December 30, 2009

End of 2009

2009 will end soon and here come 2010..Azam baru? Ntahla..lom terpikir pon lg..Oh ya!! Nak turunkan berat 8kg..Bole ke ni? But my sister said, I will become too skinny. Is it? I don't think so. Maybe still got fat here and there..haha

Mcm2 berlaku tahun ni..But the most changes in my life is I start working this year. I finish my ACCP training. No more student life. Start a new working life. Seriously working. And I miss those time so much.T.T

Hmm..kalo nak rewind balik semua, mmg x habis la citer kat cni. But 1 highlight, I learn how to be a stalker@mamarazzi for the 1st time..haha ..Still remember how excited I was ketika mengejar 'gasoo'..But I realise 1 thing. I won't choose a paparazzi@mamarazzi as my job. Seriously, it was so damn hard. U need to run, to be fast, to be strong because if not, people will push u behind. And nobody care if u're getting hurt. And I swear, I won't live a life like that. But, once a year being a stalker, I can't say NO..haha. It was soo fun. Seriously. Thanks to Shar, Jess, Tasha, Mish, K.Bailah, K.Farah and sum other girls for diz experience..ngeee

My 1st stalking pics..^^ Not bad for a 1st timer right..haha

One more good thing diz year, My father selamat pergi dan balik menunaikan fardhu haji. Alhamdulillah..I'm so happy for him. And for those, all my friends yang dah bertukar status tu, Congrats ku ucapkan. U know who u are. Ramai sgt kalo nak sebut..hehe

December 21, 2009

Avatar time~!

Tibe2 rase nak update blog..Tp pinggang sakit ni..X tau kenapa, sejak dua menjak ni, pinggang asyek sakit je.. Byk sgt duduk ngadap pc kot...isk3..

Quick update 4 last week xtvt

-> On Thursday, we're taking halfday..Reason? Watching movies with my cliques. Atas arahan bos, semua dipaksa menonton movie Avatar. Makan2, minum2, tgok muvie, minum lg..I'm not too excited watching this movie. Not because the movie itself. Maybe its because I'm watching it with my boss. And it's quite awkward for me. Because this movie is quite long, err..very long I mean, halfway, I'm going to the toilet. Oso, my Sis called me and ask me whether I'm going back home with her or not. As I picked up my phone, I really didn't realised somebody watching over me. After the movie, my boss come to me and said, 'Hey you, how come u picked up ur phone when u're watching movie?'..I quite surprised by the the question..Helloooo..this is not exam hall ok. We're doing our social activity which is watching movie. Is it not allowed to pick up ur phone when watching movies? As long as we're not disturbing any people in there, I think there's no rules to disallowed phone usage. Then, my boss went to my cliques and ask em, 'Hey, both of u, why talked so loud in cinema?'..err, hello boss..Are u watching movie or watching people? geezz

Anyway, Avatar quite a good movie. I mean the technology they used in this movie. Kinda advanced technology. But its too long for me and also the avatar is soooo ugly make the love story became 'ouchhhhhhh'..hehe

-> I just sit at home watching movies. Bermalas2 an di rumah adalah perkara yang membahagiakan setelah sekian lama tidak berbuat demikan..wink3

December 07, 2009

=Pissed Off=

I got fever right now, but, still I want to update my blog. (Farah, kau lah pembawa virus demam ini..huk3).

Today, I really pissed of with 2 stupid people. 1 is my team leader and the other 1 is black sheep. Generally, this black sheep got more experiences than us, plus he working there for almost 3 years and also part of my team. But, he like to act very bossy, act like he knows everything and also 'perasan bos' even though he doesn't even deserve the title. Currently we are working on website project which is delay for more than 2 years. And last week, we are starting from zero. Yes, u got me right, ZERO. Because of this stupid black sheep, which is very confident to promise our manager and boss dat we can finish it by next week. Means we must finish it 1 page or more per day. What the heck? And we have more than 30 pages including subpages.

And for some reasons + politics + different point of view, my team leader always argued with this black sheep. At first, I'm always behind my team leader. Support everything she said. But, not today. I really pissed with these 2 people. They always fighting and right now, they do not have a word between them. And I'm the one who was in the middle, informally become a messenger. I really hate it. I just want to hantuk those kepala. Biar dorg bertambah mengong. This side said he's the one yg betul. The other side also said the same thing. What I really hate is, my team leader always put the pressure on me. Tell me not to do anything that black sheep ask me to do. And this black sheep always calling me, and giving me work..Arggghhh..why I'm soooo 'lucky' to meet these stupid people??? Egois and not professional. For now, I'm not siding anyone. My only wish is to finish the website as soon as possible. Or looking for a new job is the best solution I have?

November 08, 2009

Nice Weekend!!

Nice weekend!! That's all can I said..I try my best this weekend to enjoy myself and forget about work. But still, at the bottom of my heart I still have a little worried. Can I finish the work on time? But still..I try my hardest not to think about work on this weekend. I really want to forget everything. And just on time, Bahi asked me to watch movie. I thought just the 2 of us. But there's also Alin and her friend and Bahi's rumet to join us together. I arrived quite late because komuter delay. Sorry guys! I waited there so long + berbakul2 dah kena sumpah seranah (dlm hati je la..-_-)..haha..And today we watched 'The Time Traveller's Wife'. Setelah kecewa menonton Jennifer's Body bersama Shar pada minggu lalu, cerita ni mengubat kekecewaan. Even though it is not the best movie I had ever watched, but still not a rubbish..This romantic drama is about a librarian with a gene that causes him to involuntarily time travel, and how it creates the complications in his marriage. I will rate this drama for 3.5 stars..

After watchig movies, we makan2 at KFC, laughing so hard until I forgot about work. Thanks to Bahi, Alin, and 2 other girls for this weekend..=)

November 06, 2009

I Just Want to Cries My Eyes Out

I am so busy nowadays yet I still spend some times to update my blog..So rajin lar Rozy ni..^^ Until today, I had working at Celframe more than 6 weeks already..Huh, how times flies..In these 6 weeks, so many things happen and I learn so many things..This week, I am feeling the pressure at work. Due date is next week, yet, my team have a lot of things that haven't done yet. The whole team keep getting the hardcore pressure from the top staff. We're so new (most of the team members are fresh graduates) yet we don't have enough experiences to develop such a big project. Expert developer delayed this project for almost 2 years. Yet, they want us to finish it in 5 weeks. I don't know what they expect from us...Such a big *&@!^&(&#!!!!!!! My team members keep saying "I wanna die","I wanna resign"..Me also have the same feeling..haihz

Few days ago, Vignesh and Izuddin resigned. Back to early of this month, Ammar and Zainuddin also resigned. Just 6 weeks here and I am seeing 4 people left this company. When Ammar and Zainuddin left, I don't feel anything at all. Hmmm..maybe a little bit shocked? Because I don't even have a word with them. And I don't even know anything about them. But, when Izuddin and Vignesh left, I feel some kind of .......sad?missing?lonely?hurt?-_-.haih..Don't know what terms I should use. Because we just started to know each other. We just started to laugh together. And we just started to play around together. We enjoyed ourselves and suddenly, they are gone. U know what I mean right? That feeling?

We have some kind of farewell party for them last Saturday. Plus celebrating Anis' birthday. I'm going to update the event pics later..Cya for now^^

October 20, 2009

New Layout New Feeling

Just a quick update..

Simple and lovely. Don't u think so..^^I just change my new layout for my blog to feel more fresh and lively. Since I have been working almost 1 month at my new company, I choose this 'Working Woman' template. Isn't nice?ngee

October 16, 2009

What is this feeling??

Less than 2 hour, I need to submit my work. Some part haven't done yet. Stressed but freaking hungry. I know I must have lunch before I can continue my work. Rushingly, me and my ofismet run towards Maybank foodcourt which is the nearest foodcourt here. When I reach there, I saw someone. My heart beats faster. It's already beating faster then usual because of the deadline and because of we walked faster than usual.

I ordered my food and keep watching him. He's eating with his fellow friends. He don't even know I was watching over him. I keep thinking by myself. Should I say hi or hello? But then what should I say? Say hi and walk away? No, no, no.. And I kept thinking that while he already finish his lunch. And my food didn't arrive yet. Dammit!!

He already stand up and walked away. But then he looked at me. I was freeze. Then he look away. What? He don't know me or he don't remember me or I'm the only one 'yang perasan' he looked at me? 5 seconds and he looked back at me. Twice. Like he just saw someone that he knew. He smiled. I smiled back at him. Then, he gone. (He was pushed from someone behind his back).

After 2 years, we met again by fate. Around these 2 years, I just wondering what he's doing now. Seems like he's doing good. But, without a word he left again. And I don't even have the courage to stop him. Even to talk to him. Because he was surrounded by his fellow friends and me too. Too many of us if we sit together. What a coward excuse..haishh. 2 years ago, he's the one who said goodbye first. And we never contacted each other after that night. And even now, he's the one who left first. But, why why why I feel excited? I feel happy. I totally forgot about the due date.

I never want to see you again. But strangely today, I kept looking for you and hoping you're having your lunch here again. Dissapointed. You're not here. Will we met again?

P/S: I finish my work on time. Maybe I have some luck today..ngeee

October 01, 2009

1st Oct..1st Day At My New Company

I have mixed feeling today..Dunno what should I say..Last night, I cannot sleep properly because I feel so hot and had a bad dream. I woke early after my dad call me and woke me up. He said "Bangun. Jangan tido balik. 1st day, jgn lambat." I only said ok, then he hung up the phone. Because of lack of sleep, I'm not in my best condition today.

Around 7.30am, I set off to office. I walk slowly because it is still early. But still, I arrived early. 8.00am I already there. In front of my office with nobody around. Luckily, after that 1 girl arrived. And we talked. She said today also her 1st day. We waited together. 15-20 minutes later, everybody arrived. Not only us on our 1st day. There are 15 of us. many people together with me today. Suddenly, I remember Micheal Jackson's song - I'm not alone.=)

And today, nothing much happened. Yet, nothing were assigned to us. We have Induction Day from morning to evening with our Vice Precident. So many policies, rules and regulations. Blah..blah..blah..She 'membebel' about it until lunch. And evening session, also the same. I can't focus on the slide because the room was so hot. Thanks to the broken aircond. Dammit! And there was 1 session where we had some kind of IQ Test and Company Test. I don't like those test especially the company test. They asked about company vision, company director and even company phone no and fax no. What the heck? All of us don't even know well the company yet. We just go through the company website before and don't even think to find company fax no.haha. Funny, but I still answered the questions.

And from the 'bebelan' from morning to evening about the rules and blah blah blah, I only get this input..Sheessshhh, I really don't like it. That's why I remember it.-_-

* NO fesbukking, friendster, tagging and other social network. No chatting included.
* NO personal email.(baik cakap no Internet je)
* NO hf. (yg ni x bole blah btol)
* NO pendrive, cd, dvd and other storage devices. (acceptable but unacceptable)
* NO baju kurung on Monday-Thursday. Baju kurung is only allowed on Friday. (what shud i do to my baju kurung yang berlambak tuh??.ngee)
* NO Bahasa Melayu. (WHATEVER! See, I speak English..;p )

BTW, I'm not working at Bank Negara and Kilang Cop Duit ok..Sampai hf pon x bole guna..haish. Because I'm always the one who broke the rules, I'm not sure if I follow this one. But, I'll try my best to be a good worker.;p Wish me luck ok! After sesi suai kenal and beramah mesra bersama rakan sekerja, we are allowed to go back early. Maybe they pity us because it's too much to digest today.

Not all things there gone bad. Must be some good right? Anyway, I like my new workstation. I got new pc, big workspace, new stationary, big desktop (which is really good to watch movies..ngee) and new friendly friends. But, I don't really remember their name even I had asking some of them many many times. brain is not functioning well today..ahaks

And tomorrow, all of us will be meeting our Director. Tomorrow, still in Induction mode.T.T. Wish me luck!!

September 26, 2009

Raya Datang Lagi..♥ ♥ ♥

Hi All,

Before I start working on Thursday (1 Oct), juz wanna update a lil bit about Hari Raya.. Today is 10th day of Hari Raya. still raya kg ke ni? And I'm already back in KL. Penat beraya sakan selama seminggu. 1st raya, cam biasa la. Pegi solat raya, then pegi rumah yang tua2 dulu. I mean atuk-atuk dan nenek-nenek. Then, pakcik-pakcik and makcik-makcik. Raya ke-4 baru dapat beraya ngan kawan-kawan. Seronok raya kali ni. Jumpa sanak saudara and kawan2. Family pon bertambah besar. Baru aku tau, pny la ramai anak2 saudara aku yg baru. Rasa baru tgok dorg lahir..Ni dah boleh jalan dah skang. How times flies..haiz. Yang x tak best nya, time jumpa sanak saudara ni, cam biasa la.. Soklan2 cepu cemas dorg tu. Bila nak tunang? Bila nak kahwin? Dah nak jawab camne.. Wat-wat muka comel la time tu. Buhsan sungguh. Sedar x sedar, cousin aku yang sebaya ramai yang dah kawin. Tu la makin banyak soklan cepu cemas tu..

Ni la antara anak-anak saudara yang ramai tu. Ni pon baru bape kerat..haha

HAFIZ..Budak ni, last jumpa dia time 2 bulan lepas kot. Time tu dia sakit. Asma. But, I'm happy to see him smiling again. Be healthy boy~!

AMMAR..Tak ingat last jumpa bile.. Tahun lepas tak salah aku. Kenduri kat...err..sumwhere la. Last jumpa merangkak lagi budak ni. Skang umur dia dah 2 tahun. Pastu mulut dia..pot pet..pot pet..x reti nak diam. Soklan feveret dia "ape ni?". Semua benda pon dia nk tny apa ni? Kalah budak 'burung murai' dalam iklan petronas tu. Kadang-kadang dia point random je pastu tny ape ni. Kalo tak jawab, sampai subuh la dia tny. Haha..teringat plak sumthing. Aku saje nak test budak ni. Nampak cam bijak je. Then, dia tunjuk la kat sekor katak (toys) ni. Dia tanya aku. "Ape ni?". Aku cakap "ikan". Pastu dia jerit kat aku. "Bukan la. Ni katak." Sape ajar sape ni.haha. Pastu aku cakap ngan dia. "Dah tau tanya agi." Tapi, tak tau la dia paham ke tak aku cakap ape..haha. I'm going to miss u Ammar~!

ALIF..atau dipanggil 'Ayih'..(Sape la ajar cakap pelat2 ni. Dah aku pon ikut sekali.haha). Budak ni memang selalu aku jumpa. Setiap kali balik kg pon aku jumpa. Tapi, balik kali ni, dah tak larat nak dukung dia. Atuk dia kata berat dia skang 16 kilo. (sejak bila berat mu bertambah ni?). Ari tu dia nak aku dukung, pastu tak nak turun2. Termengah-mengah bawak dia jalan. Pasni jalan sendiri ye Alif..;p

Gambar di atas menunjukkan..(cam ayat karangan plak..ahaks)..Ni la puding ribena namanya. Memang suka try macam2 resepi tuk buat puding. Tapi, puding je la. Buat2 kuih tak suka plak.haha. Ni first try buat puding ribena ni. Setelah resepinya diambil dari TV3. Creditz to TV3..^^

And right now, I'm all alone. My brother leave me for 3 weeks. He got game around Klang I think. Tenet plak x berapa stable skang. TV pon takde. Mau mati kebosanan aku kalo tiap2 hari gini. Naseb la, start keje tak lame lagi. But, I'm lil bit nervous right now. I'm going to start working the day after tomorrow. What's going happen next? Patiently waiting..

September 15, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri~!

Is is too early for me to wish Selamat Hari Raya??^^ I think not too early because we have less than 1 week to celebrate it. And now, I'm already here, at my beloved Jerantut..haha. Guys, don't be jelous ok..ahaks. Orang tanam anggur memang la dok kampung..-_-

Di kesempatan ini, saya dengan rasa rendah hati ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin kpd semua family dan sahabat handai yang mengenali diri ini. Semoga semuanya bergembira di hari lebaran ini. Jemputla datang ke rumah.. (Tp, sblm datang call dulu ok..haha)

September 09, 2009

How scary the world indeed! Be strong Jay!!!


All my friends already know how much I love Kpop Music. I usually dun write about what happened in Kpop world inside my blog. Because it's too much to write and it's too tiring. But, since this controversy just happen to Jay and I'm still not over it, I want to give my opinions since this case leave a deep mark in my heart.

If u ask me which Kpop Idol I like, my first answer is absolutely FT Island. And if I had to choose 5 group among hundreds, I will choose these group. FT Island, 2PM, Super Junior, SS501 & DBSK. Or maybe plus minus 2 more group? Cho Shin Sung and Big Bang. (Such a greedy girl..ngee)

But, I bet this year is not really a good year for them.

#FT Island - Won Bin leaves the group because of personal view/taste of music. *Brokenhearted*

#DBSK - 3 members file lawsuit against their company because of dissatisfaction of their salary. What will happened next? Is it will end up with someone leaves the group also?T.T

#2PM - Jay quits as a leader of 2PM and leaves the group because of stupid judgements made by netizens. *Even more brokenhearted*

#SS501 - Hyun the leader was dignosed swine flu few days ago. Please get well soon Hyun!

#Super Junior - Kangin accused for beating someone but he claimed it as self-defensed. After investigation, he assured fan for not being guilty. After everything cooling down, Kangin suddenly heat up the situation with hit-and-run incident.haish..What are u doing Kangin??

--Jay controversy--
4 years ago (before he debut as a singer), Jay had made comments on his MySpace saying something like "Korea is gay. I hate Korean." And those anti-fans had dig in into his account and make fuss of it. I admit it was Jay mistake (because he is a public figure, he should be careful about all things including his past), but he already apologized for many times. But still the netizens don't wan't to forgive him. The outraged protesters demanded that Jay should be forced out of 2PM. That was acceptable bacause maybe they were angry. But WTH with suicide petition? And 3000 peoples sign for it. DAMMIT!!! This is so RIDICULUOS + CRAZY + STUPID. These 3000 f***ing stupid netizens has completely changes my point of view towards them. They has set their standard to the lower of LOWEST level of human being.

And yesterday, Jay calls it quit. Quits from being a leader and quits the group oso. He apologized to his member and his supporters for leaving like this. Another online petition pop up to support Jay and more than 100K (supporters is 34x ganda from the hatrers) supporters sign for it. But still...decision has been made. Jay still leaving. It brokes my heart seeing someone who struggle for 4 years training to fulfill his dream as singer+dancer give up his dream. Hundred fans gathered at the airport, trying to stop him from leaving. They shouting and crying like crazy people not to let him go. But he still leaving. Jay look so weak and sad. He apologized so many times and enter the departure gate. Other members also send him off at the airport, crying like a baby. Wooyoung(one of the member) even fainted and being rushed to the hospital. This is sooo heart wrenching.*Sigh!*T____T
Fans gathered at the airport.

I had teary eyes when WonBin leaves FT Island because I don't even understand the reason of him leaving. And for Jay case, I can't even stop my tears.*Sigh!* I try my best not to cry, because it looks childish+stupid+fool and I'm trying to look cool even when I'm alone. I tell Shar, Jay is leaving. What should I do? I feel like crying. And she said, it's ok even u crying. And my tears really fall that time. I'm usually not like this. Crying over someone who I never met. But it really hurt me seeing such a friendship, love, support from everyone who love Jay. He's leaving not because he want to leave, but, the situation let him leave. Blame me for being so weak. Blame me for 'berhati tisu' (<--perumpamaan lembut+lemah seperti tisu).

Jay keep bowing and apologizing at the airport.*Sigh!*

Support from friends and fellow members. Such as strong and sweet friendship. I hope I have strong friendship like this where we laugh and cry together.

"My heart is hurting very much My heart feels like it’s being torn apart because he is a dongseng (younger brother) that I love Because I believe and love my dongseng I believe that he will return with a better appearance Today my heart is hurting very much Jaebeom, hyung will work harder so that when you return I can protect and hug you with a warmer embrace Please return healthy……… I love you…………….."

"The first song we practiced together.. We felt nervous and excited.. I always pray. That it won't be such a hard journey.. I believe you will get stronger because you're my brother."

"Through the wind, fall came. Out of nowhere, the fall scent has arrived.... The bright blue sky It keeps making me cry. Even the sky is making me cry in the fall of 2009."

"Let's walk together."

"2PM, we're not 7 members. We are One."

And this morning, Jay arrive safely at Seattle. His family and his best friends are waiting for him. Right when he saw his mom, he burst into tears. His mom held him and washed his tears away. Suddenly, I remember a saying, 'God's cannot be everywhere, that's why he creates a mother'. Even at the baggage claim, he kept saying that he was sorry to his parents. He was sorry for his family, leaving his family behind to pursue his dreams. And he's back to his family like this. My eyes got teary all over again. Seeing such a warm love from his parents. And now, I decide to go back to my parent as soon as possible to spent as much as quality time with them.

I hope Jay safe besides his family. That is the best place he should be for now. Our prayer and best hopes always with u Jay.

P/S : Thanks Shar for understanding what I'm going through. I know some people don't even know how I feel and dun even want to try to understand how I feel. Even though, I know you don't really know who is Jay, but, having someone by my side that understand how I feel and share the same 'things', I really appreciate it.^^

September 01, 2009

♥ ACCP re-united!!!

I promised to update accp event rite? Here, bout the event..

Date : 27th August 2009

Place : Flaming Steambot, Bandar Sunway (Reason for chosing this place not limited..2nd..We can stay there as long as we like..3rd..We can 'huhahuha' suka hati..^^)

Time : time bukak pose

Attendance : 10 person..(without Bahi, Kema, Mekna & Mekti)

Actually, kami sampai agak terlewat dpd waktu berbuka. Maklumla..area Bandar Sunway tu mmg terkenal ngan jam. Kinah, Yati, Ronn and Aziz lg la smpai lmbat..Sbb sesat..isk3..Sian kat dorg. Kitorg dah 2nd round dah, baru dorg sampai. Masa mula-mula sampai tu, cam lawak jugak. Aku turun dulu dengan Dayah and Hawa. Then, tauke kedai tu suruh bayar bil dulu plak. Sblm ni, kitorang makan dulu baru bayar. Masing-masing bawak duit sikit. Tak mampu nak bayar bil RM200++..Terpaksa la berdiri kat kaunter tu tunggu Farah(tym tu tengah parking keta) dtg support. Dorg tak mau tunjukkan meja kalau belum bayar..haishh. Malu gak la..hahaha

There's a saying, 'A picture is worth a thousand words'..*wink2*

Flame the Steambot

Suke ngat dapat makan..-_-

Posing dulu..Opps, gelas bertingkat2 di depan itu adalah kepunyaan saya..-_-

Semua tersandar selepas kekenyangan..

2 org in front of me tu 'tukang masak'..Thanx Madi n Hawa..hehe

Gundut said we like Oggy and cockroaches..d0_ob

August 27, 2009

♥ Am I that Lucky??

" Hello!


You have won the U-phoria T-shirt. Thank you for your participation for the poll. To collect your t-shirt please come over to our NSTP Headquater at NIE Unit, 2nd Floor, Anjung Riong, Balai Berita, 31, Jalan Riong, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Please bring along copy of this e-mail to confirm your recipient. Thank you again.

If you have any queries don't hesitate to contact us at 03-2056 9692 / 9615. "

I got this email several days ago. And today, I went to NST to claim the shirt. Here is how the shirt looks like..

Front design of the shirt

Back of the shirt

Is it nice??kekeke. Actually, I have a secret to tell. Secret behind the winning of this shirt..muahaha. Actually, our staff involved in this u-phoria system. And I and my beloved opismet^^, participated in this poll since we know that nst will give the shirt to 30 lucky voters. Since they used "Siapa cepat dia dapat" tag, so, of course lar we're among the early voters..haha. And now, no more secret..kekeke. Boss, please forgive us..(I dun think he will give us permission to participate in this poll..haha)

Tonight, I have been waiting for Majlis Berbuka Puasa with my ACCP classmate. Really eager to see them. Miss them so much. I will update bout this event soon..^^

One Day in My Life

'Penanaman anggur' ku bermula sejak Selasa yang lalu..So, keje ku kat umah hanya la internet and layan movies + tido (10 kali tido + 10 kali bangun da)..Ni hari ke-3 la aku tak keje..Rasa cam dah lame jek dok umah..hehe

Yesterday equal to Wednesday, is a day that I won't forget sampai bila2..Early morning, Celframe dah call. They want to inform me that I will start on 7th September and they apologized for any inconvenience. Means, I will 'tanam anggur' for 2 weeks la..isk3. Then, ingat nak sambung tido, tp, dah tak boleh lena. Then, I just surfing + chatting + fesbukking. .-_-.

Sedang aku tgh syok surfing nih, tiba2 aku dgr ade suara2 menjerit.."Rumah terbakar..rumah terbakar.." Btw, suara tu dtg dr playground betul2 belakang rumah aku. Then, aku jenguk kat tingkap. Ade 2 org makcik ni tgh jerit "Rumah terbakar..rumah terbakar..lari cepat.." Sorang makcik ni nampak aku jenguk kat tingkap. Then, dia cakap.."Dik, rumah terbakar..telefon bomba dik..".. That time, zassss...Sume no telefon tiba-tiba hilang dari kepala. Ape no telefon bomba ek? Aku betul-betul tak ingat. Dalam hati tertanya-tanya, aku mimpi ke? Macam orang mamai baru bangun dr tido, aku boleh gi sambung chatting lg. Then, aku terasa flat aku bergegar sedikit disebabkan org berlari turun ke bawah. OMG!! This is very serious. I can't think of anything that tym. I just grab my handphone and my handbag and run towards the door. Tym tu sempat terpikir gak, alamak..laptop ku camne. Lutut da ketaq tengok org berlari-larian sambil menjerit-jerit. Plus suara budak menangis. Terkedu rasa. Umpama dalam filem. Ekspresi sorang makcik ni mmg aku takkan lupa. Dgn badannye yg agak besar, dia termengah-mengah turun tangga sambil mengheret anak kecil. Maybe anak or maybe cucu dia. Muka dia pucat lesi. Saat dia bertembung dgn aku, suara dia tersekat2 macam orang nak menangis. Dia sempat cakap kat aku.."Dik, rumah terbakar dik..Astaghfirullah..Macam mane ni dik..Lari turun bawah dik.." Mula2 aku tak panik sangat, tp, bila jumpa makcik tu, aku jadi panik giler. Aku macam nak tolong makcik tu, tapi kaki aku sendiri dah ketar. Tak tau nak buat apa. Budak yg kn seret ngan makcik tu pon dah melalak tak berhenti..

Aku gagahkan kaki tuk turun tangga. Rasa cam nak menangis je sbb time tu aku sorang2. Aku duduk kat playground belakang tu sambil kol my hosmet. Aku tak nampak api. Just nampak asap hitam yg sangat tebal. Tiba-tiba ade letupan kecil dari tingkap rumah yg terbakar tu menyebabkan semua yang berkumpul kat bawah tu menjerit. I try to stay calm as possible. Time tu dah ramai org tolong padamkan api. By the time bomba sampai, api dah padam. Just tinggal asap nipis je. Yang paling aku ingat, suara kanak-kanak menjerit sebab excited dapat jumpa bomba. "Yeay..yeay..bomba datang. Yeay..yeay..bomba datang. Jom ramai2 pegi salam bomba.." Kalau aku la jadi bomba tu, aku sepak je budak-budak nih..hahaha..(just perumpamaan ok..wink2)..

Alhamdulillah, akhirnya semuanye berakhir..Api dapat dipadamkan dalam masa 30 minit.(ayat cam dlm newspaper jek..haha) Bomba belum balik lagi, aku dah naek atas. Dgn konfidennya aku rasa semua dah selamat. Bila fikir2 balik kejadian semalam, rasa lawak pon ade. Camne la aku boleh lupa no fon bomba..isk3.

Actually, ni bukan la pengalaman pertama aku berdepan dgn kebakaran mcm ni. Dulu pernah sekali, time aku kecik lagi, aku tengah main2 ngan kawan2, tiba2 ade rumah terbakar. Aku ingat lagi, dalam rumah tu ade sorg nenek tua. Nenek tu memang tinggal sorang2. Dia tak larat nak selamatkan diri. Waktu tu api sangat marak. Ade sorang lelaki ni (really can't remember who), masuk rumah tu tuk selamatkan nenek ni. Macam hero filem plak.hehe. Tp, yang sedihnya, nenek ni dah 70% melecur. Mmg ngeri tgok. Akhirnya nenek ni meninggal kat hospital. Aku sedih sangat. Walaupun, kejadian tu time aku kecik2 dulu, mmg aku ingat sampai sekarang.

Aku dengar punca kejadian disebabkan gas tak ditutup. So, readers be alert k. Check ur gas before leave home..And please remember 999 when you're in emergency..;p

And becoz of my 'pengangguran' I will update this blog regularly..So, stay tune..kekeke

August 24, 2009

♥ Salam Ramadhan^^

Thanks to MyPunchBag for this card..Like it..^^

Ramadhan datang lagi..Buat semua keluarga dan sahabat handai, Selamat Berpuasa + Maaf Zahir Batin..Hari ni 1st day puasa kat opis..And ironically(chewah..1st tym gn ni..haha), today also my last day here. Training is over. And I'm really happy. Finally....... But, sedey jgk sket meninggalkan kwan2 di sini(walaupun ade bape org je kwan..haha). Plus, opismet2 ku yg terchenta..hik3.

Buat Alin, jgn sedey2 aku xde kat cni. Anip senpai ade lagi..Leh teman ko nek bas T629 tu..hahaha. Lg pon ko tnggal bape bln je lg kan..So, fighting!!!

To my opismet, Kema, Bahi, Ronnie, Adib and Hadi, thanx 4 everything..Halalkan sume2 k..huk3(emo jap T__T). P/s: Jgn rindu aku byk sgt..wakaka. Special tuk Bahi..Setialah bersama Firium ok..Jgn nangis kami tiada di sisi..;p

August 13, 2009

♥ Trip to Terengganu^^


erm..Hi All~long tym not updating..Missing my blog so much..kekeke..

I'm not feeling well right now. I have fever, cough, cold (come in 1 package..haissh) after coming back from Terengganu last weekend. I already took MC for two days. See the doctor on Tuesday, and he said I'm okay. But still..dgn H1N1 here and there, I'm still worried.T__T And after rest for 2 days, I'm back for work today..And pagi2 lagi, bos da panggil. Ingatkan nak bagi keje ape la sbb da 2 hari tak datang. Rupa2 nye, they want to offer me permanent position. Actually, my bos nih, da panggil ari isnin ari tuh, tp dia just kate nak extent my contract lg sebulan. So, I said I will consider first. Tiba2 hari ni berubah fikiran plak. Nak atau tak, I tell him the truth (I got another offer and berhasrat nk meninggalkan ofis nih). He was shocked and he asked me to re-consider the offer. And I said ok. Like I have a choice..;p I already chose Bkit Jalil and no turning back. I already made up my mind and open my heart to start a new life there. Actually, rasa bersalah jgk sket kat my office skang. Bottom of my heart, I really really appreciate the chance that they gave me to work there and I learn a lot of things here. But, like I said I have a choice..

Trip to Terengganu

Jumaat malam, kami bertolak from KL to Terengganu. I'm so excited since this is my first time there. (I've been there once. Feels like my first time since I don't have much memory in Terengganu). Hampir 4.00am jgk bru smpai Dungun. Esoknye, jln2 sekitar Kuala Terengganu. Pusing2 je. Pegi wedding anak ex-bos Farah kat ermm..(opss..lupa la nama tmpt tu..hehe). Then, Ahad mlm bru blik smula KL..Around 3am bru smpai KL.. And I got fever the next day..haishh

Kat Masjid Kristal ni je sempat bergambar..Me, Farah and Kak Su..

Wedding sape ntah kami terjah nih..Dah la berpakaian sgt sopan ke kenduri kahwin org..kekeke

July 10, 2009


Now, I'm wondering if I'm doing the right thing. But, 'thing' already happen. Just now, I accept a job offer from one company at Bukit Jalil. I just moved to PJ. And right now, I need to find a new house at Bukit Jalil.haihhz. Hating and blaming myself for being weak. Actually, cari rumah kat PJ ni wif hope I'll stay in PJ at least for 1 year. But, things happen. Susah jgk nak decide to accept the offer or not. Salary is not that great. But, I have some feeling telling me to go there. After discuss with my family member and some friends, I decide to accept the offer. BUT WHY RIGHT NOW MY FEELING IS SO MISERABLE!!! What I'm gonna do, if Im making the wrong decision? Can I survive there? Questions like these keep appearing in my head..haihhz. Help me!!!

June 29, 2009

♥ New House..yeah!!!

I am very happy, finally I can moved to my new house. Setelah byk dugaan mencari rumah sblm ni. Paling 'ngeri' dugaan bbrapa hari je sebelum pindah rumah. Malas nak cerita kat blog. Sebab sampai skang terasa seriau. Actually, I already told what really happen to my previous house at Sentul to some close friends. Dan disebabkan kisah ini jugaklah, aku demam selama 3 hari..haihz. Tp, walaupun rumah ni kecik sikit dpd rumah dulu, asalkan selamat dah cukup memadai..

Yesterday (Sunday), with my brother's help, I moved to my new house at Seksyen 14, PJ. Tp, blom tdo situ lagi..Pndah2 barang je dulu. My bro help me punggah barang sume. I really thanks him for lending his hand. Then, balik semula rumah my sis kat Damansara Damai. Sbnarnye, bukan balik terus. Singgah Jusco Kepong dulu. Konon2 nak tgok Transformer. Tapi tiket abes la plak. Then, sbb semangat Transformer nih, sanggup pegi cari panggung lain. Tak kira la demam ke selsema ke ape ke.haha. Kitorg pon decide la pegi Tropicana City. Ingatkan tmpat baru bukak tak ramai la org tgok wayang. Skali ramai jgk. 2 row depan je kosong. Terpaksa la beli gak. Sbb nak puaskan hati my brother la.. Me and my sis follow je la..Dah org nak belanja kan..haha

Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen. Rating 5 stars. Can I just give them 10 stars?? haha. Citer dia mmg syok abes. X puas tgok skali rasenya. And I'm falling for BUMBLEBEE~ Falling for a robot?? But cannot help la..haihz

My Bee~ So damn cute la ini robot.haihz

Tonight is my first night here. Everything seems ok. Kecuali rumah kami sgt kosong. Tv xde. Air kosong pun xde. Kesian btol.T__T. Tapi, yg bestnye, wimax agak laju dpd Sentul. So, bole la kembali men'download'..wink2

P/S: Weekend ni, plan nak tgok Transformer lg. So, sape nak join, buzz me ok..haha

June 20, 2009

♥ Neno's Award + Happy Father's Day

Award Neno's?? Apakah semua ini??haha. Actually award ini dianugerahkan oleh Bahie for my blog. I don't really understand what is it actually..Ala-ala macam Anugerah Bintang Popular kot..haha. Since, this award is quite cute, so I'm very happy to accept it. To Bahie, sory sbb baru skang post award ni. Maklumla I busy ngan bugs kat opis kite tu..haha. Thanks anyway..^^

And btw, this award has it's own rules!!! Layan saja la labu..


* Kena letak award ni di blog ----->(dah letak dah...)

* Bagi award ni kepada 10 blogger yang rapat dengan anda atau yang mempunyai taraf kekacakan iras-iras
C.Ronaldo yang baru berpindah ke Real Madrid atau yang anda suka/minat atau yang anda senangi dan memberi inspirasi kepada anda ------>(Kenapa perlu CR???y not Edward Cullin ke...)

* Memberitahu penerima award ni dengan memberikan komen di blog mereka
------>(tanak bagi tau bole x??)

Dengan ini, saya dgn sukacitanye menganugerahkan award ini kpd 10 sahabat saya..(Padahal, sy mmg ade 10 blog je tuk dianugerahkan award ini..haha).

:) Akhmar ---> Baik hati x aku bagi ko award nih??muahaha
:) Bahie ---> Amek balik award nih..haha.
:) Eli
:) Farah ---> Suka x award nih? Ko anggap je la cam Anugerah Budak Paling Comel..hak3
:) Ghafur
:) Mary
:) Ikhmal
:) Kinah
:) Shar
:) Zek

Warna-warni entry kali ni..hehe. Sempena Father's Day on 21st Jun 2009, I wanna wish HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all father's out there. Especially to my dad. I love you..Saranghamnida^^

June 14, 2009

♥ Met So Many People. Tired But Great Weekend!!!

Time to update blog!!!muehehe. Just wanna share this great wiken wif everybody^^.. Saturday is Girl's Day Out! Actually not really 'girls'.. Becoz some guys also join us.. I slept early on Friday night with a hope that I will wake up early on Saturday morning. But, what the heck I'm going to do early in the morning? And obviously on Saturday morning ok. So, I just 'memanfaatkan' setiap minit yg ada utk 'mengecas bateri' yg tlh weak setelah digunakan sepanjang minggu ni. (WTH with my writing??). Actually I've planned to hang out with my girlfriends and I'm so excited to meet my ex-rumate, Shar. The last time we met is on Convocotion Day. And this is our 1st meeting after 10 months. Of course, I'm very happy and excited to meet her again after all the good + bad + keji things we had done 2gether. (Shar, you know what I means wif 'keji' things..muahaha). And all of us (let me count 1st--> Me + Shar + Farah + Mekti + Anum + Leha + Aini + Dayah & her ehem2..wakaka). So, 9 of us met at KLCC around 2.30 pm to watch this movie.

17 Again
This movie is about a guy who get the chance to rewrite his life again. It was a great movie + funny + I have a great time watching it. Besides the ending (should be tied more), everything was just fine. Rating 4 stars. [Psst..I want to be 13 again. And I want to change 1 thing that I regretted for not doing it.]

After finished the movie, me and Shar 'moved' from KLCC to Times Square. And met another friends. Jai, Ayeng and Sha. Makan2 and lepak2 until Farah called me to come back home because they just planning to sleepover at Shah Alam(umah Farah). Without knowing the real plan, I just followed them(Farah and Mekti) to Shah Alam. I just know when we arrived at Jusco to buy some 'barang dapur', and Dayah told me they have planned some kind of picnic on Sunday. And you have no idea what we had doing at Shah Alam until 2am.

Wake up quite early on Sunday, we prepared for the picnic. Rasa cam main masak2 plak.haha. Definition for our picnic : Just lunch bersama di Taman..erm..erm..yg even I don't remember the name.^^

Tasik yg x bape nk cantik..muahaha

What the heck is that 'pacik' doing behind us?Hmm...

Periuk belanga tu yg ptg ok..haha

Walaupun agak kepanasan di situ, tp still enjoy. Thanks to all yg meng'happy'kan wiken ku..^^ Kpd yang laen2, nnt kite picnic reramai k..hehe

June 03, 2009

New Life, New Environment, New People

Long time not updating. 2 weeks I think. I've quite busy these 2 weeks. I started working on 25th May. Means last week. This is the 2nd week.

1st day to work, I woke up very early in the morning. At 7.00am, I already in the lrt. Because, I really don't know how much time it would take to reach there. So as a caution (supaya x dipecat di hari pertama), I woke up early. But, I reach there (Phileo Damansara) at 8.00am. Guess what? My working hour is 9am-6pm. I arrived 1 hour early. semangat lar. Luckily, I have Farah, Kema, Bahi and Ronnie with me. So, we took breakfast and lepak2 at kedai mamak until 9am. Masuk je ofis, kami disuruh ke bilik meeting. Plus 2 J2EE boys and 1 chinese guy, 8 of us start a new day today. After a briefing and signing contract session, we are assigned to several tasks. Task dia install2 software je, tp nye smpai kol 7 lbih kami dok situ. Kesimpulannye, 1st day dtg awal, balik lambat. Memang pekerja cemerlang betul..^^

2nd day and seterusnya, mcm biasa je. We try to adjust the time. Task?? Meeting. Belajar sistem. Belajar flow. Belajar coding. Macam2 kena belajar. Mmg byk bnda baru nk belajar. Until ari khamis, Farah dpt offer kerja lain. Kat Shah Alam. Mmg sedih la. Sampai hatimu Farah meninggalkan ku di sini bersama2 rakan2 ter'chenta' ini..uwaaa. Plannye nak sewa rumah bersama. Tapi akhirnye, semuanya tak menjadi kenyataan. Atas pelbagai aral yg melintang dan menegak, Dayah and I decided utk ulang alik je la dari Sentul ni. Kecewa mmg kecewa. But, life must go on..huh

Updating on previous entry, last week I mean, after a few days I start working at Firium, this one guy called me and ask me whether I'm interested to work with him or not. Guess who? Absolutely! Mr. Eric botak! Of course la, I said I'm not interested. Dengan berlagaknye I said, I'm working already..muahaha. Then, 2nd call from him was on the next day. Ape lagi la si botak ni nak?? He ask me whether I had another friends who's looking for a job. I said 'NO. All of my friends already get the job.' Sorry la, kalo ade pon kawan2 yg tgh cari keje, I'm not going to introduce them to you. WTH?? After all the ****s thing you have done to us. Baru skang terhegeh2 nak cari org. Maybe, many people outside very eager want to work with you. Go and hire them. I don't give a damn!

Finally, congrats to all my classmet. Akhirnye, kite semua dpat tmpat and yg plg penting, tak payah bayar balik duit PSMB.haha. And good luck to all. Kpd yg baru start kerja on 1st June, selamat bekerja. Btw, special tuk Madi : Semoga cepat sembuh + cepat mula kerja.^^

May 20, 2009

♥ Final Week + Saya dah tua!!

I'm celebrating my 23rd birthday on 18th May. I nearly forgot my birthday until I saw my 1st birthday wish on the phone right at 12.01 am. Terasa diri semakin tua.huk3. Tp yg bestnye, sempat celebrate half day ngan family. Tp petang tu, dah kn balik KL. Thanks a lot for those who celebrate+give present+belanje+wish my besday. Tenkiu sgt2..Really apprecite it. And for those who celebrating birthday this month (especially Sha, Dayah, Ghafur & Ayeng), HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of you~ Wish all the good things come to you this year..

And also, the highlight of this week is the end of my ACCP training. Huwaaa...sedihnye..T________T. Terasa nk nyanyi lagu ni..Perpisahan ini selalu terjadi..lalalala(x hafal lirik la plak..lolz). Mentally lom sedia tuk kerja lg.. Tp, ape bole buat? Life must go on..huh

Almost forgot sumthing.. I promised to update my status rite? The result is?? And hell yeah!! Forget about that stupid company. Life must go on. Thanks to all my friends and family who give me the support (secara langsung atau tidak..ahaks). I wish u all know how much I appreciate it. All of us ready to forget everything, prepare a new resume and going back to other interview again and again. And by the time I wrote this, almost all of us got the placement. Some of us get permanent job. And some of us still on probation. Congrats to all my friends who got the job. Tak kesah la on probation or permanent. I wish u all the best in ur career. And for those who didn't get the placement yet, gud luck ok. Jangan putus asa. Belum rezeki lagi. X lame lagi buleh la tu..Doaku sentiasa mengiringi kamu semua..=) And Alhamdulillah, I got a job together with 4 more friends. 5 again. But not the same person as before. Me and Ronnie, stil together. Plus other 3 person. Wlaupun x sama tempat ngan Dayah kacey(hukhukhuk), tp same ngan Farah..yipppiee..haha.. Pesanan buat Farah, Don't you ever dare to leave me alone here..Aku akan menghantuimu..hak3. Walaupun blm dapat offer letter, sinar itu masih ada..ahaks. And how I wish + pray, janganla "pisang berbuah 2 kali". Seriau rasenye. Sera ginjal bak kate Madi..hahaha

Yesterday, we spent time 2gether. And I hope this is not for the last time. Jalan2, makan2, tgok wayang. Only 5 of us. Actually, xtvt x dirancang, so, x semua join. Excluded Miz Yati and Dayah kacey yg balik kg..And kejayaan paling besar malam tu ialah berjaya dragged Madi masuk panggung..hahaha

MMS yg dihantar utk menjeleskan Dayah..hak3

And atas persetujuan ramai, we watched this movie. STAR TREK. Rating 4 stars.
Citer dia agk menarik. Cume byk sgt engineering term yg sush nk paham. Otherwise, this muvie is recommended. And of course, Chris Pine is soooo fine in this muvie..lolz

Actually, we plan a picnic @ family day for all of us. Tapi, x confirm lagi. Harap2 jadi la + sume dpat join..Tiada yg terkecuali. And reminder to En. F (bukan nama sebenar..haha), hutang anda pd saya belom dilangsaikan..=p..Best gak skali skala jd 'along' ni..o_O

May 09, 2009

Tiresome week!!!

OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! ACCP training going to be end soon. Just few more days. My feeling?? Sad + stress.. Sad bcoz we're not together anymore. Everyone will take their on road. Don't know when we will meet again.T______T But stress is more strong than sad. Bcoz of the OJT placement. Still 1 more week and only 3 had confirmed their OJT. The others?? Masih terawang-awang. Tiada hala tuju. Adding more stress when we just know that we need to pay back our scholarship for 70% if we got late placement. WTH?? Izzit our fault?? And why don't they stated this conditions earlier in our agreement? It's ridiculous!!

Actually all of us, attended some interview this week. And it was arranged by our principal 'MADAM'. The rules is when you got the placement, you can't attend any other interview to give others the chances. Then, after 4-5 interviews (if I'm not mistaken), 11 of us got the placement but still not confirmed yet. We are officially confirmed when we receive the offer letter or sign the agreement with the company. But still, we are very happy. At least, masih nampak sinar cahaya tuk masa depan..ahaks~

And I'm not sure if I'm lucky or not (referring to what happened today), I got the placement with the other 4 members. And of course we are happy until this morning....This morning, (u know today is public holiday ok), sacrificed so many things, we went to the office at Cheras. With hope, we got 'something' as the output. At least the confirmation from them. 5 of us meet at Masjid Jamek station and took the STAR to Bandar Tasik Selatan. We waited for a bus there to get to Jalan Bandar Permaisuri 2. After waiting for 15 minutes, the bus arrived and we got into the bus. But after a while, we realized something was wrong. That bus drove to Sg. Besi?? Alamak!!! We got the wrong bus!! And it's already 9 am. Actually, we promise our 'MADAM' to get there by 8.30. But at 9am, we were still in the wrong bus. Are we going to get fired, before we signed the contract?? OMG!! Masing2 dah risau + cuak.. Naseb company tu x jauh pun dari stesen lrt. So, by 9.15am, we managed to get there. And the 'unlucky things' keep following us. We arrived in front of the office, but nobody there. The door was locked and no light was open. Seriously, it was like in Prison Break but I don't know which season we are o_O. After waiting for a while, (waiting again) someone came and open the door. Fuh!! lega.. But that guy was a little bit shocked to see us there. Then he asked us to wait for Mr. Eric(the boss) inside the office while he call Eric. (And again and again, we are waiting~~) After 1 one hour waiting, we're getting tired. Ronnie da tido da. Bahie baca novel. Aku, Dayah and Madi da kebosanan. Apsal la si Eric botak ni x sampai2 lagi? Dia x tau ke kitorg nk datang? Ke dia lupa? Then, after 1 and half hour, he arrived. And he told us that, 'Actually saya x suruh pun kamu datang sini, tp 'Madam' kamu yg suruh'. WTH??? And he also surprised dgn kedatangan kami. Siapakah yg harus dipersalahkan?? Adakah ini semua salah faham?? But, untuk tak mengecikkan hati kitorg yg dah tunggu lame, dia bagi la briefing sket2. After 5 minutes, the session ended. Dan kami disuruh balik and disuruh tunggu email dari dorg.. And 1 more time, WTH?? Apakah kedatangan kami sia2 belaka?? We are waiting for so long, and it just ended like that. No input and output. And our status still not confirmed yet. And all of us feels so down. KUCIWA!!! Lebih menggelapkan harapan, when Eric botak called one of us to get back to their office, and giving her a task. Only her. Izzit maksud tersiratnye adalah, the rest of us was rejected? OMG!! Can anybody explain to us what is going on?? I was so angry and frustrated. Please confirm our status ok!! And stop giving us the false hope!! Are you responsible to pay back our scholarship? Oh man! It's not 100 or 2.. More than 10k ok.. Please say earlier if we are rejected. Senang kami prepare resume baru. Ni x..Sabow je la..grrrr

Actually this morning, I promised wif sum other friends, to 'ronggeng' together. But after all these happened, sape yg ade mood nak jalan kan. Utk lepaskan tension + kekecewaan, kami pegi makan. Ikutkan hati nak balik terus je. Tapi disebabkan I made 'promised' by myself, so, aku ngan Dayah pegi jgk la KLCC. Meet Hanis, Leha, Sha and Aini there. Meluahkan kemarahan and ketensenan..T___T. And oso, we watched movies. 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'. Cerita dia sgt besh. My Daniel Henney was there, in the movie..lolz

Kepada sesiapa yg blum tgok, this movie recommended. Rate: 4 stars^^

After watching movies, we met Azwan, Mekti and Hawa. Skali lagi meluahkan kekecewaan yg ntah untuk ke berapa kali. After makan2 and jalan2, aku ngan Dayah kembali ke pangkal jalan. Mane lagi, balik umah la. In the train, I asked Dayah. What about our future? Ntahla. Seems dark again. Dan untuk ke berapa ratus kali, kami mengeluh lagi.. Sampai je rumah badan, otak dan minda x dapat berfungsi. Ape lagi nk buat, tido je la kami..ZZZzzz

I'm going to update soon if I get the status. And for now (the time I'm typing these words), I'm still feeling down. Please give me 'semangat' and pray for me... This is just a beginning of my new life..

April 26, 2009

I am ignorant..izzit??

Today, I'm going back to Sentul from my sister's house at Damansara Damai. Terasa perjalanan hari ini sgt jauh. Mcam2 hal terjadi. haihhz

Kisah bermula, around 2pm, I'm waiting for the bus to Titiwangsa. My Sis sblm tu x bagi balik lagi sbb hari tgh panas. But, terpaksa gak balik coz I have sumthing more important to do. Then, tunggu punya tunggu, bas yg ditunggu x jgak smpai. 3 kali bas lalu tapi tak nak amek penumpang. Hati pon makin panas la, sepanas cuaca ptg tu. Then tibe2 ade la kakak ni dtg kat bus stop tu. Wait! Shud I call her kakak or makcik? She looks quite old..o_O. Err..dia bahasakan diri dia 'akak'. Layan je la.. Then tanpa bagi salam, dia pegi interview aku. Dah la soalan dia cepu cemas jek. Dia tanya 'Adik, adik rasa akak dah gemok ke?'. Aku terkejut la jgk. Dalam hati, 'Pehal akak ni? Cuba la bg salam dulu. Tak pon beramah mesra la dulu. Ni tak..Main terjah jek.' Tapi, disebabkan slogan 'Budi bahasa budaya kita', aku jawab la jugak..'Erm, ntah la kak. Saya x pernah tgok akak sebelum ni.' Then dia tukar soklan dia. 'Pada pandangan adik la, akak gemok tak?' (sambil pusing2 kan badan dia depan aku). OMG, what shud I answer her?? Err..sbnarnye akak tu agak gumuks la. Tapi, tak sampai hati nak cakap. Muka dia penuh harapan. Sebab nak menjaga hati, aku cakap la 'Erm..biasa je kak.' Oppss..penipuan berlaku di sini +__+ Akak tu plak excited je..'Kan? Kan? Biasa je kan? Sebab ramai orang kata akak dah gemok skang'. Dah ramai org kate gitu, terima je la kak oi.. Then tibe2 dia tanya lagi, 'Adik, lpas adik kawin, adik suka keje ke x?'. Apsal la akak ni ramah semacam ni..haihhzz. Aku yg tak ramah ni jawab la 2, 3 patah..'Erm..keje la kak.' Then, dia tny 'Kenape?'. Mr. Mahen la pulak dia nih. Mesti nak tny kenapa. Aku bagi la reason aku. Sebab nak ade duit sendiri..blablabla. Aku ingat habis kat situ je. Rupa2nye banyak lagi soklan cepu cemas dia. Kebanyakannya pasal lelaki. Dia siap bagi pendapat dia lagi. She said 'Laki skang ni *tutttt*.. Pastu *tuttt*.. '. Dah la ramai mamat2 kat bus stop tu. Akak ni konfiden jek bagi pendapat dia. Mamat sebelah dah pandang sebelah mata da. Aku cannot go ar. Bas ni x sampai2 lagi. Lambat betol.haihzz. Yang paling x tahan, setiap ayat dia mesti diakhiri dgn 'Betol tak? Kan kan, betol kan akak cakap..' So what kak oi?? Akak bole diam tak?? X nampak brader sblah tu da berasap?? (tp dlam hati je la..lolz~). Realitinye aku angguk je sume dia ckap..haihhz. TWO FACES!! Then tibe2 bas pon sampai. Akak ni tibe2 tarik tangan aku naik bas tu. Aku cam tergamam, tapi macam kena pukau aku ikut jgk dia. Actually, I'm waiting for Rapidkl tp yg smpai tu Metro Bus. Tapi, xpela. Since aku nak pegi Sogo, so same je la. Waktu nak duduk tu, aku baru cam tersedar. OMG aku kena dok jauh ngan akak tu. Mati la kalo dia membebel lg. Then aku dok depan skali. Sampai Kepong Sentral aku nampak akak tu turun. Fuhh!! abes kisah akak tu..

Then, di sambung kisah driver Metro Bas yang sangat rude. Sudahlah orang belom abes naek dah jalan, pastu langgar lampu merah, pastu bawak laju lagi. Rasa cam naek roller coaster je. Dah la driver tu panas baran (tula, byk sangat makan kari). Suka sangat hon2 org. Aku rasa dia ni antara driver yang paling banyak dapat saman. Yang paling aku tak tahan, dia pasang radio Tamil. Bukan la aku ni racism. Tapi sepatah haram aku x paham radio tu bebel ape. Sampai kat Chow Kit, jalan jam giler. Dpd perbualan konduktor bas tu, aku dengar ade jalan kena tutup. Patutla jam melekat. Tiba2 aku dengar ramai orang menjerit. Apehal la pulak ni?? Pastu aku tengok sume orang dalam bas tu pegi jenguk kat tingkap bas sebalah kanan. Tapi, aku x terasa nak jenguk skali pun. How ignorant I am..(+_+). Then, tiba2 ade orang ketuk pintu driver bas tu and tinggikan suara mcm nak cari gaduh. Barulah aku berminat nak tau ape sbnarnye terjadi. Rupa2 nye bas yang aku naek tu dah langgar sorg penunggang motosikal. Dari side miror bas tu, aku nampak orang ramai tolong angkat motor tu. Agak teruk la jugak. Abes pecah2. Yang peliknye, apsal aku tak rase pape pon. Maybe sebab bas tu besar, dan motor tu kecik, so hentaman dia x rasa sangat. Maybe jugak, sebab aku dengar MP3 dgn kuatnye (sbb nak lawan radio Tamil), aku x dengar bunyi dentuman motor tu. Lame jugak nak tunggu dorg lawan mulut and setelkan semua, baru bas tu jalan semula..

Disebabkan jalan SOGO tu tutup, aku turun depan Maju Junction. Sepanjang nak pegi Sogo tu, aku tengok ramai orang dok tepi2 jalan. Lain macam je suasana ni.. Dengan polis trafik yang ramai mengawal jalan tu. Dalam hati, ape lagi ni?? Cam nk rusuhan jek..(pndai je wat assumption).Malas nk peduli, aku terus je la berjalan. Tibe2, berdesup sblah aku..Nak tau ape??haha. Suspen la konon..lolz~

Dorang ni la yang lalu. And ni la penyebab jalan di sekitar KL ditutup. Rupa2 nye hari ni last day Jelajah Malaysia. Aku tau pon sebab tgok news td..^^

April 16, 2009

♥ Wiken tym.. Hangout..Hangout..yeay!!

Last Sunday, me and my friends have sum kind of pre-reunion at Sogo. Actually, dah lame dorg ajak. Last2 week, but, I have some problems. Mcam2 hal la tym wiken. And diz tym, after 1 month( lame je), my Abg Long dah ugut jgn kasi alasan laen. Then, I said ok.. Coz lame giler x kuar ngan geng2.. Kebetulan Poji and Kasyful plan nk wat pre-reunion, then dorg ajak la bbrp org lg, dak2 UMSKAL gi karaoke tu. Mula2 malu siot nk gi karaoke tu. Kalo ngan geng2, xdela malu sgt. Ni ade tmbahan bbrp dak UMS yg laen. And ade sorg senior. Adoii, dah la x brape rapat. Kenal gitu2 je. Sore dah la x sdap. Pitching jgan ckap la. Ke laut, ke kutub, ke gunung la lpas. Mula2 kitorg yg girl2 ni shy2 meow la. Last2, tu smgat je 'menyumbangkan' sore.haha. Tp skali skala berkumpul ramai2 gini, wasting time 2gether and wasting money 2gether, I really enjoyed it myself.

Kalo tym Dan pegang mic, itu namenye lagu kategori etnik kreatif.^^

Ni tym Farah ngan Kasyful 'menyumbangkan' sore..

Sha, u look taller than me here. Weird huh??haha

8 of us meet again, here in KL.. Where are you, Sida and Fed? Damn miss u guys T___T. Wish both of u are here..

Jai and Kasy missing!! Being a cameraman maybe..haha

And after playing the whole day, kami sempat jgk meeting tuk melantik board director tuk aktiviti persatuan kami yg seterusnye. Errr..persatuan yg x diiktiraf pown. And x pasal2 dan x semena2 aku dilantik sbgai Bendahari.. Oh tidak!! Walaupun aku suka pegang duit, tp aku x suka pegang duit org lain..(pengakuan ikhlas dari hati bak kate Jai..haha). And our next activity is BOWLING!!!