November 30, 2010

Take Care of My Girlfriend Chapter 10

Chapter Ten: Closer Together

Outside of 4minute dorm

When Top finally let Jiyoon go, she glanced over at Seungho who had a mixture of confusion and pure anger on his face. She gulped as she braced herself for the inevitable fight and tears that are coming.

“Jiyoon.” Seungho grinded out, lowly.
“Who the hell is this?” Top asked, confused by this boy who was standing next to Jiyoon.
“This is Seungho-oppa.” Jiyoon answered softly, scared to meet Seungho’s eyes.
“Oh this is your brother? I didn’t know you had a brother. Hey, I’m Top. I’m sure you know me. Your sister is an awesome chick. I really like her. ” Top said as he offered his hand for a greeting but was met with Seungho’s glare.
“I’m not her brother.” Seungho answered lowly.
“Oh, then you must be her friend.”
“No, we’re nothing. We never were and we never will be.” Seungho answered then left.

“Seungho oppa!” Jiyoon called out but Seungho didn’t answer back and he walked away from Jiyoon and Top.
“Jiyoon. What the hell is up with that?” Top asked confused about the whole situation.
“What are you doing here?”
“Didn’t you get my text Jiyoon? I told you I was coming back and that we should meet. We haven’t seen each other in a while and I missed you.”

“Oppa. We need to talk.” Jiyoon said, as Top’s expression changed from good to sad in a flat second. Jiyoon looked over at where Seungho left and she couldn’t help but feel like she made a huge mistake, letting him walk away. Now she doesn’t know if he’ll ever forgive her. ‘But first thing first.’ she thought to herself as she got ready to start her conversation with Top.

In Mr. Lee’s office

“Did you wanted to see me President?” Kikwang asked nervously as he sat down in front of the President. It was scary being called by yourself into President’s office when you’re part of a group. If your whole group is there, then if the President yells at you, you’re not the only one that has to take it. Kikwang was scared as heck about this impromptu meeting.

“Yes. Sit down Kikwang.” Kikwang gulped, anticipating President’s next words.
“I have good news for you.” Kikwang sighed a breath of relief and smile. “You know you’re becoming more and more popular. Now I have offers coming in left and right for you to star in a drama.”

“Really? ME?”
“Yes. And High Kick through the Roof people call. They are going to expand your role and make you one of the main lead with better storyline.” Kikwang couldn’t contain his smile at that. He had been working very hard so that people will like his acting and his role. Now he feels like it had finally paid off.

“Of course, you know that it would mean less promotion time with Beast. But since you guys just finished Mystery and are on a break, this is a great time for you. You have nothing else holding you back right?”

Kikwang’s smile vanished at that. Hyuna! he thought. He had just started going out with Hyuna and wanted to spend all of his free time with her. But with the new activities, he won’t be able to.

“This is a special opportunity Kikwang and I’m sure you know.” Kikwang nodded. “I already told the people that you’ll do it. That’s fine right?”

Kikwang wanted to nod at the president but he felt like if he did, he would be abandoning Hyuna. He won’t be there to take care of her as much, start silly traditions with her. He sighed.

“Can I think about it Mr. Lee?” Mr. Lee seemed shock with Kikwang’s reply.

“Really? I thought you would say yes right away.”
“Normally I would but I just need to think about this.” Mr. Lee nodded.
“Fine. I guess. Kikwang you can think about it but remember don’t keep me waiting for too long.” Kikwang nodded and left the President’s office.

Back over at the Dorm

“Seungho! He’s the leader of MBLAQ!” Jiyoon explained.
“M-what” Top was so confused. What the hell is MBLAQ? I must have been in Japan for too long.
“It’s a new group by Rain. Anyway forget about that. That person was Seungho.”

“What is he to you?” Jiyoon didn’t know how to answer that. She thought over what exactly was Seungho to her. They weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend. They never made it official. They were just beginning to see each other.

“He’s a friend.” Jiyoon finally replied.
“Just a friend?”
“I…I don’t know.” Top’s eyes glared at Jiyoon.
“Then tell me this Jiyoon. What am I to you?”
“I…I don’t know either.” Top scoffed at her answer.

“This is really…this is just. This is just freaking great! Here I am, fresh off the plane after being away for months. And the first person that I come to see is you and now you’re here telling me that you don’t know what I am to you. Not only that, you’ve been seeing some guy from a band that I’ve never heard of!” Top vented his frustration.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say.”
“Say who you want. Do you want me or him?”

Over at Cube

“So what did he want to see you for?” Beast members gathered around Kikwang. They were afraid for him when the President wanted to see Kikwang only. They were hoping that the President won’t change his mind about putting Kikwang into Beast and promote him as A.J again.

“Don’t worry. He just said that there have been offers coming in for me to be in a drama.”
“THat’s Great!!” Doojoon exclaimed.
“Lucky!” Dongwoon pouted.
“So what did you say?” Hyunseung asked.
“What do you think he said. Of course he said yes right away. Right?” Doojoon asked but Kikwang shook his head.

“I said I need to think about it.”
“WHy?” Junhyung was confused. Kikwang was so eager to see Beast name out there more and this seem like such a good opportunity to do so. Why was he hesitating?

“Cause of Hyuna.” the members finally came to realization why Kikwang was so hesistant to take the new roles. It was cause he didn’t want to spend time away from Hyuna.

Junhyung nodded at Kikwang’s answer, understanding more than any other members as to why Kikwang don’t want to have such a busy schedule. If he was dating Hyuna, he wouldn’t want to be away from her either.

“Kikwang-ya. This is your dream coming true.” Doojoon said. “I remember when we used to have those bunkbed and you telling us in the dark about how you wish people would see you as more than A.J. now you have the chance to do that.”

Kikwang nodded. “ I remember. And I want to do the roles. I really do. But I just don’t want to have so little time with Hyuna. You know with dramas promotions, it is long hours on set, traveling to promote it. And they also want me to be a more lead character on High Kick. That’s even more hours. Who’s gonna take care of Hyuna?”

“I will.” Junhyung answered boldy, earning shock glances from Hyungseung and Doojoon. “Hyuna doesn’t need anyone to take care of her. But if she does, we’ll be there.”

Junhyung tried to reassure Kikwang. Kikwang smiled and said, “Ok then. I’ll go tell President that I’ll take the roles.”

The boys cheered loudly as they were excited for Kikwang’s new activities.

Back over at the dorms

“so who’s it gonna be? Me or Seungho?” Jiyoon tried to reason the pro and cons of each boy. Top was standing in front of her and Seungho had walked away from her. Jiyoon knows that there is a big chance that even if she were to choose Seungho, he wouldn’t forgive her. Top, on the other hand, was a sure bet. As she looked into his eyes, she could see his anger slowly going away. She knew that if she apologized and choose him, she could have him. The only problem was that she didn’t want him.

“I choose Seungho. Sorry oppa.” She wanted Seungho and that was her final choice! Top scoffed. He was shock for a second. He finally snapped out of his state and left.

Jiyoon sighed. This was so not how she saw her day going. But now that she was up front with Top, she felt so much better. She finally chose one person and that person was Seungho. She smiled to herself but her smile soon faded as she realized that Seungho was pissed, make that very very very pissed off at her and she needed to apologize and explain things ASAP if she wanted him back. She took out her cellphone and called Seungo as she made her way over to MBLAQ dorm.

A few days later.

In Cube’s Dance Room

“Change change change change change!” The speaker boomed as Hyuna waited for Junhyung to come out.
“Let’s go let’s go. Let’s moving!” Junhyung started his rap as he walked over to Hyuna’s side.
“Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s started.” Hyuna also rapped, walking closer to Junhyung.
“You-you-you-you ready?” Junhyung sang as he grabbed Hyuna’s shoulder.
“Yea, we just burn it!” Hyuna sang her last line as she touched Junhyung’s face and ran her fingers through his hair. Junhyung’s hand instinctively went around Hyuna’s waist as they both stared into each other’s eyes.

“GREAT!” the dance instructor interrupted them. “That was great you guys! Wow! You guys are hot!”

Junhyung and Hyuna snapped out of their little moment as they bowed to the teacher. It was so awkward for them to do this promotion together. Even though Junhyung’s part in her solo song was short, that moment was very hot and dangerous for both of them.

“Ok. I need to go cause I have a date but you two stayed and practice until you guys get it!” the dance instructor said as he left. Hyuna and Junhyung said their goodbye and got back to their awkward rehearsal.

“Ok. Wanna do this part form the top again?” Hyuna asked nervously as Junhyung nodded.

“Let’s go let’s go, let’s get moving!” Junhyung started his rap, as he walked slowly over to Hyuna whose heart was beating so fast.
“Let’s go, let’s go, let’s started!” Hyuna tried her best to look unaffected but having Junhyung near her like this makes her want to scream. Junhyung gulped and rapped the next line.

“You-you-you-you ready?” He put his arms around Hyuna and Hyuna tensed at the touch. aigoo! This is so awkard! Hyuna thought to herself.
“Yea, we just burn it!” she whispered the last part as she put her arms around Junhyung’s neck. Junhyung looked into her eyes again and she couldn’t tear hers away from him.

After staying like that for a good minute or two, Junhyung finally snapped back to reality as he remembered Kikwang. He moved quickly way from her and cleared his throat. Hyuna looked embarrassed about the close encounter.

“So I think we did enough practice for today.” Junhyung said as he put his sweater on, covering up more than he had wearing just a wife beater before.
“Yea.” Hyuna nodded. “I’m getting tired anyway.” Hyuna coughed. Junhyung looked over at Hyuna worriedly as he took in her appearance. She was looking skinner than ever and Junhyung wondered if she has been eating at all.

“Are you hungry?” Junhyung asked as Hyuna shook her head.
“No. I’m just really tired. I’m not feeling so well.” Hyuna coughed again.
“Are you ok?” Junhyung was getting worried about Hyuna. He knew that she was not the healthiest person and she had been working so hard on her solo song and she had been under a lot of stress about him and Kikwang. Hyuna just smiled and nodded. Junhyung took in the dark circles under her eyes.

“Ok I’m leaving. Bye Oppa. Thanks again!” Hyuna smiled as she waved him goodbye. Junhyung smiled back and stared at himself in the mirror. He wanted to take Hyuna home so he can make sure that she’s safe but he knew that it was not his place. He stayed in the practice room and practice his rap a couple of time.

After about fifteen minutes, he was too tired so he decided to call it a night. He packed his stuff and left the room. As he was in the hallway, he was a little freaked out cause it was too empty. All the trainees usually use another rehearsal room on the other side to practice and he realized that he was the only one in the building. All he wanted was to go back to the dorms and sleep.

Junhyung turned the corner and stopped cold as he saw someone. Not just someone but Hyuna. She wasn’t standing there, she was lying on the floor, passed out cold. Junhyung dropped his bag and ran over to her.

“HYUNA!” he shook her but she didn’t wake up. “Yah! Kim Hyunah!! Wake up!” Junhyung checked her pulse and let out a sigh of relief when he felt a pulse. He quickly lifted her up and carried her to the car. Thank god you’re so light Hyuna! he thought to himself.

At the Hospital

Junhyung paced back and forth in the room and he almost threw his cell phone at the wall in anger. Seriously what’s the point of having a cell phone if you aren’t gonna use it! He asked himself.

When he first arrived to the emergency room, he quickly ran demanding doctor’s help. After a few harsh word from the head nurse, who had basically told him to man up and shut up, Hyuna was taken into a private room. The two hours that it took for her test results to come back was the longest two hours of Junhyung’s life. But finally the doctor came back to revealed that Hyuna fainted due to exhaustion.

“DAMN IT!! PICK UP YOUR PHONE!” he yelled into the phone. He had been trying to call everyone since he arrived but everyone was just too wrapped up in their drama and relationship to answer the phone. He calmed himself down and went over to Hyuna, who still hasn’t woken up and was hooked onto several I.V.

It was a really sad sight, seeing a person as small as Hyuna lying the hospital bed. Somehow, all the white on the wall and on the bed seemed to make Hyuna appear smaller. Junhyung sighed and took a seat next to her bed. He stroked her face, hoping that it might wake her up but to no avail.

“You still look so beautiful even in here.” Junhyung said to Hyuna, even though she couldn’t hear him. “I’ve been trying to call everyone but they aren’t picking up. Those bastards! But don’t worry.” Junhyung grabbed her hands. “I’m here. I’ll take care of you.”

Junhyung was about to kiss her hands when a phone rings, scaring the hell out of Junhyung. He groaned and looked at the caller ID. Lee Kikwang.

He pressed talk and got up from his seat.

“Hey Kikwang. You finally picked up.”
“Sorry Hyung. I’ve been filiming all day. Just got a break right now. What’s up?”
“Um. Listen. Something happened.”
“What? Hyung, is everything ok?”
“No. Kikwang, Hyuna fainted today and now she’s in the hosptial.”

“WHAT??? IS she ok? What happened?” Kikwang’s worried voice traveled through the phone.
“We were practicing and I found her in the hallway. She fainted and the doctor said she’s exhausted.”
“Is she gonna be ok?”
“Yea. She’s gonna be fine. She still hasn’t woken up. I’ve been calling other members but they’re not picking up their phone.”
“Oh my god.”
“I just thought you might want to come see her.” Junhyung told Kikwang but was met with a deep sigh.

“I really want to but I don’t…I can’t.”
“I’m filming right now until tomorrow. I can’t leave.”
“Kikwang-yah. Your girlfriend is in the hospital and you’re still worried about filming?”
“Hyung, of course I’m worried about Hyuna but I can’t just get up and leave. I’ll come over as soon as I’m done with filming. You understand right?”

“Yea, I guess so. Just make sure to come. I’m sure she’ll want to see you more than me.” Junhyung replied.
“Thanks Hyung. Listen, I know I have no right to ask you this but since you’re the only one there can you please take care of Hyuna?” Kikwang asked.
“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of Hyuna.” He hung up. I’ll take care of Hyuna always. Junhyung put his phone back in his jacket and looked over at Hyuna.

He walked over and turned off the light. He smiled at how beautiful Hyuna looked under the moonlight. He went over to her and sat next to her bed again. “Hyuna-ah.” Junhyung spoke to her as he grabbed her hands. “I’ll take care of you as long as you need me to.” Junhyung whispered as he fell asleep on Hyuna’s hands.

Over at High Kick Set

Kikwang hung up the phone with a heavy heart. He hated how he can’t be there for Hyuna right now. What he hated more was how he had asked Junhyung to take care of her. Hyuna was his girlfriend, not Junhyung’s and he should be the one taking care of her. He let out a frustrated sigh.

“Kikwang-ssi, we’re ready to film now.” the PD said as Kikwang nodded.
“Don’t worry Hyuna. Oppa will be there soon.” Kikwang said to himself as he went back to filming.

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Take Care of My Girlfriend Chapter 9

Hello hello hello!!! I’m here once again bringing you guys another chapter. Without any further ado, here’s chapter 9.

Chapter 9: The Tangle Web We Weave Part II

At Cube Loung

“Ahh!! This is the best!” Yoseob exclaimed as he put his arm around Doojoon. “You guys are really my best friends.”
“Yea, yea.” Doojoon answered as Yoseob pouted.
“You guys have a really good lounge. I’m jealouse!” G.O said as Thunder nodded.
“We don’t even have a lounge over at J.Tune.” Thunder said, agreeing with G.O.
“I’d rather have 4minute than a lounge over at J.Tune.” Joon said, earning glares from Beast boys.
“Stay away from our girls ok?” Kikwang joked as Joon scoffed.
“Lucky bastards. We’ve told Rain Sunbaenim that we need a girl group but he always said how MBLAQ is already hard enough.” G.O explained.
“That’s because you guys have an overactive, always hyper, loud and uncontrollable Mir over there.” Doojoon pointed to Mir who was on the other side, talking with Sohyun.

At the other side

“So Sohyun, how’s school going” Mir asked.
“It’s really fun. I like it.”
“I’d bet you would look cute in your uniform. Hehe.” SOhyun blushed at the statement.
“Oppa, you’re so sweet.” Mir beamed at Sohyun’s statement.

Back to the other side of the Lounge

“I’d love to stay and chit chat with you guys but I have to go stop Dongwoon from beating up Mir.” Doojoon said before running over to Dongwoon and trying to calm him down.

“Let me just beat him up once Hyung. Just once.” Dongwoon said, trying to pry his arms out of Doojoon’s tough grip.
“Dongwoon, let it go. Sohyun isn’t your girlfriend.”
“I know that duh. But Mir is all over her.”
“Then maybe you should do the same.” Doojoon advised Dongwoon. Dongwoon looked like he just came up with the best idea in the world.
“THanks Hyung. You’re the smartest ever.” Dongwoon hugged Doojoon.

“Where did Jiyoon go?” Jihyun asked Hyuna, who was drinking coffee with Kikwang.
“I think her and Seungho left for their date.”
“Oh, anyway look at you two. How cute are you guys?” Jihyun asked causing Hyuna and Kikwang to blush.
“What? You two are adorable.” Junhyung rolled his eyes at that statement and tried to concentrate on anything else.

“They are cute together and thankfully they’re nowhere as mushy as you and Doojoon.” Gayoon entered the conversation, sticking up for Hyuna.
“Yah! What do you mean mushy?” Jihyun glared at Gayoon while Hyuna laughed.
“Oh, Oppa. You’re too cute. No Jihyun, you are!” Gayoon imitated Jihyun and Doojoon. “NO you! No YOU! You would look cute in a potato sack!!”

“Is that supposed to be me?” Doojoon ran over to join in the conversation. Gayoon just nodded as others laughed.
“Yah. That doesn’t sound like me at all.” Doojoon pouted as he and Jihyun walked away from the group.

“That sounded like him didn’t it?” Gayoon asked and Hyuna nodded. Gayoon just shrugged as she went back to Hyunseung’s side.

“Hyuna, I’ll be right back ok?” Kikwang said, as he spotted Junhyung getting up to get another cup of coffee. Hyuna nodded as Kikwang ran over to Junhyung.

“Hey.” Kikwang said as Junhyung nodded.
“What’s up?”
“I need to talk to you. About your walk in the park.” Junhyung froze as soon as Kikwang said that. Junhyung wasn’t sure what Hyuna told Kikwang about that night and the last thing he wanted was for Kikwang to think something happened that night and get Hyuna in trouble.
“What do you mean?”
“Were you by yourself that night?” Junhyung nodded.

“OF course I was by myself. Who else could’ve been there?”
“So you weren’t with Hyuna?” Junhyung tried his best to remain calm.
“OF course. Like I said, why would she had been there?”
“Hyung, you said you approve of me and Hyuna. That you’d support us together. Have you changed your mind about that?” Junhyung sighed.
“No I haven’t. like I said before I want you and Hyuna to be together. Ok?” Kikwang took a moment to answer and finally smiled and nodded at Junhyung who released a breath of relief silently. The two boys hugged quickly.

Later .

“Oppa!” Hyuna called as she looked around the empty corridor of Cube Entertainment. She had received a text from Junhyung a couple of minutes ago, asking her to come out. And now that she had, she can’t find him.

“Oppa.” She called out again and was surprised when a hand grabbed her, covered her mouth and pulled her into a room. She was about to scream when she realized that the hand belonged to Junhyung.

“Yah! You scared me!” Junhyung let Hyuna go and mumbled a quick sorry.
“What did you call me out here for?” Hyuna asked.
“What did you tell Kikwang about the other night?” JUnhyung asked as Hyuna’s eyes furrowed in confusion. She really didn’t want to think about the other night because every time she thinks about it, the more she wants to cry. She had been trying to get over that night for the last few days and she had been doing good until Junhyung mentioned it again.

“ I just told him that I went out for a walk. Why?”
“By yourself?” Hyuna nodded.
“He just asked me if I was with you that night.” Hyuna’s eyes opened wide.
“What did you tell him?”
“I just told him no. I was by myself. I didn’t want to get you in trouble.” Hyuna nodded.
“Aigoo. I hate lying to him. I feel so guilty about everything.”

“Don’t be. We didn’t do anything.”
“Then why do we have to lie to him? Obviously we feel like we did something wrong right?”
“you feel like that because you’re a good person. If you were a bad person, you wouldn’t care about lying to him.” Junhyung replied.
“Junhyung oppa.” Hyuna called, making Junhyung feel something inside. He hasn’t heard that voice in a while, the voice that Hyuna usually saved for him only. The whiny, soft voice that Junhyung grew to love. He shook himself out of his thoughts and tried to remain as platonic as possible.
“I….Never mind. I’m leaving.” Hyuna left Junhyung in the room alone. Junhyung groaned and sat down on the couch. Frustrated, he ran his fingers through his hair. He knew that it would be hard but he didn’t realize that it would be this hard.

Over at 4Mintue Dorm

“Seungho Oppa. Thanks for the coffee and dinner.” Jiyoon said as they walked into the building. They entered the elevator.
“SUre. It was really fun. I want to do it again. Let’s do it again?” Seungho asked nervously.
“Yeah. Sure.” Seungho smiled at Jiyoon’s answer. The elevator door opened and they walked over to 4minute dorms.
“How about tomorrow night?” Seungho asked.
“TOmorrow night is perf….”JIyoon’s answer was cut off by the sight of the person in front of their dorm.

“Top Oppa. You’re here.” Top walked over to Jiyoon and pulled her into a hug, leaving Seungho and Jiyoon stunned.
“I’m back!”

End of Chapter Nine. (Credits to

Take Care of My Girlfriend Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Oh the Tangle Web We Weave

At 4minute dorm

As soon as Hyuna entered the dorm, she was greeted by Kikwang’s loud hi-yum and a thermos filled with hot chocolate. Kikwang smiled and Hyuna did her best to smile back.

“Hyuna-yah. You must be freezing.” Kikwang took of his coat and put it on Hyuna. Hyuna tried to control her tears and kept her guilt insider of her.

“I was so worried about you. It’s so late and you were by yourself. I seriously thought I was gonna go crazy. I wanted to look for you but Doojoon thought I was overreacting.”
“I’m fine.”
Kikwang nodded and poured a cup of hot chocolate for Hyuna.

“Where were you anyway?” Hyuna couldn’t meet his eyes as she answered meekly.
“I was taking a walk at the park.”
“The park? Why?”
“I just needed fresh air.” Kikwang simply accepted her answer and he touched her head and ran his fingers through her hair.
“Hyuna-yah, let Oppa in. Can you do that?”

Hyuna was taken off guard by his statement. Then she remembered her conversation with Junhyung: the one where he asked her to give Kikwang a real chance and to forget about Junhyung.

“Oppa, I’m really thankful that you like me. You take such good care of me.”
“That’s cause I really like you. Sometimes I just can’t believe that a girl like you would even want to date a guy like me.”
“You deserve better than me.”
“I just want you Hyuna.” Kikwang pulled Hyuna into a hug and Hyuna tried to settle into his arms. ‘This is the place that you are gonna be in now Hyuna.’ She thought to herself as she tried to stop herself from thinking about being in Yong Junhyung’s arms.

Later at Beast Dorm

Kikwang tried to tiptoe around the room and be quiet as much as possible. His attempt was futile as the members woke up and stared groggily at Kikwang who looked like he was a thief caught in the act. ‘I really need my own room’ Kikwang thought to himself.

“You’re just getting back now?” Doojoon asked sleepily. Kikwang muttered a ‘yes hyung’.
“Why so late?” Yoseob asked.
“I was over at Hyuna.” Junhyung heard Hyuna’s name and pretended to go back to sleep, hoping that Kikwang wouldn’t share any details about what he does with Hyuna.

It was one thing to give Hyuna up to Kikwang. Junhyung knew, actually wished, that maybe one day he can geneiuly be happy for them but right now, he can’t. And hearing intimate details about Hyuna and Kikwang relationship just might be the death of Junhyung. Thankfully, the members didn’t ask any more questions and just went back to sleep.

A few days later

At Cube Lounge

“Oppa, I really had a good time last night.” Jihyun said to Doojoon. Doojoon smiled and nodded.
“Really? I’m really happy that you had fun. Maybe we should do it again?” Doojoon asked hopefully. Jihyun smiled and nodded shyly.
“Yes! Ok how about tomorrow night? I want to take you to my favorite restaurant. I think you’ll love it.”
“Ok. I’ll pick you up tomorrow.”
“WHat should I wear Oppa? Should I dress up or ..”
“You look beautiful in anything Jihyun. You can wear a potatoe sack and still be the most beautiful girl in the room.” Doojoon said, revealing what he truly thought inside. Jihyung giggled as Jiyoon rolled her eyes at the mushy couple.

Jiyoon sighed to herself as she stared at her phone. Ever since the text from TOP she has been under a lot of stress. She didn’t reply back to TOP simply because she didn’t know what to say. She has never been in the situation before where there are not one but TWO guys pining over her.

Sohyun laughed at Dongwoon, who was rushing to get here that he ran into a glass door. Dongwoon rubbed his head as he made his way over to Sohyun.

“Sohyun, how can you laugh when you see me get hurt?”
“Sorry Oppa.” Sohyun answered, trying to control her laughter. “It’s just really funny. Kekeke.”

IF it was anyone else laughing at him, Dongwoon would’ve beat them up but he just found anything Sohyun does too adorable to stay mad at. He tried to glare at her and that worked for half a millisecond as his glare turned into a smile.

“Gayoon, here.” Hyunseung handed Gayoon a drink. Gayoon smiled at Hyunseung. ‘he is seriously too sweet and cute.’ Gayoon thought as she took a sip from her drink.

“Thanks Oppa.” Hyunseung’s heart melted at the sight of Gayoon’s smile as he tried not to blush. ‘Be a man, come on!!!’ he kept repeating in his head.

“HELLO!! WE’RE HERE!” a voice rang through the door. Hyuna recognized the voice immediately and she turned around to find the boys of MBLAQ in the Cube Lounge.

“Hey, you guys are finally here huh?” Doojoon scolded them.
“Sorry but the shooting ran longer than we thought.” Joon answered. “You know we got to keep the guests happy, especially the girl idols.”

“Sure sure, just because you guys are on Idol Army, try not to forget about us, little people ok?” Yoseob joked as they all laugh. “Seriously when are you guys gonna invite us to be on Idol Army huh?”

“I don’t think you guys are right for the show. Now if 4minute wants to come on the show however, we’re very very very glad to have you guys.” Thunder said as Mir nodded.

“YEAH!! YEAH!!” Mir said in his usual hyper voice. “I Would be the happiest person if you guys came on. Hehe, I already know who I’m gonna pick.” Mir said as he looked at Sohyun.

Sohyun didn’t catch Mir’s look but Dongwoon sure did. He growled to himself as he imagined beating Mir up over and over again.

“Yea, it’ll be great if 4minute came on the show. We haven’t been meeting many pretty girls this season. The PD-nims are so evil to us.” G.O complained.
“You complain too much. At least you guys are meeting girls.” Yoseob shouted.

Over on the other side.

“Hi Jiyoon.” Seungho nervously approached Jiyoon, who had been trying to avoid him.
“Hi Oppa. How are you?”
“I’m great. Are you ok?”
“Yea, I’m fine.”
“Ok good. Listen, I know that we’ve been talking a lot lately so I was wondering if you wanted to maybe, I don’t know, if you want, maybe grab a cup of coffee with me?”

Jiyoon giggled at Seungho’s nervousness. That naiveness is one of the reason why Jiyoon fell for Seungho in the first place. When Seungho is standing in front of the Jiyoon, she forgets about everything.

“Sure Oppa. You’re too cute.” Jiyoon smiled as Seungho gushed.

“ACHOO!” Junhyung sneezed as Kikwang backed away from Junhyung.
“People usually say bless you Kikwang!”
“My bad. Bless you!” Junhyung scoffed.
“Are you ok Hyung?”
“Yea. I probably caught a cold from the other night.”

“OOH!!! What did you do the other night? Something you shouldn’t do? Huh?” Kikwang asked, hoping to get a scandalous answer.
“Nothing like that. I was just walking in the park.”

Junhyung’s answer suddenly crashed Kikwang’s world. He tried to wrap his head around what Junhyung said.

“Wait! You were in the park? At night? When? Two days ago?” Junhyung nodded.
“Yea! HEY! Have you been following me? How did you know I went out for walk?” Junhyung asked as Kikwang lied about making a lucky guess.

Kikwang put the pieces together and realized that two days ago was the day when Hyuna said she went for a walk in the park. ‘Were they together?’ Kikwang thought to himself. He looked at Hyuna who was talking animatedly to Jihyung and his heart became heavy. ‘Nah! Hyuna wouldn’t cheat,on me. She wouldn’t. Junhyung won’t do that to me. Aigoo, maybe I’m thinking too much.’ he concluded.

“WHatever, I’ll get to the bottom of this.” Kikwang concluded.

End of Chapter Eight. (Credits to

Take Care of My Girlfriend Chapter 7

Hey everyone again!!! I bring to you guys another update of this story..I don’t update this story as much as I want to so from today I’ll try to update more keke but no promises. Anyway, I realized that my story has gotten too dark n I want to bring it more into the happy side so probably after this chapter, it might go in a different direction… Might>>> hehe..the couples will stay the same as of now. Enough talking. Enjoy chapter Seven.

Chapter 7: Clearing the Air

At a park

Hyuna brought her jacket closer to her body as she tried to stay warm during a cold winter night. She tried to look for Junhyung and looking for a person who dressed as unique as Junhyung in an empty park at night was proving to be harder than she thought. As she was about to call him, she spotted a person sitting on a swing, who seemed to be deep in thought. Hyuna automatically recognized his burgundy sweater with the gold tassles and she worried for him as he looked freezing. She approached him carefully.

“Oppa.” Her word seemed to break Junhyung from his thoughts as he looked up and smile at Hyuna. Hyuna returned the smile and took a seat on the empty swing next to him. “Oppa, aren’t you cold?”

Junhyung looked at his clothing and shrugged. “I was too deep in thoughts that I didn’t notice.”

“Why did you call me here?” Junhyung hesitated for a second.

“Cause we need to talk.” Hyuna nodded, signaling Junhyung to go on.
“About you and Kikwang and our friendship.”
“Oh, ok. I know it was kind of a shock to you and I’m sorry but how do you feel about me going out with Kikwang?”

“He’s a good guy.”
“I don’t mean what you think about Kikwang. I know you love him. I meant how do you feel about me and Kikwang together.”
“I…I… Damn it. What do you want me to say Hyuna?”

“the truth. What you are really feeling inside.”
“You don’t want to know.”
“I do Oppa.”
“Let me ask you something then. Do you even care about my opinion?”
“Of course I do. That’s why I asked.”
“REally? So if I told you that I don’t want you to date him, you would break up with him? Right now? I matter that much to you?”
“You’re my best friend!” Hyuna yelled.

“Answer my question Hyuna.” Junhyung yelled back, letting his frustration show.
“what do you want me to say Junhyung?”
“I don’t even know myself. I don’t….I don’t even know how we got here.”

Hyuna calmed her emotions down a little and answered “It’s my fault. I was acting weird.”
“NO it’s mine. It’s cause of me and my stupid moods.” Junhyung sighed. “How did we get here, to this position? We were best friends. Now we can’t even talk to each other without yelling. I miss talking to you Hyuna.”

“I miss you too Oppa.” Hyuna closed her eyes and sighed. It hurt Junhyung to see Hyuna like that and knowing that she was feeling that because of him.

“Look Hyuna. Kikwang….Kikwang is a good guy and he likes you a lot.”
“I know.”
“So I’d say be happ….”

“Oppa. Are you seriously telling me to be happy with Kikwang? Your band member?” JUnhyung didn’t answer.

“Oppa? Seriously? You can stand to see me and Kikwang together, dating. Us holding hands, us kissing? Do you seriously think of me as your little sister only? Is that what I am to you?”
“Hyuna. You know you’re my best friend.” Hyuna scoffed. “I just want to see you happy.”

“really? Is that why you’ve been ignoring me ever since I’ve been dating Kikwang? Cause you think I’ll be happy having you not talk to me?”
“DAMN IT!!! Why are you making this so difficult?”
“You’re the one that’s making this difficult.” Hyuna yelled back. “I just want to hear you say what you’re really feeling instead of what you think I want to hear. Can’t you be honest with me?”
“What good would that do huh? If I seriously tell you what I’m feeling, it will get more complicated than it already is.”
“I don’t care how complicated it’ll get. I want to know. What are your feelings for me? Do you really approve of me and Kikwang?”

Junhyung didn’t answer, causing Hyuna to scoff. She was so frustrated at this conversation. They were getting nowhere. She knew that Junhyung had to have some feelings for her or else he wouldn’t be struggling this much. She just wanted to make doubly sure of those feelings. She sighed as Junhyung still wouldn’t answer her question.

“Damn it Junhyung!!!! Answer me!”
“How do you think I feel about you and Kikwang?” JUnhyung exploded. “DO you really think I like seeing you and Kikwang together, dating? Do you really think that? Of course I don’t approve of you and Kikwang. But what can I do at this point?!! I can’t say ‘Hyuna, break up with Kikwang!! Leave him and come to me!!’ I can’t say that now can I? I can’t betray my member like that. I can’t be selfish with my feelings and just do whatever I want and let Beast break up. Beside you’re the one that chose him in the first place. Why do you care about what I think?” Junhyung yelled.

“Because I like you OPPA!!!” Hyuna blurted out. “I like you Yong Junhyung!!! You know I only chose him because you‘re the one that let me go. But I still can‘t get over you. You‘re the one that I really like.” Junhyung was surprised and shock at her outburst. But he replied sadly, “But Lee Kikwang is the one you’re dating.”

Hyuna’s eyes started to tear up as Junhyung’s regretful reply. “Because I’m just a little sister to you.” Junhyung shook his head.

“Hyuna-yah, you’re more than that to me. You’re my….”
“If you say best friend, I am seriously going to kill myself.”
“You’re my everything.” Junhyung answered, catching Hyuna off guard.
“Hyuna, you’re the one I cared about since 6months ago. You’re the one I want, not as my little sister, but as my girlfriend. You’re the one who I can joke around with and have fun with.” Hyuna smiled.

“But you’re also the one that Kikwang is in love with. You’re also the one he’s dating. How can I take you away from him?” Junhyung asked. “I’m his hyung and we’re Beast. I can’t do this to him. I can’t break up Beast because of my selfish feelings.”

“Oppa.” Hyuna started to cry as Junhyung closed his eyes, holding back his own emotions.
“Hyuna-yah. You should be with Kikwang. No matter what I feel for you, I’m not good for you. I’m too moody, I’m too rough. Kikwang will take care of you better than I can.”
“But you’re the one…” Hyuna was interrupted by a ring. She looked at the caller ID and saw that it was from Kikwang. She sighed and composed herself and answered the phone.

“Hi Oppa.”
“Hyuna-yah. Where are you? I called the dorm and they said you left. Are you ok?”
“Yea oppa. I’m fine. I just decided to go for a walk.” Hyuna lied, feeling guilty.
“Oh in the cold? Did you take a lot of sweater with you? Should I come and pick you up? Where are you?”
“Don’t worry about me Oppa. I’m fine. I’m just in the park.”
“Are you sure?”
“Mmm.” Hyuna nodded, even though Kikwang can’t see her.
“Ok. How about this? I’ll make some hot chocolate for you and come over to your dorm. Just call me when you get home. OK?”
“Oppa, it’s ok.”
“I really want to do this for you Hyuna. I want to take care of you.” Kikwang said. Unfortuenly, Hyuna’s phone was loud enough for Junhyung to overhear the conversation. Junhyung looked away after Kikwang’s last statement, feeling like complete crap. Hyuna just agreed.

“Ok Oppa. Bye.” She hung up. She closed her eyes, feeling guilty about what she is doing. She started to cry. Junhyung wanted to comfort Hyuna but he just stood still.

“Hyuna yah. Don’t cry.”
“How can I not? I’m a horrible person. I’m dating Kikwang and I just lied to him. He’s being sweet and nice and I don’t even deserve it.”

“Don’t say that Hyuna. You deserve the best.”
“no I don’t. I’m dating someone and here I am confessing my feelings for somebody else.” she cried harder. Junhyung couldn’t control himself as he pulled her into a hug.
“Hyuna. Don’t cry. This is the reason why I can’t be with you. I’ll just hurt you like I’m hurting you right now.”
“I want you to be happy. That’s what I want more than anything else in the world. Kikwang will make you happy.”
“What about your happiness?”
“don’t worry about me. Forget about me. Forget about having any feelings for me.”
“I don’t want to lose you Oppa.”

“Who said you will? You will never lose me. No matter what, I’m here for you.”
“I don..”

“Kikwang will make you happy.”
“Will we still be good friends as before?” Hyuna asked nervously. Junhyung smiled.
“As long as I’m here, we’re gonna be best friend. I’ll be watching out.” JUnhyung answered. He tried to smile at Hyuna who is crying harder than before.

“Why does it feel like we’re breaking up when we never dated?”
“Cause we are. I need to get my feelings in control and be happy for you and Kikwang. And you need to stop feeling guilty and give Kikwang a chance. We just need to start over fresh.” Hyuna nodded.

“My feelings for you can’t just go away tonight. But tomorrow, I’ll start over fresh cause you want me to.” Hyuna replied. Junhyung nodded and hugged Hyuna one last time and kissed her head.

“I’m going now.” Hyuna said.
“I’ll walk you.” Hyuna shook her head.
“no it’s ok. I need to go by myself. I have a lot to think about. Oppa, I hope that you’ll be happy too.” Hyuna said as she walked away, leaving Junhyung in the park alone.

Junhyung sighed as he watched Hyuna walked away. ‘I did it. I let her go.’ He tried to smile but failed to do so as he realized the repercussions of his actions. He just basically pushed Hyuna into Kikwang’s arms. But he knew that it was better for Hyuna, Kikwang, Beast and everyone else involved. ‘Why is it so complicated? When does love hurt so much?’

As Hyuna walked home by herself, she couldn’t control the tears coming out of her eyes. She promised Junhyung that she would forget about him and give Kikwang a real chance. Deep down inside, she wasn’t sure that she can completely forget about Junhyung but she knew she has to.

Hearing Kikwang’s devotion to her makes her feel like crap. She felt guilty that he seems to like her so much and she has feelings for two people. ‘Junhyung oppa’ she said to herself. ‘Let me just like you for tonight and tomorrow I promise I’ll try to forget about you.’

End of Chapter Seven. (Credits to

Take Care of My Girlfriend Chapter 6

Hyuna and Kikwang are going out for two weeks now in this chapter. Junhyung hasn’t been around them lately except to perform on stage and rehearse and such. B2st is promoting Mystery at this time and Hyuna’s Change promotions are about to start.

Here’s Chapter 6.

Chapter 6: CHANGE!


At 4Minute Dorms

Jiyoon sighed as she plopped herself down on the couch. The members just stared at her, waiting for her to unleash from the apparent weight of the world that she seems to be carrying on her shoulders.

“Are you Ok?” Gayoon asked. Jiyoon sighed again.
“Unnie, what happened?” Sohyun asked Jiyoon, worried about her condition.
“I have a problem.” Jiyoon answered stoically.
“What kind of problem?” the leader asked.
“A boy problem.”
“BOy problem?” Gayoon repeated as Jiyoon nodded.
“Yep, a boy problem. Actually, not a boy problem. Two boy problem.” The members raised their eyebrows confused.
“Two? I thought you were just talking to Top?” Hyuna asked.
“You know, you, Sohyun and Jihyun are so lucky. You guys know who you guys want to be with.” Hyuna avoided Jiyoon’s eyes when Jiyoon said that. Sohyun also put her head down.
“What do you mean Jiyoon?” JIhyun asked.
“I meant Hyuna is dating Kikwang, Sohyun, you’re seeing Dongwoon right?”
“No, I’m not. We’re just friends.”
“REally? I thought you guys were dating.”
“NO Gayoon unnie. We’re just friends.”

“Well, he seems to like you.” Jihyun said. “Wait, you don’t like him?”
“I mean. I don’t know if I like him. I thought I did but lately I have someone else on my mind.” Sohyun answered.
“WHO?” The members asked loudly. Sohyun put her finger on her lips, as to signify that it’s a secret.
“Wait, let’s get back to Jiyoon’s problem and then we’ll pry the info out of you maknae.” Gayoon said as Sohyun’s eyes grew wide.

“So anyway, I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. Oh yeah. I guess I’ll just use Hyuna and you Jihyun. You like Doojoon right?” Jihyun nodded shyly.
“And Doojoon likes you. It’s so simple.”

“Will you just get to the damn problem.” Gayoon asked impatiently. Jiyoon nodded.
“Ok ok. Geez. Ever since we went to J.Tune to see Mblaq, I’ve been having feeling for someone in Mblaq.” JIyoon confessed as Sohyun wished to herself ‘Don’t let it be Mir oppa. Don’t let it be Mir Oppa.’

“Who is it?” Hyuna asked, knowing exactly how Jiyoon felt. Having feelings for two guys and caught in the middle of two.
“Seungho oppa.”

“SEUNGHO?” Jihyun and Gayoon said at the same time, shocked by Jiyoon’s confession.
“Yeah. I’ve been talking to him since that night and I really like him.”
“SO what’s the problem?” Jihyun asked.
“TOP OPPA. HE’s the problem.”

“just dump him.” Gayoon advised, as if it’s the simplest thing in the world.
“if I could I would’ve. But I like Top too. I can’t decide between Seungho and TOP Oppa. I mean Seungho is really nice and sweet and hot. TOP is just hot and sweet. But Top is in Japan and it’s really hard to talk to him.”

“I guess. Listen Jiyoon. There has to be one that you like more. I get the feeling that it’s Seungho but you’re too scared to break up with TOP because I think you’ve been admiring him for a long time right?” JIyoon nodded.
“Well then it’s simple. What you are feeling for TOP isn’t love. It’s just admiration. You’re starstruck. Seungho really likes you huh?”
“I think..I hope so.”
“THen I think you know what you have to do.” Gayoon said. “I’ve got to go.” She said as she left the dorm.
“Bye Unnie.” Hyuna yelled out.

“Dump TOP oppa.” Jiyoon said to herself. Jihyun nodded. Then a cell phone rings.
“Hello?” JIhyun answered her phone. “Yes Oppa. Uh-huh. Ok see you then. Bye.”
“Who was that? Never mind. It must be Doojoon Oppa cause I see that smile on your face.” Hyuna said.
“What smile?” Jihyun asked as she tried to control her smile.
“That stupid, I’m in love smile.” Jiyoon answered bitterly as Jihyun stuck her tongue out and left the dorm to meet Doojoon, leaving Jiyoon, Hyuna and Sohyun alone.

“So Maknae, who is it that you like beside Dongwoon?” JIyoon asked, hoping that butting into someone’s else problem will help her forget her own.
“I can’t say.”
“Oh come on. It’s not like you’re doing anything wrong. You’re not dating Dongwoon so you can look.” Jiyoon explained but Sohyun kept her mouth shut.

“It’s Mir from Mblaq.” Hyuna reasoned as Sohyun’s eyes darted to Hyuna, shocked that she figured it out.
“MIr? Bang Chulyoung? Mir?” Jiyoon asked.
“How did you know?” Sohyun asked. Hyuna scoffed.
“What? Just because I’m young I don’t know these things? I know everything.” Hyuna answered as Jiyoon pinched her nose.
“SO Mir huh?” all the attention went back to Sohyun as she nodded shyly.

“I just think he’s cute. It’s not big deal.”
“it’s not a big deal, until Dongwoon hears this. He’s gonna go ape banana ballastic on Mir.” Hyuna said.
“Look I’m not in love with Mir. I just can’t figure out who I like more. I’ll figure it out. You’re so lucky Hyuna unnie.” Sohyun said as she sighed.
“Yep, you have an actual boyfriend, who you like and you don’t have to decided between two guys.” Jiyoon looked at Hyuna in envy Hyuna on the other hand avoided both of their eyes and simply nodded.

Later in Hyuna’s room

“I feel so guilty.” Hyuna said to herself as she thought about what’s she is doing. She’s dating Kikwang and has been for two weeks yet she has feelings for Junhyung. She knows her feelings for Junhyung isn’t platonic and brother like. She groaned to herself as she realized the mess that she got herself in.

She couldn’t fully enjoy her relationship with Kikwang because she feels guilty every time Kikwang confess how much he likes her or do something nice for her. Her once strong friendship with Junhyung is in ruins and she has no idea how it happened or how to fix it. She sighed to herself as she hugged Mr. Walker, a stuff monkey that Junhyung won for her, and drifted off the sleep.

AT Beast Dorm

“Junhyung, we’re going out for dinner. Wanna come?” Hyunseung asked the boy sitting in his bed, reading.
“NO I’m not hungry.”
“Still? You haven’t been hungry all day. Are you ok?” Doojoon asked worried about Junhyung who hasn’t been eating nor talking a lot lately.
“Yeah, Hyung. I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. Just enjoy your dinner.”
“Ok. Bye-yum.” Kikwang said as he, Hyunseung, Dongwoon and Yoseob leaves.

Once the get outside of the door, Doojoon stopped suddenly.

“What’s wrong Hyung?” Yoseob asked.
“I’m gonna stay with Junhyung. I know something’s bugging him. I want to talk to him. You guys go ahead.”
“Hyung, I’ll stay with you.” Yoseob answered as the two boys waved the rest of Beast goodbye.

As Doojoon and Yoseob reentered the dorm, they were surprised to see Junhyung lying on the couch, just staring at the wall. Yoseob’s worry for Junhyung grew as he took in how skinny Junhyung got and just how much the dark circle under his eyes has gotten bigger. Doojoon sighed as he went over to Junhyung and sat next to him.

“Ok Kikwang’s gone. Now tell me what’s going on?” Doojoon asked straight out, catching Junhyung off guard.
“I know there’s a problem. The problem is Kikwang dating Hyuna isn’t it.?” Doojoon asked as Yoseob finally figured out for sure what was bugging Junhyung. It was Hyuna and Kikwang dating. Yoseob sighed to himself as he realized how much Junhyung must be hurting.

“NO! why would I have a problem with a member dating someone?”
“Maybe because you like that someone?”
“You’re tripping Hyung.”
“Am I? LOOk I’m your Hyung. Don’t lie to me. I know you like Hyuna and now Kikwang is dating her. It must be killing you.” JUnhyung finally gave up and crashed down the emotional wall that he’s been building for the last two weeks.

“You know what’s the funny part? She thinks I don’t care about her. She thinks I didn’t go after her.” Junhyung mumbled to himself as Doojoon and Yoseob tried to figure out the meaning behind his words. “I went after her. I did. But I was too late. Kikwang was there first.” Junhyung scoffed. “He’s better for her anyway. This is what I wanted. I wanted Kikwang to have her.”

“What? Are you ok? Junhyung?”
“Now we’re not even friends anymore. I miss her.”
“THen be friends with her.” Yoseob said. “I mean, I know you still like her but isn’t having her as a part of your life better than not having her at all?” Junhyung nodded.

“But I know it will kill you to see them two together.” Doojoon reasoned. “Just give it time and …”
“And what? Let us grow further and further apart?”
“Until you’re over her.” Doojoon answered. Junhyung scoffed.
“If it was that easy, I would’ve done so since the moment I found out that one of my brothers liked her also.”

“I know it will hurt to be her friend and watch her as she dates Kikwang, hyung but it will hurt more when one day, you realized that you completely lost her, as a friend.” Yoseob tried to get through to Junhyung.
“Fix your friendship.” Doojoon finally gave in. “ANd cheer up! You know Kikwang can’t keep a girl.” He said it to relive the atmosphere. Junhyung smiled and got up of the couch.

Back in Hyuna’s room

Hyuna shifted in her bed once again as she dreamed.


“I love you Hyuna. I’m so glad you chose me.” Junhyung smiled as he grabbed Hyuna’s hands. Hyuna blushed as Junhyung got closer to her and kissed her.
“Oppa. I’m glad I chose you too. I love you. For ever and ever.” they smiled at each other again and kissed again. When they pull apart, Hyuna look up to see Junhyung’s face but suddenly the face turned into Kikwang’s. Hyuna screamed.
“What’s wrong Hyuna? Don’t you love me?” Kikwang asked as he laughed loudly. Hyuna continued screaming.

She jolted out of bed as she realized that she was just dreaming. She calmed herself down but suddenly her phone rings, scaring her once again. ‘Aigoo’ She cursed to herself. She answered before checking the caller ID.

“Yah, whos’ this?” The other person didn’t reply. Hyuna was annoyed and was about to hang up when she heard the voice that she hasn’t heard in two weeks.
“It’s me.” JUnhyung’s quiet voice traveled through the phone and into Hyuna’s ears as she held onto her phone in shock.
“yeah It’s me. Listen Hyuna. Can we meet? We need to talk.” HYuna gulped.
“Sure I guess.”
“Great, we have a lot to talk about. Don’t we?” Junhyung asked then hung up, leaving a shocked Hyuna on the other side.

In Jiyoon’s room.
“Hi.” Jihyun greeted to Jiyoon who was on her laptop. “So Jiyoon did you figure out your problem?”
“Yep. After thinking about it, I realized that you were right all along.”
“Of course, as always.”
“Whatever. Anyway I’m gonna break up with Top.”
“Great! Are you just gonna do it over the phone?”
“Yep. This is the easiest way I don’t think I’ll be able to break up with him in person.”
“Because, I’ll be totally engrossed by his eyes. Beside one of the main reasons why I’m breaking up with him is because I never get to see him.”
“So if he was here, you would choose him over Seungho?” Jihyun asked confused about the situation.
“I don’t know. I don’t know.”
“Maybe…” Jihyun’s words were cut off by a cell phone ringtone alerting Jiyoon of a new text message.
“Sorry hold on a sec.” Jiyoon opened her phone and her world dropped as she read the text message.


End of Chapter Six. (Credits to

Take Care of My Girlfriend Chapter 5

Hi. What do u think of previous chapter? Is it fun? Junhyung was an idiot in the last chapter but remember that he is just doing it so Beast won’t break up. Kikwang is kind of annoying heh?^^ Without further ado, here is chapter 5. Enjoy!

Five: Hopelessly Devoted to Two

In Junhyung’s dressing room

“Crap. Crap. Crap.” Junhyung cursed outloud as he slammed his fists on the table. His anger was pouring out on the table and Junhyung didn’t know how to control it. He knew that he should’ve been happy cause this is what he wanted all along. He wanted Kikwang to be with Hyuna. He wanted them to be happy so that Beast can stay together and he knew that Kikwang was better for Hyuna than he is. Junhyung knew his own moods and he knew Hyuna got hurt every time his moodswings came about. But he guess he wasn’t really ready to see the two together. He sighed. ‘What the hell am I gonna do?’ his thoughts were interrupted as there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.” Junhyung yelled out as Kikwang revealed himself. Junhyung tried to smile and Kikwang smiled back awkwardly.
“Hey hyung. I think we need to talk.”
“About what?” Junhyung played dumb, not looking forward to the conversation which topic he was pretty sure about.
“About me and Hyuna. Hyung. I need to apologize.”

In Hyuna’s Dressing Room

Hyuna was disgusted as she looked herself in the mirror. She sighed to herself as she thought about the web that she’s in. She’s dating Kikwang while she is still pining for Junhyung. She felt like such a horrible person. She did like Kikwang and if Junhyung wasn’t in the picture, Kikwang would be her one and only. She sighed deeply again as she remember just exactly how she ended up dating a member of Beast.


As Hyuna ran away from Junhyung, she couldn’t control her tears. Finally she ran into an empty hallway and she leaned against the wall. She couldn’t handle it anymore. She can’t take the fights with Junhyung anymore. She didn’t even realize when her feelings for Junhyung grew so big but she couldn’t control it any longer. But apparently he didn’t feel the same way.

She slid down to the floor and took a deep breath, trying to stop her tears. ‘He didn’t even come after me.’ Hyuna thought to herself. As she wiped her tears, she saw a pair of feet standing in front of her.

‘Maybe he did.’ As Hyuna looked up, she was surprised to see Kikwang standing over her.
“Don’t cry anymore Hyuna. I’m here now.” Kikwang bent over and pulled Hyuna into his arms.

“I’m okay now Oppa.” Hyuna said she wiped her tears.
“Hyuna-ah. I’m here. Don’t be like that.” Kikwang said as he wiped Hyuna’s tears. “I’m here. I’ll protect you Hyuna.”
“You will?”
“Of course. If you just care about me as much as I care about you, I’ll protect you from anything.” Kikwang replied.
“I do care about you Oppa.” Hyuna said as Kikwang smiled.
“Then how about becoming my girlfriend Hyuna?” Kikwang asked, catching Hyuna off guard.

‘Oh my god!’ Hyuna thought. ‘What the hell am I supposed to do. I do like Kikwang. Obviously nothing is gonna happen with me and Junhyung. But I don’t want to use Kikwang. Kikwang oppa. I do have feelings for him.’

“Hyuna?” Kikwang looked at Hyuna with puppy dog eyes, snapping Hyuna out of her thoughts.
“Look Hyuna. I know this is too fast but you know that I’ve liked you for a long time right? I know you have some feelings for me too. I also know that you like somebody else. Maybe if you just give me a chance, then maybe you’ll forget about the other person. What do you say?”
“Oppa, I do like you.. I just don’t want to hurt you.” Kikwang shook his head.
“If I’m with you, I know I won’t be hurt. I’ll just be happy.”
“Ok then. Let’s give this a try.” Hyuna said. Kikwang’s mouth opened in a wide smile as he bear hugged Hyuna.
“Hyuna. From this day forward, you are now my girlfriend and I’m officially your boyfriend.”

End Flashback

Back to Junhyung’s dressing room

“I did something bad. I knew you liked her too and I asked her out. I feel like such a cockblocker.”
“I don’t like her Kikwang. Don’t..”

“DOn’t deny it Hyung. I could tell. She brings out a different side to you. I’m sorry. I knew that I should’ve ask you first and we should have worked it out. But I just saw her crying in the hallway and I just couldn’t stand there and do nothing. She was hurting Hyung.”
“And I was the one who hurt her. Hyuna doesn’t deserve someone as sadistic as me. You’re better for her.”
“Hyung. I knew I should’ve asked you. So I’m asking you now. Are you ok with me going out with Hyuna?”

A knock on the door interrupted their conversation as the director’s assistant came in.
“Junhyung. We’re shooting again. We need you on the set now.” Junhyung nodded as he looked at Kikwang. Kikwang got the cue and started to leave.
“It’s ok. Go Hyung. We’ll continue this later.” Kikwang said as he left the dressing room.

On the set of the MV

“Ok cut. Perfect. Wow, you two look great together.” The Director complimented Hyuna and Junhyung as they smiled awkwardly.
“Thank you everyone. You’ve worked hard.” Hyuna said as they finish the last scene for the mv. As hyuna was about to go back into her dressing room, Junhyung grabbed her arms.
“We need to talk.” Junhyung said.

Hyuna nodded, knowing this was coming. They went into Hyuna’s dressing room for privacy.
“What?” Hyuna asked.
“SO you’re going out with Kikwang now?”
“Yes. I am. How is this any of your business?”
“My business? You’re dating one of my members and it isn’t any of my business.”
“I’m dating Kikwang, the person. Not Kikwang of Beast. There’s a difference.”
“There’s no difference Hyuna. With Kikwang, there is only one Kikwang. What you see is what you get.”
“So what? You know what I see in Kikwang?” Hyuna asked harshly as Junhyung stood there.
“I see someone who cares about me. Who likes me. Who doesn’t give me crap attitude any random moments and he actually considers my feelings. You know that Kikwang actually cares about what happens to me?”

“And I don’t?” Junhyung asked, frustrated that Hyuna couldn’t see his feelings for her.
“You didn’t even come after me to make sure I was ok. Kikwang was there for me.”
“what? That’s why you’re dating him?” Junhyung asked. He couldn’t believe that Hyuna didn’t know how much he cares about her. He remember the incident. Hyuna didn’t think that Junhyung ran after her but he remember the incident differently.


Junhyung stood there feeling like crap as Hyuna ran off with tears in her eyes. ‘Maybe I was too harsh.’ he contemplated running after her, thinking about giving her space or just confessing it all to her. Finally his heart won out as he decided to run after her.

He searched for her and couldn’t find her. Finally he turned into a hallway and stopped cold as the sight in front of him made his blood run cold. There in front of him was Kikwang and Hyuna in an embrace, a tight one. An embrace that spoke of trust and comfort. Junhyung looked sadly on and decided to leave the two alone before they saw him.

End Flashback.

“you think I didn’t come…”
“I don’t want to talk about it anymore Junhyung. I’m tired of fighting.” Hyuna said.
“Urrgh!! Ok. Fine. Let’s not talk about this anymore. I just want to know one thing. Are you happy with Kikwang?” JUnhyung asked as he seriously looked into Hyuna’s eyes. Hyuna looked away from his intense stare and nodded.
“Then case closed. Be happy with him.” Junhyung said sadly as he walked away from her, with his shoulders down. Hyuna closed her eyes as tears streamed down her face.

Later that night at Beast’s Dorms

“Hey Kikwang.” Junhyung greeted the singer as he entered the room. “I guess we need to finish the conversation huh?” Kikwang nodded.
“Hyung. I don’t want things to be awkward between us and I don’t want Beast to be affected.”
“and it won’t. listen no matter what happens, no matter who you date, we’re still gonna be Beast. We’re brothers.”
“Does that means?”
“Yeah. Hyuna is gonna be happier with you and that’s what I want. I want both of you to be happy.” Junhyung said as he tried to smile.
“I want you to be happy too Junhyung.”
“I’ll be ok. I just want you to take care of Hyuna. Treat her right.”
“I will. I promise.”
“Just take care of your girlfriend Kikwang. Just take care of your girlfriend.” Junhyung replied as he left Kikwang’s room. Kikwang smiled sadly as he said to himself outloud, “Don’t worry Hyung. I’ll take care of Hyuna just like she deserve.”

Junhyung closed the door to his room and leaned against it. ‘This is it.’ He thought. He just officially handed Hyuna over to Kikwang. He tried to smile but it just came out sadly. ‘Kikwang-ah. Take care of her. Take care of Hyuna. Take care of my girlfriend.’

End of Chapter Five.
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