May 23, 2011

Full of Kpop Events

Hey, its been a long time since the last update. I was so busy with work and life.XD

With all the KPOP acts coming to town, I was busier than before.kkk. This 1st half year also full of concerts, showcases, fan meeting, autograph session and other events. For a music lover and kpop fan like me, all these events is like 'there's always rainbow after the rain '.lol -->i don't think the quote match but I know u get me, right?hahaha. I meant its really working when u want to release your stress. By screaming your lungs out at the concert!!!!!XD.

Here is the summary of the half 2011

13 Jan - KPOP Party (BEAST, 4MINUTE, G.NA)
19 Mac - Super Show 3 (SUPER JUNIOR)
10 Apr - RAIN
29 Apr - MAROON 5
30 Apr - SE7EN
20 May - 2AM
28 May - SUJU M

And more coming to town. JangGeunSeuk, U-KISS, BEAST(again),BIG BANG, SHINEE,2PM..Some of the events not confirm yet but still...#$%^&*()_(*&^%$#@..I should plant 'money tree' after this!!!

Don't be surprised..I did not attend all the events since its too many acts + damn pricey..Some of them I paid my own money to go there, and some of them I was involved as a staff/media. Thats pretty much an experience u know. Since I'm working in the office, meeting new people while handling the event is a fresh experience for me.

Many people said, you're so lucky to be a staff for this kind of events. Not really. Of course there's a pro and contra. The pro is 'Yes, u have upclose with the artist u like, talked to them and blablabla' but then the contra is 'You cannot act like a fan.Behave!Behave!Behave!'. So, my suggestion is, if you really wanna involves in this kind of event, please make sure you're not a die hard fan of the artist. (Happened to me when I was a staff for Jay's showcase.Its hard to be a staff+fangirl at the same time. I was afraid he was uncomfortable if I act like a fan, but I am a fan plus I need to show my professionalism lol and I end up being stupid in front of him.@#$%^*&^%$#).

Oh its time to continue working! Forgive my randomness!hahaha