May 31, 2010


Ari ni pny kisah..

Pagi2 dtg opis cam biasa..Then, spt hari2 sebelumnye, bukak fesbuk, twitter, gmail..Siap cek semua, maen la farmville..Tgh syok2 maen, tibe-tibe bos dtg bagi keje..So, aku accept je la..Pause jap game..Dia bagi keje dlm AI..Then, Mervin datang bg keje jgk..Dlm AI jugak..Aku pny la cuak..Mane taknye, natam haper AI pon aku tak tau..aku kol Kay..dia tgh tido lg..(ces, mentang2 hang tak keje, sedap je guling2 ek). Bos bukan bagi keje ape pon..Dia nak dimension file tu je..Aku tny Kay, dia kate ade kat control..Tp, apsal kat control aku xde..Actually, aku bukan jenis gelabah..Tp, bila bos dok tercegat kat sebelah aku gelabah ar..Aku ckp kpd diri sendiri (tetapi dengan harapan bos membantu).."Selalunye ade kat control ni..Apsal ni takde.."..And of cos la bos aku tak jawab..sbb dia pon xtau same..Punya la lame aku belek2, godam2 AI tu, baru la aku jumpa..Tu pon setelah bos aku give up berdiri kat sebelah dan telah keluar berjumpa client..Terasa diri sgt budus skali..T.T

Then tengah hari, aku tak pegi lunch..Dok membazir masa depan PC..Sejak keje sini, selalu x selera keluar lunch..Sbb, takde org nak makan sekali..Selalunye tapau je..Tp, kadang2 rasa mual jgk makan sorg2..Kalo gini hari2, bole kurus gua..haha

Finally, ari ni aku register tuk amek driving license kat ..Itu pon setelah di pengaruhi Ain..haha..Actually mmg plan nak amek lesen, tp xtau nak amek kat mane..Lagi bagus kalau ade kawan..hehe. So, skang tunggu orang tu kol balik..Hmm..cuak gak ni..Takut aku akan ranapkan kereta orang..;p The, I tell my Sis and she support me 100%, but then I said I got nervous and she said

My Sis : Buat software susah2 pandai plak, bawak keta yg senang pon x pndai.
Me : *terkedu*

Since dah terupdate blog ni, here my birthday cake from my dad..My dad every year pon takkan miss beli kek. But this one cam special sket..Sbb? Jeng..jeng..jeng

I got a car..Sgt chomel..haha..-->Ni namenye bapak aku perli suh amek lesen and beli keta cepat2..LOL

May 11, 2010

Happiness In the Wind

Masa utk berehat sebentar..kekeke.. Actually skang xde keje sgt.. So, bole la ber'blogging' kejap..haha.

Recently, I start watching this korean drama series "Happiness in the Wind / A Good Day for the Wind to Blow". And I really like this series. I remember, I watched the 1st episode and I'm not so into it. Not because of the storyline, but I read somewhere this series have more than 100 episodes. Damn! Just killing my desire to watch. Then, I start watching again because I have nothing to do after getting back from my work. And now, I'm so attached to this drama. Monday to Friday, I'll make sure I arrived home before 7.30pm. Since, I'm working at Kelana Jaya now, my journey do takes some time. Sometimes, I reached home ngam2 7.30pm..haih

A lil bit about this drama ;

"Kwon Oh Bok who is coming alone to seoul in search of her dad, had the ill-fortune to encounter an irascible man, Jang Da Han who is the design leader for a large company. Their 'ongoing battle' eventually unfolds into a love triangle between them and her old hometown oppa, Ki Chul who looks after her.

And just as Da Han opens up his feelings to Oh Bok, his first love and mother of his son, "Choi Mi Ran", who had moved to the States for an arranged marriage, returns to korea after six years as a divorcee to reconnect with her life again with him and their son. But it is already too late as Da Han and their son already have Oh Bok in their hearts." - From Drama Wiki

Currently, KBS World tgh tayang episod 39..Can't wait for the next episode..yeay!!

Update : I watched until ep.72 and its getting interesting. I really love this drama because of mixed love story. You can find love story between old guy and young girl, old woman with young guy, normal love story, love triangle and many more. Sounds like I'm promoting this drama to u guys.hahaha

May 10, 2010

It's May~!

Ahhh..It's May. How I miss blogging..Lately, I'm very busy. Since April is the last month I serve for my last company, I need to complete each and every task. I just want to leave with dignity. With no controversies. But halfway, my heart changed again. So many things happen throughout those month and my heart keep changing. And finally, here I am.. At my new office at Kelana Jaya. What happen to my late office? Yeah..proudly I said, I leave with dignity. No controversies. (-_-)\/

Now, I'm writing this new entry at my new office.. So far so good. Not much work burden yet. But quite boring here. Since this is a small company, we only have 9 peoples to serve for this company. I'm the only Malay here. And I'm the only one programmer. It's scared me sometimes when I imagined how big my responsibilities are when a project comes. Since we don't have any project yet, so I just learn by myself And it's boring coz I don't have nobody to talk to. And they always leave me alone. Sudah la staff sket, ramai plak buat keje kat luar..haih. Paling terasa sekali, bila time lunch. Alone. Selama ni mesti makan dgn opismet..T.T

And it's May..Yeah..I'm 24 this 18th May..What is my wish?haha..Dun ask. Coz I have a super duper long wish list..I want to get my driving license this year. Yes, I know it's late. But I don't care. And also, I wanna spend much for my sis wedding. But I still not decide I should spend on what kind of thing..haha. And I wish to get a new bf this year?LOL

Ok. STOP. Sudah-sudah la curi tulang.^^ Get back to work. Until next meeting. Adios.