramai-ramai. I also pissed off that time but I don't have energy to fight with anyone. And sometimes, I do feel scared. Rather than attending a showcase, I feel like attending a demonstration or tunjuk perasaan. I just hope I can see the showcase peacefully! Finally, semua orang dapat masuk tnp kena check tiket.lol

I must put the blame on UMM because not organizing it well. They do have a big name in entertainment industry, but seems they lack of experiences in organizing events. Totally failed management! They should have expected stuff like this happen. I'm talking about the delaying of the showcase here. Diplomatic ways is very important though! When u keep yelling, don't u think people will pleased hearing your voices? Can't u apologize and explaining what's going on inside there? When fire meet fire = kebabomm!! LOL. (I'm trying to create my own peribahasa here.lol). I bet there's lot of spamming on UMM facebook wall right now, and I was right! U deserves it man!haha

9PM : Finally the showcase begin. The MC introducing the boys and the crowd screaming like crazy. It was like my eardrums going to fall off!haha. The MC keep telling us 'Don't Push! Don't Push' but I didn't see anybody pushing. He even asked the boys to tell us to stop pushing. Yeosob was so cute when he said 'Don't Push!'.haha

But then it was very exciting moment. From the kickass Bad Girl performance to the remix songs, the boys are full of energy. Crowd also sing along with them dgn semangatnye. Sometimes, they do a fan services, making everyone goes crazy.^^ I was enjoying each and every song to the fullest. Absorbing everything to the max.

1st session. White angels concept. (suka hati je bg nama konsep)
They also play some game. A winner got to take picture with them. And also got a lucky draw where the prize is they sang 'Oasis' to the lucky winner. Damn jealous!!haha

Fan services by GiKwang

Finally the showcase ends after 1 hour. Then, the fan signing session started. They sit in the line : JunHyung -> Dongwoon -> GiKwang -> DooJoon -> HyunSeung -> Yeosob. I was so excited because this is my 1st time attending fan signing. I never ask any singer/actor/actress to sign for me before this. But then, the signature is not important to me as I just want to see close up and be a witness of their good looking faces.haha. Because of the time limited, people keep pushing to the front. At a time I feel like I can't breath and I just want to give up. But I also can't turn back. Because people at the back lagi ramai dpd people at the front. I was so lucky to get out from the sardine crowd and managed to get their sign.
This is what happen during my turn :

JunHyung : I was looking at him, but he didn't. He keep lower his head down and busy signing all the cd. But, seriously I didn't expect this. He is very good looking in person. And he is a good rapper too!

Dongwoon : He is the tallest one. And from my view, this maknae seriously the most handsome one. I really mean it. Damn good looking! He was smiling to me, nodded his head a lil bit and say 'Hi'. And I'm doing the same thing as him. Ahh..Doojoon is nearer. I'm getting nervous.

GiKwang : I felt so sorry for this guy. He was looking at me and smiling and say something. Not sure what it is, my eyes already on Doojoon!haha. Mian AJ, I can't believed I'm ignoring u. I know u are the shortest one, but u make it up with ur hot body.LOL (Do I sound like pervert noona here?XD)
Doojoon : He is my bias and I can't take my eyes off him!XD. When our eyes met for the 1st time..KYAAAA!!! *faints* He smile and waving and say 'Helloo' (with his cheerful sexy voice.LOL). I can't believed that I was smitten by him and I was like a stupid fan girl in front of him. I want to say this to him 'Hello. U're jjang. Saranghae. Keep fighting!'. But I end up put my hands up a lil and just looking at him with a frozen looks. No words came out from my mouth. I don't even remember smiling to him.LOL. Then he signed my cd and passed the cd to HyunSeung. But I still standing in front of him and still looking at him. Then, some security ahjussi said, "Gerak ke depan. Jgn lama sgt." and pushed me to HyunSeung. Like waking up from a dreams I realizes that I had wasting the 30 seconds chance only like that. I am so mad at myself. I have so many things to say to him but I end up nothing. Babo! Babo! Babo! *The same thing happen to Shar and her bias Dongwoon.LOL*

HyunSeung : He's not even looking at me. Signed the cd and passed it to Yeosob. But I don't even mind. Because the cutest thing in the world is already smiling and waiting for me.XD

Yeosob : KYAAA!!!Here is the cutest thing in the world! Beliau sangat chomel. Seriously sgtttttt chomel. Like a hamster. Rasa mcm nak picit-picit shj beliau.XD. He's so cheerful. Saying 'Hello' and smiling and waving, sign my cd and pass it back to me and say 'Thank you'. Looking at him, I was like getting some new power (after lost in my own world w/ DooJoon..kekeke) to wave back to him and say 'hi' and 'thank you'.haha

Ahh, it's 1.30am now. Shud get some sleep then. Tomorrow is working day. I think I'm spazzing too much dy!haha. Enjoy some more pics then!!

2nd session. Red Devil concept.

Opps, last2..At 11.00pm, they annnounced to stop the fansigning and continue tomorrow at 1Utama. The boys bowed to the crowd and say goodbye! Goodbye BEAST! Hope to see u again soon!

*Credits to smashpop for 1 shot pics!

June 14, 2010

I'm Broke

Arghhh..I'm broke..I'm broke..why everyone want to come Malaysia around this time?


ape lg lepas ni?

Yg pasti anda2 semua mmg pandai utk buat saya pokai..LOL. My sis wedding also around the corner..and I need to sponsor this and that..and u guys perfectly coming around this time...uwaaa..bilakah mau cepat kaya ni??

Dlm broke2 tu sempat lg pg Beast showcase..wink2..

To Brian : Mianhae...I really wanna go!! Tgokla kalo bajet lebey next month.^^