December 30, 2009

End of 2009

2009 will end soon and here come 2010..Azam baru? Ntahla..lom terpikir pon lg..Oh ya!! Nak turunkan berat 8kg..Bole ke ni? But my sister said, I will become too skinny. Is it? I don't think so. Maybe still got fat here and there..haha

Mcm2 berlaku tahun ni..But the most changes in my life is I start working this year. I finish my ACCP training. No more student life. Start a new working life. Seriously working. And I miss those time so much.T.T

Hmm..kalo nak rewind balik semua, mmg x habis la citer kat cni. But 1 highlight, I learn how to be a stalker@mamarazzi for the 1st time..haha ..Still remember how excited I was ketika mengejar 'gasoo'..But I realise 1 thing. I won't choose a paparazzi@mamarazzi as my job. Seriously, it was so damn hard. U need to run, to be fast, to be strong because if not, people will push u behind. And nobody care if u're getting hurt. And I swear, I won't live a life like that. But, once a year being a stalker, I can't say NO..haha. It was soo fun. Seriously. Thanks to Shar, Jess, Tasha, Mish, K.Bailah, K.Farah and sum other girls for diz experience..ngeee

My 1st stalking pics..^^ Not bad for a 1st timer right..haha

One more good thing diz year, My father selamat pergi dan balik menunaikan fardhu haji. Alhamdulillah..I'm so happy for him. And for those, all my friends yang dah bertukar status tu, Congrats ku ucapkan. U know who u are. Ramai sgt kalo nak sebut..hehe

December 21, 2009

Avatar time~!

Tibe2 rase nak update blog..Tp pinggang sakit ni..X tau kenapa, sejak dua menjak ni, pinggang asyek sakit je.. Byk sgt duduk ngadap pc kot...isk3..

Quick update 4 last week xtvt

-> On Thursday, we're taking halfday..Reason? Watching movies with my cliques. Atas arahan bos, semua dipaksa menonton movie Avatar. Makan2, minum2, tgok muvie, minum lg..I'm not too excited watching this movie. Not because the movie itself. Maybe its because I'm watching it with my boss. And it's quite awkward for me. Because this movie is quite long, err..very long I mean, halfway, I'm going to the toilet. Oso, my Sis called me and ask me whether I'm going back home with her or not. As I picked up my phone, I really didn't realised somebody watching over me. After the movie, my boss come to me and said, 'Hey you, how come u picked up ur phone when u're watching movie?'..I quite surprised by the the question..Helloooo..this is not exam hall ok. We're doing our social activity which is watching movie. Is it not allowed to pick up ur phone when watching movies? As long as we're not disturbing any people in there, I think there's no rules to disallowed phone usage. Then, my boss went to my cliques and ask em, 'Hey, both of u, why talked so loud in cinema?'..err, hello boss..Are u watching movie or watching people? geezz

Anyway, Avatar quite a good movie. I mean the technology they used in this movie. Kinda advanced technology. But its too long for me and also the avatar is soooo ugly make the love story became 'ouchhhhhhh'..hehe

-> I just sit at home watching movies. Bermalas2 an di rumah adalah perkara yang membahagiakan setelah sekian lama tidak berbuat demikan..wink3

December 07, 2009

=Pissed Off=

I got fever right now, but, still I want to update my blog. (Farah, kau lah pembawa virus demam ini..huk3).

Today, I really pissed of with 2 stupid people. 1 is my team leader and the other 1 is black sheep. Generally, this black sheep got more experiences than us, plus he working there for almost 3 years and also part of my team. But, he like to act very bossy, act like he knows everything and also 'perasan bos' even though he doesn't even deserve the title. Currently we are working on website project which is delay for more than 2 years. And last week, we are starting from zero. Yes, u got me right, ZERO. Because of this stupid black sheep, which is very confident to promise our manager and boss dat we can finish it by next week. Means we must finish it 1 page or more per day. What the heck? And we have more than 30 pages including subpages.

And for some reasons + politics + different point of view, my team leader always argued with this black sheep. At first, I'm always behind my team leader. Support everything she said. But, not today. I really pissed with these 2 people. They always fighting and right now, they do not have a word between them. And I'm the one who was in the middle, informally become a messenger. I really hate it. I just want to hantuk those kepala. Biar dorg bertambah mengong. This side said he's the one yg betul. The other side also said the same thing. What I really hate is, my team leader always put the pressure on me. Tell me not to do anything that black sheep ask me to do. And this black sheep always calling me, and giving me work..Arggghhh..why I'm soooo 'lucky' to meet these stupid people??? Egois and not professional. For now, I'm not siding anyone. My only wish is to finish the website as soon as possible. Or looking for a new job is the best solution I have?