January 26, 2011

Take Care of My Girlfriend Chapter 14

Chapter 14 : A Daegu Vacation

At 4minute dorms

Beast and 4minutes have gathered together and are hanging out. Jiyoon and Jihyun are busy helping Hyuna pack for her trip for that night. Sohyun, Gayoon and the Beast boys are in the living room, watching TV.

“Wow, I never knew Dongho was so funny.” Gayoon said, laughing at the show Raising Idols where Dongho, Eli and their English teacher were visiting an amusement park.
“Ooh, that amusement park. I’ve never been there. We should go together.” Yoseob said and everyone except Sohyun agreed.

“Sorry guys. I’m already going there.”
“What? With who?” Dongwoon interrogated Sohyun.
“Um… well you see Mir Oppa asked me to go. We decided to go tomorrow together.”
“Just the two of you? Why? Can we come?” Dongwoon said.

Hyungseung groaned. “Yeah maknae, stop cockblocking would you?” Dongwoon pouted and left the room. Sohyun sat there feeling guilty about Dongwoon. She sighed quietly to herself. She didn’t want to hurt Dongwoon oppa but she really did want to go on the date with Mir.

“Sohyun, don’t worry about Dongwoon. Just have fun on your first date!!!” Gayoon said.
“Well, it’s not really a date. I mean it’s more…aigoo. I’m so nervous.”
“Aigoo. How cute!” The members exclaimed at Sohyun’s butterflies. Doojoon just smiled and went to search for sad Dongwoon.

Doojoon entered the guest room that 4minute had in their dorm.

“Yah, Dongwoon are you ok?” Doojoon asked Dongwoon who was lying on the bed.
“yeah Hyung.”
“YOu know don’t even worry about their date. Who knows? Maybe Sohyun would find Mir so annoying.” Doojoon tried to cheer up Dongwoon.

Dongwoon suddenly sat up. “Oh I’m not worried.” Doojoon looked at him suspiciously.
“Yah. You’re not worried? Why not?”
“OH, I have a plan!” Dongwoon smiled evilly.

Later that night

“Bye!!” The members greeted Junhyung and Hyuna who were leaving for the music festival.
“Bye. I’ll miss you guys so much.” Hyuna whined.
“It’s only for two days Hyuna.” Gayoon said, smiling at whining Hyuna.
“I know but I’ll still miss you.”
“We’ll miss you too.” Jihyun said as they hugged once more

Beast members, however, were too manly to hug goodbye.

“Bye.” Junhyung said, as he cleared his throat and gave his members high fives.
“Bye.” the members did the same.

Finally Yoseob couldn’t take it anymore and hugged Junhyung, catching him by surprise.

“BYE HYUNG!” Junhyung couldn’t help but smile and hug Yoseob back. Yoseob’s actions led to other members piling on hugs to Junhyung.

“Ok. Ok. We have to go. Bye.” Junhyung said.
“Bye Junhyung. Bye Hyuna. I’ll call you.” Kikwang said, waving goodbye to Junhyung and his girlfriend.

In the van

“Aigoo. I’m so tired. I can sleep right now.” Hyuna exclaimed as she stretched.
“Yah, Kim Hyuna. You can’t leave me alone here.” Junhyung said, nudging Hyuna awake.
“Wah… I wanna sleep.”
“Come on, let’s play a game. I don’t want to stay awake by myself.” Junhyung pouted.

Hyuna giggled. “What are you giggling for?”

“Nothing. Yoseob must be rubbing off on you Oppa.” Junhyung was confused at that.
“I mean, Yong Junhyung I knew would never cared about playing games on the car ride. Now you’re making me play games.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Junhyung said. “Come on, let’s play a game.” Hyuna giggled and gave in to his request.

A couple of minutes later

“I’ve never ate a whole pizza by myself before.” Hyuna said. Hyuna giggled as Junhyung folded his ring finger. She was so close to winning this game. (A/N: this is a game of I’ve never where the player say a thing that they’ve never done and if that thing apply to other player, they have to fold a finger and whoever is the first with all the fingers folded, they lose. You can watch Maknae Rebellion Ep 12 to see Shinee play it.)

Junhyung grumbled. He can’t believe that he’s about to lose this game. He hated losing but he couldn’t help but smile as he sees Hyuna’s laughing face at her almost victory. He needed to win no matter what.

“I’ve never…..kissed a guy before.” Junhyung said as he smiled evilly. He knew that Hyuna would have to fold one of her fingers. I mean she kissed a guy before right.

He was taken by surprise when Hyuna didn’t fold her finger. What? Her and Kikwang never kissed?

“You have to fold your finger Hyuna.” Hyuna avoided Junhyung’s eyes. “Wait, Hyuna, you have kissed a guy before right? I mean you and Kikwang kissed already right?”

Hyuna shook her head slowly. “No, I still haven’t lost my first kiss.” she said shyly, feeling embarrassed at her lack of experience.

Junhyung, on the other hand, was shock and didn’t know what to feel. His happiness soon took over at the fact that Hyuna still had her first kiss. Yay! Hyuna’s a lip virgin. Her and Kikwang haven’t done it!

On the inside, he was jumping around, doing cartwheels. On the outside, however, he remained calm and pretended that it was not a big deal. “Why not?” he asked.

“I don’t know. I mean we just haven’t found a right time yet. I mean, we…it’s not like we’re never gonna kiss. We will… just…”
“Ok I get it.” Junhyung said, not wanting to hear anymore about Hyuna and Kikwang’s plans to kiss. Hyuna just nodded and the tension in the van was very high.

Junhyung could’ve kicked himself right now, for starting the game and for saying that phrase. Now the atmosphere is all weird and tense.
“How about we just go to sleep?” JUnhyung suggested as Hyuna nodded. Hyuna shifted in her seat so that she was leaning against the wall of the car and went to sleep. Junhyung popped in Beast album in the music player and shifted in his seat and went to sleep.

A few minutes later

“OH WHY CAN’T YOU SEE? I’M STILL LOVING YOU. NAH NAH NAH BLAH BLAH OH. SAY NO NO NO NO NO!” The manager sang at the top of his lungs off tune.

He was getting so bored at driving by himself. Junhyung and Hyuna weren’t good company. they’ve been quiet for a while. I wonder what are they doing back there?

He opened the curtains in the van, and found Junhyung and Hyuna sleeping soundly in their seats. He smiled to himself as he watched Hyuna’s head on Junhyung’s shoulders and his arms around her. These Kids. he thought to himself as he turned his attention back to the road.

“OK WE’RE HERE!! WAKE UP!!!” the driver yelled, waking up Junhyung. He grumbled sleepily and opened his eyes. He looked to find Hyuna on his shoulders, snoring lightly and smiled. He took his arms off of her and looked out the car window.

The sunlight shined on Junhyung’s face, blinding him. They finally arrived at Daegu, a very nice hotel from what he can see. He gently nudged to wake Hyuna up.

“Uh..uh..what?” Hyuna mumbled groggily.
“Wake up sleepyhead, we’re here.” Junhyung said, smiling at her. Hyuna rubbed her eyes and covered her eyes from the blinding sun.
“We’re here? Finally.”

“Ok guys. Ready to go?” the manger asked.
“Hold on.” Hyuna shouted as she got her compact out of her bag to check her make up. She smoothed her hair over and popped a mint in her mouth and did the same to Junhyung.

The three of them got out of the van and headed over to the resort.

“Ok. Hyuna, you will be in room 2190 and Junhyung you will be in 2192. They’re connected so if you need anything Hyuna, ask Junhyung.” the manager said, handing them their room key.
“And where will you be Hyung?”
“You two aren’t the only one on vacation. I am too. So I will be in the Presidential suite, all by myself. Hehe.”

“What? That’s not fair.” Hyuna whined.
“Oh come on Hyuna, I do a lot of work. Let Oppa have this ok? Anyway, tonight is the music festival. So rest up and get ready by five. We’ll head over there around five. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in my suite, trying the whirlpool Jacuzzi. Bye.”

Junhyung and Hyuna watched as the manager walked away to his suite and sighed. That manager was really evil sometimes.

“Come on. Let’s go to our room.” Junhyung said as he grabbed both his and Hyuna’s suitcases. They arrived at their rooms separately.

Hyuna plopped her suitcase down on her bed and she also plopped down on the bed face down. She was so tried and could sleep for days. Her sleep however was interrupted when there was a knock on the door.

Hyuna walked over to the door, separating her and Junhyung’s room and opened the door.

“so what do you want to do?” Junhyung asked as he walked into Hyuna’s room.
“MMM. Sleep.” Hyuna said as she walked over to the bed and plopped herself down again. Junhyung laughed as he did the same. Pretty soon, the two fell asleep next to each other.

Way later that night

“Oppa. Oppa. Hyuna Hyuna. Here.” Fans screamed and reached for their hands as Junhyung and Hyuna made their way back to their van. Finally, they entered the van, safe and sound.

“Oh my god. That was so much fun.” Hyuna exclaimed as they made their way back to the hotel.
“Well you guys did great out there.” the manager complimented them.

They finally got back to the hotel.

“Ok guys. Now you guys know the rule. Don’t interrupt me and my Jacuzzi. We’re leaving at eight tomorrow night. Have fun guys!” the manager waved goodbye as he was anxious to get back to his suite and room service.

“he really loves that Jacuzzi doesn’t he?”
“Yep. He might probably take it with him when we leave. So anyway what do you want to do tonight?” Junhyung asked Hyuna as they walked back to their room. On their way they passed by a group of people in their bathing suits.

“Swimming.” Hyuna exclaimed.
“Swimming? With all those people?”
“Oh come on Oppa. I bet if we wait until later, there won’t be anyone.”
“I don’t know…”
“Oh please Oppa.” Hyuna pouted and Junhyung finally gave in.
“Fine. We’ll go to the pool at midnight.”

At Midnight

Hyuna and Junhyung made their way to the pool and were happy to see it empty. Hyuna took off her towel, revealing her bikini. Junhyung tried not to look at her but he couldn’t take his eyes away from her amazing body.

Hyuna ran and did a cannonball into the pool, splashing Junhyung.

“Yah. Kim Hyuna.”
“Come in the pool Oppa. It’s heated.” Junhyung shook his head and stood by the edge of the pool. Hyuna pouted and got out the pool.

“I swear Hyuna if you push me, you’re gonna pay.” Junhyung warned Hyuna as she walked closer to Junhyung.
“OH really? How would I pay? Huh?” Hyuna teased as she walked behind Junhyung’s back and pushed him into the pool.

She laughed out loud as Junhyung did a belly splash into the pool.

“Hahah Oppa.” Hyuna teased. However Junhyung didn’t come back up for air. “Yah Oppa. Are you ok?” Hyuna yelled. Her worry grew as he wouldn’t answer back and stayed down at the bottom of the pool.
Hyuna quickly dove into the pool and pulled Junhyung to the surface. “Oppa. Oppa are you ok?” Hyuna said, shooking Junhyung awake. “Come on Junhyung, wake up.”

Hyuna was about to cry when Junhyung suddenly opened his eyes and went “GOTCHA!!” Hyuna gasped then her anger took over.

“I told you, you would pay.” Junhyung teased Hyuna, not realizing her growing anger. Suddenly Hyuna was about to get out of the pool.
“Wait, Hyuna where are you going?” Junhyung asked but Hyuna wouldn’t answer back. “Oh come on, Hyuna I was just playing around. Come on. Don’t be mad at me.” Junhyung said, grabbing Hyuna’s hands.

“It was just a joke.”
“Well, I was really worried about you Oppa. It’s not funny. I thought I…I thought you were dead.”
“I’m sorry Hyuna.” Junhyung said.

Hyuna walked out of the pool but Junhyung followed her.

“Hyuna. You know I was just joking around. Look I’m ok. Just don’t be mad at me anymore.” Junhyung tried to calm Hyuna down. He grabbed her arms and turned her around and realized that she had tears in her eyes.

“What? You’re crying?” Junhyung asked, as he wiped her tears away.
“You really scared me you know? That moment felt like forever, and you just wouldn’t come back up. I thought…I thought..” Junhyung couldn’t take it any longer and hugged her tight.

“But I’m not. I’m alright. I’m here.” Hyuna relaxed in Junhyung’s embrace and calmed down after a while. Junhyung rubbed her back to calm her down then wiped the rest of her tears.

“Are you feeling better?” Hyuna nodded.
“ok. Then let’s go back to the pool. I want to show you my famous dive.” Junhyung said as he dragged Hyuna back to the pool.

That night, they played around in the pool, splashing each other, laughing.

The next morning

Hyuna’s peaceful sleep was interrupt by a loud knock on the door. She slowly got out of bed and opened the door to find the manager, looking wide awake and alert, and sleepy Junhyung.

“what’s going on?” Hyuna asked sleepily.
“I don’t know. I was dragged out of my bed too.” Junhyung complained.

“You guys. This morning I was checking my emails and the news and I found this.” the manager said as he took out his laptop, opened up to a Kpop Gossip web page. Junhyung and Hyuna were confused at what the manager was freaking out about and took a closer look. Their eyes opened wide as they read the front page Headline in bold letter.


And underneath the headline were pictures of them by the pool last night. They were in shock as the manager scrolled over to the pictures. There were pictures of them splashing around the pool, playing around the pool and the biggest picture was of Junhyung hugging Hyuna.

“Oh my god.” Hyuna said out loud, realizing what kind of trouble they were in now.

Over at Seoul

Kikwang turned on the computer and logged on to the internet. It was time to check his search ranking like he did every week.

“Please let me be in the top 50. Please.” Kikwang said as he typed his name in the search engine.

Number 43.

“yes!!” Kikwang shouted to himself, giving himself a high five. He was in the top 50 and pretty soon he’ll be #1.

He wondered who was #1 on the search engine. every time he checked it has always been Jay Park who took the number 1 spot. He went to the list of the top ten and was surprised to see the top two results: #1 Kim Hyuna and #2 Yong Junhyung.

“What? Why are they such a big topic?” kikwang wondered. His questions were answered as a link took him over to a gossip website.

His world crashed as he read the main headline of the website. Yong Junhyung and Kim Hyuna dating? He clicked on the story and his fists balled up as he looked at the pictures of Junhyung and Hyuna by the pool. He couldn’t control his anger anymore as he saw the last picture. The picture of Junhyung holding Hyuna, wiping her face.

“JUST WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?” Kikwang yelled. He was gonna get to the bottom of this and he was gonna get to the bottom of this NOW!!!

End of Chapter Fourteen. (Credits to twinkinglibra@4-Minute.com)

Take Care of My Girlfriend Chapter 13

Chapter 13 :

Mblaq was walking upstairs to their dorms after finishing up their grueling schedule.

“I’m so tired. I just want my bed.” Mir complained.
“Me too. I don’t even want to wash my face.” Joon said.
“Like you ever do?” Thunder teased his hyung as Joon glared at Thunder. GO looked over at Seungho, who had been quiet the whole day.

“Hyung, you ok?” GO asked, snapping Seungho out of his daydream.
“WHat? Oh yeah. I’m fine.”

The rest of the members just nodded and proceeded to the dorms. They stopped in their tracks when they saw Jiyoon sitting in front of their door.

“Oppa.” Jiyoon said, standing up when she saw Seungho.
She had been trying to call him ever since she dumped TOP but he wouldn’t answer. Now she had taken drastic measure and camped outside of his dorms, hoping that he’ll give her a chance to explain. Not having Seungho for these couple of days made her realized just how much she liked him.

Mblaq except Seungho smiled at Jiyoon. They knew that she had been trying very hard to fix things with the leader. Just that he is so damn stubborn.

“Hey Jiyoon.” Thunder said, hoping to ease the tension.
“Hey guys. Um. Seungho oppa, can I talk to you for a second?” Seungho just glared at Jiyoon and shook his head.

“Oh come on. Hyung. Just talk to her.” Joon said, pushing Seungho towards Jiyoon.
“No. I don’t want to.” Seungho said as he entered the dorm, leaving the rest of the members and Jiyoon outside. Mir and GO shook their heads at Seungho, feeling sorry about Jiyoon.

“Noona, are you ok?” Mir asked as Jiyoon just nodded.
“Yeah. I guess he’s still mad.”
“Yea but don’t worry about. One time when Joon hyung broke his iPhone, he wouldn’t talk to Joon hyung for two weeks.”
“Really? I guess. I’m gonna go.” Jiyoon was about to leave when Mir stopped her.

“Wait, noona. Let me take you home. It’s late.”
“No it’s ok. You guys are tired. Just rest.”
“No. it’s not a problem I’ll take you. Come on.” Mir said as Jiyoon nodded and followed him.

At Inkigayo.

“Good work everyone. Good job. Good work. Thank you.” Hyuna greeted people as she made her way to her dressing room. Seems like greeting people was harder than performing onstage itself. She finally found refuge in her dressing room.

She sat down on the couch and thought about the music festival coming up. The one where she would be with Junhyung alone for two days, by themselves. She hasn’t told Kikwang about the trip yet, knowing that he wouldn’t like it. Her thoughts were interrupted as Junhyung entered the room.

“Hey oppa.”
“Good job today.”
“Really? I thought I was out of breath. People have been complaining that my voice has been breathy.” Hyuna said as her face fell when thinking about her haters.
“Don’t listen to them. You did awesome. It’s a hard song to sing, especially when you’re dancing like you do.” Junhyung said, trying to lift Hyuna’s spirit.
“ANd how exactly do I dance?”

“Amazing.” Junhyung answered in one word. Hyuna smiled at the compliment and was taken aback by how much admiration was in his voice. “So are you ready for the trip?”

“No. not yet. I haven’t even packed yet. I need to bring like ton of clothes and shoes.”
“whoa whoa relax Hyuna. It’s only gonna be for two days.”
“look who’s speaking. You’re probably gonna pack more than me. Mr. Fashionista.”
“You know I got to look good.”

They laughed at their comments. The manager entered the room.

“Hey guys. Good job today.” THe manger said as Junhyung and Hyuna beamed.
“Are you guys excited for the trip?” they looked at each other awkwardly and nodded.
“Great. We leave early tomorrow morning and we’ll come back in two days. Get some rest tonight.” The manger said as he left.

“So you want to grab dinner?” Junhyung asked as he packed his items.
“Um. I can’t. I have plans with…”
“Kikwang?” Hyuna nodded. “You know you don’t have to be afraid to say his name Hyuna.”
“I know. It’s just. I don’t want to…never mind.”

“I know. “ Junhyung said, understanding Hyuna’s intention. She didn’t want to hurt him by mentioning and reminding him of the fact that she’s dating Kikwang. “So why are you going to dinner with him?”

“Um, he wanted to celebrate my solo debut. We never got a chance to. Also I need to tell him about the Daegu trip.”
“Wait. He doesn’t know about it?” Hyuna shook her head. “Well I’m sure it’ll be alright. It’s just for work rite?” JUnhyung asked.

“yeah. It’s just for work anyway.” Hyuna kept reminding herself. “Anyway, sorry Oppa. I have to go. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” Hyuna said as Junhyung hugged her goodbye.

In front of 4minute dorm

“Well here we are. Thanks for walking me home.” Jiyoon said to Mir who was just standing there.
“Oh you’re welcome.” Jiyoon waited for Mir to leave but he just stood there.
“Um, thank you. As you can see, I’m home now, safe and sound.” Jiyoon hoped that Mir would get the clue that it was his cue to leave but it didn’t work.

“Um, are you waiting for something?” Jiyoon asked Mir.
“Oh. Yeah. I was wondering if I can talk to Sohyun…for a minute?” Mir asked as he blushed. Jiyoon finally got the hint and realized that the only reason why Mir offered to walk her home was so he can see Sohyun.

“Yah. Did you use me?” Mir’s eyes opened wide as he shook his head.
“NO!! No. I mean I wanted to make sure you were safe. I also wanted to see Sohyun. So I figured why not kill two birds with one stone.” Mir grinned. Jiyoon rolled her eyes.
“Hold on. I’ll go get her.” Jiyoon said as she entered the dorm.
“Thanks noona. Oh by the way. Don’t give up on Seungho oppa. He’ll come around soon. I think he likes you too much to stay mad forever.” Jiyoon smiled and went to get Sohyun.

A few minutes later, Sohyun came out wearing her bunny pajamas.

“Mir oppa?” Sohyun said, surprised to see Mir standing there. “What are you doing here?”
“Um…I just walked Jiyoon noona home.”
“Oh. Thanks for keeping her safe.”
“Sure..but that’s not the only reason why I came.”
“Oh really? Why else?”
“Umm…um…I was just wondering…if you maybe wanted to I don’t know go to the amusement park with me sometimes?” Mir asked nervously, jumping in place. Sohyun was taken aback but her shock quickly turned into happiness.
“Sure. I would love to.”
“Really? Great. How about tomorrow? I’ll come pick you up?”
“Ok. Great. See you tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow. Ok. Um. Bye. Sweet dreams.” Mir said as he left the dorm.

Sohyun smiled to herself as she watched Mir leave.
“Don’t worry. I will.” Sohyun said to herself.

At a restaurant.

“did you see the performance today?” Hyuna asked Kikwang as they were sitting in a sushi restaurant.
“No I didn’t. I didn’t get a chance too cause they wanted me to refilm some of my scene.”

“I wanted to see it though. I know you did great.” Kikwang said as Hyuna smiled. It was great seeing Kikwang. Lately, he has been so busy with his new filming schedule.

“So what other schedule do you have Hyuna?” Kikwang asked as he looked around the secluded restaurant. They were in a dark restaurant with little to no customers, making it an ideal place for idols to go on secret dates.

Hyuna smiled nervously at Kikwang’s question. Now is the time to tell him that she’ll be in Daegu with Junhyung for two days.

“Um. I’ll going to the Daegu music festival and I‘ll be there for two days.”
“Oh really? Wait, with 4minute or just you?”
“4minute isn’t going. It’s just me…..and Junhyung oppa.” Kikwang almost choked on his drink at Hyuna’s answer.

“Wait, so it’ll be just you and Junhyung? For two days? In Daegu?” Hyuna nodded.
“That’s…” Kikwang was speechless.

“Oppa, you have nothing to worry ab…” Kikwang nodded at Hyuna.
“I know, I know. I trust you.” Kikwang said, trying to get his jealously under control. He jut kept reminding himself that Junhyung and Hyuna are just friends, just friends and nothing more.

He looked up to see Hyuna’s pleading eyes and his worry melted in an instant. He smiled at her.
“I trust you. You’ll do great at the festival.” Hyuna smiled at Kikwang’s answer. He was seriously the mot understanding boyfriend in the world.

“Can you come down to Daegu?” Hyuna asked Kikwang.
“I wish I can but I’ll be busy with High Kick filming.” Kikwang answered regretfully, while despising his new busy schedule.
“but don’t worry and have fun Hyuna.”
“Thanks oppa.” Hyuna smiled genuiley at Kikwang and finished their dinner together.

In Beast dorm

As Kikwang entered the room he shared with Junhyung, Yoseob and Dongwoon, he tried to not think about Hyuna’s vacation with Junhyung. Even though he tried not to act jealous, he was jealous and worried. Worried about the two days that Hyuna and Junhyung were gonna spend together. Hoping that her feelings for Kikwang wouldn’t be changed.

Junhyung stirred in his sleep and woke up.

“Hey Hyung.” Kikwang greeted as Junhyung rubbed his tummy.
“Hey. You’re back?”

“HOw was you night?”
“It was fine. Um I heard about Daegu festival. Seems like you two have a mini vacation huh?”
“Yeah. It was the manager’s idea.”
“Oh I know. Hyuna explained everything to me. Hyung, I trust you.” Junhyung nodded at Kikwang’s confession.

“Hyuna, I trust you and I trust Hyuna. But can you do me something?” Junhyung nodded at Kikwang’s request.

“sure. Whatever.”
“Can you take care of Hyuna? Make sure she drinks a lot of water. that she gets a lot of rest. just.... Just take care of my girlfriend.”

Junhyung nodded. “Don’t worry. From now I’ll take care of Hyuna.”

End of Chapter Thirteen.
(Credits to twinkinglibra@4-Minute.com)

Take Care of My Girlfriend Chapter 12

Here’s Chapter 12


Cheers and applause greeted Hyuna as she stepped off the stage. After resting for a couple of days, she just had her first solo debut for Change. She felt great. She made some mistakes here and there but she was please with the overall performance.

“Hyuna!” Kikwang ran over to Hyuna and hugged her. Hyuna genuinely smiled back as Kikwang lifted her off the ground and spun her around.

“You did great!” Kikwang encouraged his girlfriend.
“Thanks Kikwang.”

Then 4minute members came and hugged the soloist.

“WOW! Unnie. You were so hot up there.” Sohyun said, amazed at Hyuna’s charisma.
“Yea. All that pelvic thrusting and all.” Jiyoon commented as Jihyun and Gayoon laughed.
“Thanks. Haha. All that pelvic thrusting hurts.”
“I bet.” Gayoon said.

“So we need to celebrate this day!” the leader said.
“Let’s go out for dinner.”
“No, Sohyun. How about I make you guys dinner. I want to make a special dinner for Hyuna’s debut.” Kikwang suggested.

The members were hesistant about the suggestion. They loved Kikwang to death but they knew that Kikwang wasn’t the best cook. In fact, he could be the worst cook in the world. They once tasted Kikwang’s version of Chicken Alfredo and let’s just say it ended with the maknae Sohyun in the hospital for stomach poisoning.


“Hyuna. Good job.” Her manager interrupted the girls and Kikwang.
“Thank you. I was so nervous I was shaking.”
“Well you did great. You really impressed a lot of people.” Hyuna giggled at the compliment. “Just don’t overwork yourself huh.”

Hyuna nodded.

“So where’s your stage partner anyway?” the manger asked. Hyuna looked around for Junhyung.

“He’s in the green room. He went in there to rest.” Kikwang answered.
“Oh really? Anway I need to talk to you two about your schedule so say goodbye to them.” The manager told Hyuna.

“Bye Hyuna. See you later.” the members said goodbye and Kikwang just waved at her, not wanting to show any PDA in front of the manager. Hyuna smiled back and left with the manager, in search for Junhyung.

Kikwang turned to 4minute.

“So anybody up for my famous Chicken Alfredo?” Sohyun’s face turned green at the painful memory of the food.

“Um. Since Hyuna won’t be there how about we celebrate another time.” Jihyun said, hoping that she wouldn’t have to suffer throught Kikwang’s cooking.
“Yeah. I’ll even make the reservations to a restaurant and I’ll even pay for it.“ Gayoon said and the girls quickly left before Kikwang can object. Kikwang watched the girls leave in a hurry and just shrugged.

In the Green Room

Hyuna entered the Green Room and saw Junhyung sleeping on the couch, snoring slightly. The manger was outside in the hallway, talking on the phone and told Hyuna to go in first. She stepped closer to sleeping Junhyung and smiled to herself. The usually intimdating looking rapper actually looked like a little boy when he’s sleeping.

Hyuna reached out and stroked his hair which was all in spikes and Junhyung stirred in his sleep.

“Hyuna!” The manger suddenly entered the room, scaring Hyuna and shook Junhyung awake.

“HUH? WHA??” Junhyung woke up confused. He wiped his eyes and found blushing Hyuna and the manager.

“Junhyung, had a nice nap?”
“Yes. Manager-nim.”
“Good. Anyway I just talked to President Lee about the song promotion. I just booked you guys for the Music Festival in Daegu.” Hyuna and Junhyung nodded.

“it’s in three days and since it is sort of a long drive, the President figured to give you guys a mini vacation.”
“A very small vacation. The President knows about the incident with you Hyuna. He wants you to just relax. So you guys will be staying overnight at Daegu after the concert.”

“By ourselves? Just the two of us?” Junhyung asked, shocked at the news.

“yea. What’s the problem? I thought you guys will be happy. Anyway, that’s the schedule for the next three day. Tomorrow is Inkigayo and the next day is Daegu Festival. Ok?”

Hyuna and Junhyung nodded and tried to smile. Inside they were feeling a mixed of emotions. They were going to be somewhere alone overnight, just the two of them. Talk about awkward.

Later that night

“Hyung I don’t want to.” Yoseob yelled loudly to Doojoon who was dragging Yoseob into an All Vegeterian Restaurant.
“Come on Seobie!! You need to eat healthier. Just come in and suck it up.”

Yoseob pouted and entered the restaurant. He immediately spotted Jihyun and a strange girl sitting.

“OH oh. What a weird coincidence. Jihyun’s here.” Doojoon said, not sounding surprised at all.
“Oh Oppa. So weird to see you here.” Yoseob rolled his eyes at the couple, knowing what their true intention was.

“Hi Yoseob.” Jihyun said as Yoseob smiled back.
“Oh Yoseob, this is Kia. She’s my friend from school.”
“Hi Kia.”
“hi.” Kia greeted back.

“Oh My GOD.” Doojoon suddenly exclaimed. “Jihyun-ya, we forgot about that thing.”
“Oh my god. We totally did.”

“What thing?” Yoseob asked, supscious at the couple.
“We have this really big important thing we need to go to.” Doojoon tried to explain.
“Yeah. It’s really important. I can’t believe we almost forgot. I’m sorry Kia but I have to go.” Jihyun apologized.
“Oh don’t worry. We can just leave.” Kia said as she gathered her things.

“No need. We just got here. Hey Yoseob, why don’t you stay with Kia?”
“Good idea. Just eat together.” Doojoon suggested. Yoseob was growing angry at the sad attempt by the two to set him up on a blind date. He didn’t want to go on a date and if he did, he could get a damn date by himself.

“No I’m sure Yoseob got something better to do.” Kia offered but Doojoon pushed Yoseob and seated him to the chair.
“No, Yoseob doesn’t have any plan does he? Here. Have fun you two.” Doojoon smirked and winked at Yoseob. He grabbed Jihyun’s hands as they made a run for it.

Yoseob looked at his blind date across the table. She was pretty but Yoseob was too busy being angry at Doojoon and Jihyun.

“So shall we order?” Kia asked as Yoseob nodded.

20 Minutes later

“MMMMM. So good. Yum.” Kia said as she chomped on her tofu salad and celery. Yoseob tried his best to swallow his veggie burger and keep his food down. But it wasn’t an easy task since Kia doesn’t know how to close her mouth when she eats, giving Yoseob full view of her chewed up celery and boiled egg.

“So anyway, after he dumped me on my birthday, I broke into his house. I mean what else can I do right? Hehehe.” Kia continued her long life story. Yoseob chuckled uncomfortably.

“YEP. That bastard sure learned his lesson. Don’t mess with Kia or else you’ll get a bed of hair in the morning. Hahaha Haha.” Kia said. Yoseob tried to smile on the outside but inside he was feeling scared, very scared at the crazy girl sitting in front of him

He is gonna kill Doojoon with his bare hands when he sees him. Jihyun too. Yoseob decided.

2 hours later

Yoseob walked into the dark hallways of Cube Entertainment, drained from his blind date. That Kia was one crazy woman and it took Yoseob two hours to get rid of her. But he finally did and he prayed to God that she won’t be pissed off and he’ll find a bed of hair in the morning.

He was just angry and hurt at Doojoon and Jihyun. Did they think that he was lonely or something? Maybe they just wanted him off their back. Yoseob sighed to himself. He knew he was hanging around Doojoon too much and he guessed that he was kind of lonely. But he didn’t need them to set him up on a blind date, especially with a girl with that much issues as Kia.

He rounded the corner of the hallway when he suddenly heard the most beautiful voice.

And I don’t wantna miss a thing.
Even if I dream of you, the sweetest dream will never do.
Cause I’d miss you baby, and I don’t wanna miss a thing.

A smile made its way onto Yoseob’s face as he recognized the owner of the voice. Gayoon. He followed the voice and smiled to himself as he found Gayoon singing in the recording room by herself. She didn’t notice him though as she was too absorbed into the song. Yoseob admired her talent and her passion and was in awed of her.

Gayoon finished the song and took off her headphone. She finally noticed him and was surprised. Yoseob smiled at her and she smiled back. Yoseob signaled for her to open the door to the studio and she stepped closer to opened the door for him.

“Thanks.” Yoseob said.
“Sure. What are you doing here?”
“Me? I should ask you the same thing. What are you doing here all by yourself?’
“I couldn’t sleep. I just wanted to come down and sing.”

“So you still haven’t answered my question.”
“What question?” Yoseob played dumb.
“What are you doing here?”

Yoseob sighed to himself as he told Gayoon about his horror of a date. Gayoon gasped and laughed at his story.

“WOw does Jihyun know how to pick them or what?” Gayoon teased Yoseob. Yoseob found himself laughing at the incident for the first time.

“Well she did pick Doojoon so..” Yoseob teased. Gayoon laughed out loud.
“Wow. You’re right Seobie.”

“So how come you’re not with Hyungseung?”
“Who said I have to be with him all the time?”
“I don’t know. I just thought you’d be with him tonight.”
“No. I just wanted to be alone tonight.”

“Oh, then do you want me to leave?” Gayoon shook her head.
“No. I’m actually glad that you’re here.” Yoseob smiled at her response.

“So good job on the song.” Yoseob said as Gayoon blushed. “You have the best voice I’d ever heard.”
“Stop. I don’t.”
“No I’m serious. It’s the best. Because whenever I watch you sing, I can see how much you love singing and I can see how much you love music. That makes it the best.”
“Thanks Yoseob.” Gayoon smiled at Yoseob, seeing him in a whole new light that she never saw before.

“wanna make a duet?” Yoseob suddenly asked.
“Come on. Let’s sing a song together.” Gayoon nodded.
“Ok what song?”
“um how about a classic? A Whole New World.” Yoseob suggested his favorite childhood song.

“Really? Aladdin?”
“Hey It’s my favorite.” Yoseob answered. Gayoon nodded as they both grabbed the headphone.

I could show you the world.
Shining shimmering splendid.

Yoseob started the song

Tell me Princess
When did you last let your heart decide?
I can open your eyes
Take you wonder by wonder
Over sideway and under
On this magic carpet ride

A whole new world

Gayoon sang.

A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no
Where to go
Cause I am in the whole new world with you

The whole time Gayoon was singing, she couldn’t help but feel the words. She really felt like she was in the whole new world, seeing Yoseob in a whole new light.

At a Restaurant.

“And we’ll have ice cream for dessert.” Junhyung said, as he handed the menu back to the waitress.
“Sure. But first, can I get your picture?” Junhyung and Hyuna smiled and posed for the picture.

The waitress happily took a picture of them and giggled.

“Wow. Thanks Oppa. Thanks Hyuna-ssi. Wow you guys make a cute couple.” the waitress said as she grabbed the menu and left for the kitchen.

Hyuna smiled at Junhyung. It was Junhyung’s idea to go out for dinner. To celebrate the solo debut as he put it.

Junhyung suddenly yawned and Hyuna giggled.

“Tired much?”
“Not really.” Junhyung replied.

“How about we skip dinner and go straight for the ice-cream? Then it’ll be a real celebration.” Junhyung smiled at that and called the waitress over.

“Oh Oppa. How can I help you?”
“We want to cancel our dinner order.” Junhyung said.
“Oh are you leaving?” the waitress asked disappointed.

“No,” Hyuna replied.” We want the biggest ice cream sundae you guys have.”
“Make it two.”

The waitress let out a sigh of relief and nodded then left.

Hyuna laughed in excitement for her sundae.

“wow. It’s been a long time since we got ice cream together.” Hyuna said. Junhyung smiled inside at the fact that Hyuna still remembered their silly tradition after all this.

“Yeah. It’s not really that date but who cares right?” Junhyung replied.
“I do. That tradition might be weird and silly but it’s important to me.” Junhyung’s voice got caught in his throat from that.

“Even though I’m with Kikwang oppa now, I want to be like before.” Hyuna said.
“Me too.” Junhyung honestly replied.

“Then how about we go back? We’ll let all this go and go back to being best friends?” Hyuna suggested. Junhyung thought about the offer.

Can he really go back to being that close with Hyuna? He shared something amazing with Hyuna before she started dating Kikwang. They were extremely close and caring toward one another.
Junhyung remembered all the time he wanted to ask Hyuna out but held back to not ruin their friendship. Those times hurt but even though he has been hurt a lot, he can’t remember a bad time when he’s with Hyuna.

He looked at Hyuna’s expectant eyes, waiting for his answer. Junhyung then thought to himself about how much he missed Hyuna, missed seeing her everyday, listening to her immature jokes, listening to her whine, listening to her laugh. That’s when he decided that having Hyuna who’s dating Kikwang and being her friend only was better than having no Hyuna at all.

“Sure. Why not.” Junhyung replied coolly as Hyuna smiled widely.
“Good.” Hyuna answered seriously. “Then you’re paying for this.”

Junhyung smirked at her last comment. Their ice cream sundaes finally arrived and they both talked all night, getting back into the groove.

That night when Hyuna slipped into bed, she felt happy in a long time. She was slowly fixing her broken friendship with Junhyung. She missed him so much and now for the first time in a long time, she felt happy. Tonight was the first time since their conversation at the park that she felt at ease with Junhyung.

It still hurt her that she’s dating Kikwang and not Junhyung but each day spent with Kikwang was slowly helping her. She’s not sure if she’ll ever be over Junhyung but Kikwang was amazing to her. That night she drifted off to sleep easily.

Gayoon on the other hand, tossed and turned all night thinking about her encounter with Yoseob. Jihyun was trying her best to sleep but was too worried about what Yoseob might do to her. Sohyun on the other hand was sleeping soundly, safe and secure and far away from Kikwang’s Chicken Alfredo.

End of Chapter Twelve.
(Credits to twinkinglibra@4-Minute.com)

Take Care of My Girlfriend Chapter 11

Its been quite a long time since I posted this fanfic huh. Dont worry, got 9 chapter more to go.kekeke

Chapter 11:

In the hospital room

Light snores and monitor beeps was the soundtrack of the small hospital room. The sunlight from the window hit Junhyung’s face and stirred him lightly awake. He wiped his eyes as he tried to remember where he was. He looked up to see Hyuna sleeping in the bed and memories of last night hit him like a ton of bricks. Him and Hyuna practicing…Him finding Hyuna passed out…him rushing her to the hospital…him falling asleep besides her.

Hyuna still hasn’t woken up yet. Probably from the sleeping pills that the doctor gave her. Junhyung just sat there, watching Hyuna sleep for a while. After a while, he got up and got a drink of water and then remembered to check his phone.

12 missed calls.

Damn! I must have slept through those calls. Serve them right for not answering their phone!!!

As he checked the list, most of the calls were from Kikwang, a few messages from 4minute asking if he knew where Hyuna was. He considered not answering them back, teaching them a lesson to always answer their damn phone but he didn’t want to be that cruel. He texted Jihyun about Hyuna and he did the same to Doojon.

He sat back down next to Hyuna, waiting for her to wake up. Hyuna began to stir in her bed and her eyes fluttered open.

“Hey. You’re awake.” Junhyung smiled at Hyuna, who looked confused as hell.
“You’re in the hospital. You fainted after practice last night and I brought you here. Didn’t I tell you to eat something and take care of yourself? If you’re tired then take a rest. Do you know how worried I was when I found you on the floor?” JUnhyung’s nagging side came out again and Hyuna couldn’t help but smile.

“Hmm, Junmama. I just woke up. Stop nagging me.” Hyuna whined. Junhyung got her a glass of water and Hyuna took a sip, coughing as the water went down her dry throat.

“Careful. Here.” Junhyung helped her drink the water. “SO are you feeling better?”
“A little. I passed out?”
“Yea. Doctor said it’s cause of exhaustion. You need to rest.”
“Ahh. Ok.” Hyuna’s eyes suddenly opened wide in realization. “OH MY GOD!!! DOES EVERYBODY KNOW?”

“I tried to call the members but they didn’t pick up their phone. I called Kikwang.”
“Oh. Where is he?” Hyuna asked, expecting to see Kikwang close by.
“He’s filming right now. He said that he’ll come today.”
“Oh.” Hyuna’s face dropped. Junhyung noticed her sad face.
“HE was really worried tho. He really wanted to come but he couldn’t.” Junhyung tried to cheer Hyuna up.
“Oh. Yea. I know. I know he would come if he could. Beside I’m ok.”

“OH MY GOD!!! YOU DIDN”T CALL MY PARENTS RIGHT?” Hyuna asked scared. Junhyung shook his head.
“OK. I don’t want them to know about this.”
“I knew you wouldn’t.” Junhyung knew the history of Hyuna. Hyuna wasn’t the healthiest person around and he knew that if her parents found out about this, they would make her withdraw again. He didn’t want that and Hyuna didn’t want that so he figured it was best to keep quiet.

“President thought that it would be better if this accident was kept secret.” Junhyung explained.
“Thanks. For everything. For bringing me to the hospital, for not telling my parents. I don’t want them to worry and make me withdraw again.”
“I know. I don’t want you to go anywhere either.” they stared at each other. “so are you hungry?” Junhyung asked, trying to break the stare. Hyuna nodded.

“I’m starving.” Hyuna answered, her stomach grumbling.
“I’ll go get something to eat. What do you want?”
“I want pizza. A large pizza with cheese and pepporini and sausages and…”
“You’re still in the hospital. No pizza for you. How about some noodles?” Hyuna rolled her eyes at Junhyung’s mom side. Who knew a bad boy like Junhyung could be so naggy. Hyuna pouted and nodded.
“I’ll be back.” Junhyung smiled and kissed Hyuna’s forehead, shocking both of them.

“I’ll be back.” Junhyung just quickly replied and left the room. Hyuna sat in her bed, taking it all in. she didn’t remember passing out. She just remember being really tired.

She wasn’t expecting to find Junhyung when she woke up. She figured if anyone was gonna stay beside her, it would be Kikwang, just like in all those movies she watched. But it was Junhyung, not Kikwang. he must be really tired. Hyuna thought to herself as she remembered seeing Junhyung’s dark eye circles. Where the hell are my members anyway? she asked herself as she pouted about the lack of her members. Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. She looked up to see something she expected to see a long time ago.

“Hey. You’re here.” Hyuna smiled.

In the Noodle Restaurant.

“Um, yea. Can I get the noodle soup with chicken. I don’t want it spicy. And can you put extra chicken in there Ahjumma? My friend really need the energy. Oh, yeah she doesn’t really like green onion so no green onion.” Junhyung ordered as the Ahjumma smiled.
“Must be for your girlfriend huh?” Ahjumma smiled knowingly as Junhyung blushed.
“No. She’s just a friend.”
“Oh. Ok. I’ll be right back.”

Junhyung nodded and took a seat, waiting for his order. His thought wandered back to the kiss before he left. He could kill himself for doing it but at the moment, it felt natural. it must be cause of relief that she’s ok.Junhyung reasoned to himself.

“Ok. Here you go. Chicken Noodle Soup with extra chicken. I also put in some dumplings in there too for you friend.” the shopowner said as she winked. Junhyung smiled and left, heading back to the hospital with hot noodle.

As he got off the elevator heading back to Hyuna’s room, he couldn’t help but let himself think that he’s actually her boyfriend. Him a boyfriend, taking care of his girlfriend while she’s sick. He smiled to himself but his smile quickly disappeared as he arrived in front of Hyuna’s hospital room and looked in the window.

Inside Hyuna’s room

“Yum.” Hyuna said as she took another sip. “THanks Kikwang oppa. I was starving.” Kikwang smiled.
“You’re welcome! I’m glad you liked it. I ordered it special for you.” Hyuna smiled at Kikwang’s sincerity.

“Hyuna-yah. I’m really sorry that I couldn’t be here last night.” Kikwang said. “I really wanted to be here but I couldn’t leave the shooting.”
“DOn’t worry about it Oppa. I know that Oppa is really popular now.” Hyuna teased as Kikwang kissed her forehead. Hyuna suddenly flashback to Junhyung’s kiss and her smile disappeared.

“What’s wrong?” Kikwang asked, noticing Hyuna’s change in behavior.
“Nothing. I’m just kind of tired.” Kikwang nodded as he sat down beside her.

Outside of the room

Junhyung stood there, watching the scene while holding his soup for Hyuna tightly in his hand. He knew he shouldn’t be surprised seeing Kikwang there but for some reason, he couldn’t help but feel angry that Kikwang was there, feeding Hyuna soup. After standing outside the window for a while, he finally knocked and went in.

“Hey, Kikwang. You’re here.” Kikwang stood up and smiled.
“Yea. Thanks for taking care of Hyuna for me Hyung.” Junhyung nodded.
“No problem.” Hyuna noticed the food that Junhyung had and couldn’t help but feel bad as she looked at his sad facial expression.
“Oppa. What’s that?”
“Um, just chicken soup. But since Kikwang brought you food already, I’ll just get rid of it.”
“Oh, no. don’t. I’m still hungry. Gimme.”

“Wow, you’re still hungry?” Kikwang’s eyes opened wide as his girlfriend’s eating behavior. Hyuna stuck her tongue out and went to town on Junhyung’s chicken soup.

“WOW, this is so good. So many chicken in here.” Hyuna said as she slurped another bite of noodles. Both Junhyung and Kikwang couldn’t help but smile at the childish behavior of Hyuna.

A couple of hours later

As Junhyung arrived back to his dorm, all he wanted to do was to take a shower and hit the sheets. His plans were ruined however as soon as he opened the door and was met with eight worried and curious faces.

“Why are you finally back?”
“Where is Hyuna?”

The questions bombarded Junhyung as soon as he entered the door.

“Hyuna’s fine now. She was just tired. Thanks for visiting her anyway.” Junhyung said sarcastically.
“Yah, don’t talk to your leader that way.” Doojoon retorted.

“We were worried sick about Hyuna but the President told us to keep it a secret.” Jihyun explained.
“yea and we figured that having both 4Minute and B2s visit the hospital would be too obvious that something’s wrong.” Gayoon retorted back to Junhyung.

“Whatever.” Junhyung said, heading back to his room.
“Wait, oppa. Is Hyuna by herself right now?” Sohyun asked, worried about Hyuna.
“No, Kikwang is there with her right now. I’m going to shower then to bed. See you guys.”

The members all let out a sigh of relief then went on their separate way.

“So Doojoon, what are we gonna do now?” Yoseob asked Doojoon who was holding Jihyun’s hand.
“Um, we were gonna go eat something.” Doojoon answered.
“Great. I’m hungry. Let’s go.”
“Um, no. we were gonna go alone.” Doojoon said.
“Oh, I see. You’re just gonna leave me alone huh?” Yoseob pouted, making Doojoon feel guilty.

“Come on Man. We want some alone time. You understand right?”
“Yeah. I guess.”
“Great. You’ll feel the same when you have your own girlfriend.”
“Whatever.” Yoseob pouted and retreated to his room.

“Are you ok Doojoon?” Jihyun asked.
“I feel bad. Yoseob seemed lonely.”
“Yeah. I guess. Maybe he just needs someone.”
“yeah. But he said he doesn’t want to meet anyone.”
“maybe it’s cause he doesn’t have anyone special yet. What if we set him up with someone?” Jihyun advised Doojoon.

“Yeah. That’s great. Then he’ll get someone and we’ll be alone. Do you have anyone?”
“Yep. I know some girls that are perfect for Yoseob. But how are you gonna convice Yoseob to go out on the dates?”
“Um..you’re right. How about this? I’ll just lie to him. Hehe. Yoseob, it’s time for you to get a girlfriend.” Doojoon smirked as Jihyun grabbed his hands and left the dorm.

End of Chapter Eleven. (Credits to twinkinglibra@4-Minute.com)

January 25, 2011

Happy New Year~

Huit, lame giler tak update blog. ni entry pertama tahun 2011. So, Happy New Year~ Hotak hang!! Dah nak sebulan pon new year nye..hahaha Ade aku kesah?


Sungguh malas nak menulis actually. Sbb tu lame tak update. Bkn sbb busy sgt pon. Tp mcm2 dah jadi dlm sebln dua ni. Nak cerita hari2 mmg tak sempat la.

Btw, Alhamdulillah beberapa resolusi tahun lepas tlh berjaya dilaksanakan dgn suksesnya. Walaupun bukan semua, tp ok la kot. More than half sukses! Tahniah2 kpd diri sendiri.hahaha

Erm..resolusi tahun ni? Resolusi tahun lepas yg tak berjaya tu, akan ku bawa ke tahun ini.kekeke. Tp 1st skali, nak beli kereta. Kereta murah pon ok la asalkan atas nama sendiri. InsyaALLAH tak lame lg kot. Doakan ye!hehe