October 20, 2009

New Layout New Feeling

Just a quick update..

Simple and lovely. Don't u think so..^^I just change my new layout for my blog to feel more fresh and lively. Since I have been working almost 1 month at my new company, I choose this 'Working Woman' template. Isn't nice?ngee

October 16, 2009

What is this feeling??

Less than 2 hour, I need to submit my work. Some part haven't done yet. Stressed but freaking hungry. I know I must have lunch before I can continue my work. Rushingly, me and my ofismet run towards Maybank foodcourt which is the nearest foodcourt here. When I reach there, I saw someone. My heart beats faster. It's already beating faster then usual because of the deadline and because of we walked faster than usual.

I ordered my food and keep watching him. He's eating with his fellow friends. He don't even know I was watching over him. I keep thinking by myself. Should I say hi or hello? But then what should I say? Say hi and walk away? No, no, no.. And I kept thinking that while he already finish his lunch. And my food didn't arrive yet. Dammit!!

He already stand up and walked away. But then he looked at me. I was freeze. Then he look away. What? He don't know me or he don't remember me or I'm the only one 'yang perasan' he looked at me? 5 seconds and he looked back at me. Twice. Like he just saw someone that he knew. He smiled. I smiled back at him. Then, he gone. (He was pushed from someone behind his back).

After 2 years, we met again by fate. Around these 2 years, I just wondering what he's doing now. Seems like he's doing good. But, without a word he left again. And I don't even have the courage to stop him. Even to talk to him. Because he was surrounded by his fellow friends and me too. Too many of us if we sit together. What a coward excuse..haishh. 2 years ago, he's the one who said goodbye first. And we never contacted each other after that night. And even now, he's the one who left first. But, why why why I feel excited? I feel happy. I totally forgot about the due date.

I never want to see you again. But strangely today, I kept looking for you and hoping you're having your lunch here again. Dissapointed. You're not here. Will we met again?

P/S: I finish my work on time. Maybe I have some luck today..ngeee

October 01, 2009

1st Oct..1st Day At My New Company

I have mixed feeling today..Dunno what should I say..Last night, I cannot sleep properly because I feel so hot and had a bad dream. I woke early after my dad call me and woke me up. He said "Bangun. Jangan tido balik. 1st day, jgn lambat." I only said ok, then he hung up the phone. Because of lack of sleep, I'm not in my best condition today.

Around 7.30am, I set off to office. I walk slowly because it is still early. But still, I arrived early. 8.00am I already there. In front of my office with nobody around. Luckily, after that 1 girl arrived. And we talked. She said today also her 1st day. We waited together. 15-20 minutes later, everybody arrived. Not only us on our 1st day. There are 15 of us. Waa..so many people together with me today. Suddenly, I remember Micheal Jackson's song - I'm not alone.=)

And today, nothing much happened. Yet, nothing were assigned to us. We have Induction Day from morning to evening with our Vice Precident. So many policies, rules and regulations. Blah..blah..blah..She 'membebel' about it until lunch. And evening session, also the same. I can't focus on the slide because the room was so hot. Thanks to the broken aircond. Dammit! And there was 1 session where we had some kind of IQ Test and Company Test. I don't like those test especially the company test. They asked about company vision, company director and even company phone no and fax no. What the heck? All of us don't even know well the company yet. We just go through the company website before and don't even think to find company fax no.haha. Funny, but I still answered the questions.

And from the 'bebelan' from morning to evening about the rules and blah blah blah, I only get this input..Sheessshhh, I really don't like it. That's why I remember it.-_-

* NO fesbukking, friendster, tagging and other social network. No chatting included.
* NO personal email.(baik cakap no Internet je)
* NO hf. (yg ni x bole blah btol)
* NO pendrive, cd, dvd and other storage devices. (acceptable but unacceptable)
* NO baju kurung on Monday-Thursday. Baju kurung is only allowed on Friday. (what shud i do to my baju kurung yang berlambak tuh??.ngee)
* NO Bahasa Melayu. (WHATEVER! See, I speak English..;p )

BTW, I'm not working at Bank Negara and Kilang Cop Duit ok..Sampai hf pon x bole guna..haish. Because I'm always the one who broke the rules, I'm not sure if I follow this one. But, I'll try my best to be a good worker.;p Wish me luck ok! After sesi suai kenal and beramah mesra bersama rakan sekerja, we are allowed to go back early. Maybe they pity us because it's too much to digest today.

Not all things there gone bad. Must be some good right? Anyway, I like my new workstation. I got new pc, big workspace, new stationary, big desktop (which is really good to watch movies..ngee) and new friendly friends. But, I don't really remember their name even I had asking some of them many many times. Sorry..my brain is not functioning well today..ahaks

And tomorrow, all of us will be meeting our Director. Tomorrow, still in Induction mode.T.T. Wish me luck!!