May 20, 2009

♥ Final Week + Saya dah tua!!

I'm celebrating my 23rd birthday on 18th May. I nearly forgot my birthday until I saw my 1st birthday wish on the phone right at 12.01 am. Terasa diri semakin tua.huk3. Tp yg bestnye, sempat celebrate half day ngan family. Tp petang tu, dah kn balik KL. Thanks a lot for those who celebrate+give present+belanje+wish my besday. Tenkiu sgt2..Really apprecite it. And for those who celebrating birthday this month (especially Sha, Dayah, Ghafur & Ayeng), HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of you~ Wish all the good things come to you this year..

And also, the highlight of this week is the end of my ACCP training. Huwaaa...sedihnye..T________T. Terasa nk nyanyi lagu ni..Perpisahan ini selalu terjadi..lalalala(x hafal lirik la plak..lolz). Mentally lom sedia tuk kerja lg.. Tp, ape bole buat? Life must go on..huh

Almost forgot sumthing.. I promised to update my status rite? The result is?? And hell yeah!! Forget about that stupid company. Life must go on. Thanks to all my friends and family who give me the support (secara langsung atau tidak..ahaks). I wish u all know how much I appreciate it. All of us ready to forget everything, prepare a new resume and going back to other interview again and again. And by the time I wrote this, almost all of us got the placement. Some of us get permanent job. And some of us still on probation. Congrats to all my friends who got the job. Tak kesah la on probation or permanent. I wish u all the best in ur career. And for those who didn't get the placement yet, gud luck ok. Jangan putus asa. Belum rezeki lagi. X lame lagi buleh la tu..Doaku sentiasa mengiringi kamu semua..=) And Alhamdulillah, I got a job together with 4 more friends. 5 again. But not the same person as before. Me and Ronnie, stil together. Plus other 3 person. Wlaupun x sama tempat ngan Dayah kacey(hukhukhuk), tp same ngan Farah..yipppiee..haha.. Pesanan buat Farah, Don't you ever dare to leave me alone here..Aku akan menghantuimu..hak3. Walaupun blm dapat offer letter, sinar itu masih ada..ahaks. And how I wish + pray, janganla "pisang berbuah 2 kali". Seriau rasenye. Sera ginjal bak kate Madi..hahaha

Yesterday, we spent time 2gether. And I hope this is not for the last time. Jalan2, makan2, tgok wayang. Only 5 of us. Actually, xtvt x dirancang, so, x semua join. Excluded Miz Yati and Dayah kacey yg balik kg..And kejayaan paling besar malam tu ialah berjaya dragged Madi masuk panggung..hahaha

MMS yg dihantar utk menjeleskan Dayah..hak3

And atas persetujuan ramai, we watched this movie. STAR TREK. Rating 4 stars.
Citer dia agk menarik. Cume byk sgt engineering term yg sush nk paham. Otherwise, this muvie is recommended. And of course, Chris Pine is soooo fine in this muvie..lolz

Actually, we plan a picnic @ family day for all of us. Tapi, x confirm lagi. Harap2 jadi la + sume dpat join..Tiada yg terkecuali. And reminder to En. F (bukan nama sebenar..haha), hutang anda pd saya belom dilangsaikan..=p..Best gak skali skala jd 'along' ni..o_O

May 09, 2009

Tiresome week!!!

OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! ACCP training going to be end soon. Just few more days. My feeling?? Sad + stress.. Sad bcoz we're not together anymore. Everyone will take their on road. Don't know when we will meet again.T______T But stress is more strong than sad. Bcoz of the OJT placement. Still 1 more week and only 3 had confirmed their OJT. The others?? Masih terawang-awang. Tiada hala tuju. Adding more stress when we just know that we need to pay back our scholarship for 70% if we got late placement. WTH?? Izzit our fault?? And why don't they stated this conditions earlier in our agreement? It's ridiculous!!

Actually all of us, attended some interview this week. And it was arranged by our principal 'MADAM'. The rules is when you got the placement, you can't attend any other interview to give others the chances. Then, after 4-5 interviews (if I'm not mistaken), 11 of us got the placement but still not confirmed yet. We are officially confirmed when we receive the offer letter or sign the agreement with the company. But still, we are very happy. At least, masih nampak sinar cahaya tuk masa depan..ahaks~

And I'm not sure if I'm lucky or not (referring to what happened today), I got the placement with the other 4 members. And of course we are happy until this morning....This morning, (u know today is public holiday ok), sacrificed so many things, we went to the office at Cheras. With hope, we got 'something' as the output. At least the confirmation from them. 5 of us meet at Masjid Jamek station and took the STAR to Bandar Tasik Selatan. We waited for a bus there to get to Jalan Bandar Permaisuri 2. After waiting for 15 minutes, the bus arrived and we got into the bus. But after a while, we realized something was wrong. That bus drove to Sg. Besi?? Alamak!!! We got the wrong bus!! And it's already 9 am. Actually, we promise our 'MADAM' to get there by 8.30. But at 9am, we were still in the wrong bus. Are we going to get fired, before we signed the contract?? OMG!! Masing2 dah risau + cuak.. Naseb company tu x jauh pun dari stesen lrt. So, by 9.15am, we managed to get there. And the 'unlucky things' keep following us. We arrived in front of the office, but nobody there. The door was locked and no light was open. Seriously, it was like in Prison Break but I don't know which season we are o_O. After waiting for a while, (waiting again) someone came and open the door. Fuh!! lega.. But that guy was a little bit shocked to see us there. Then he asked us to wait for Mr. Eric(the boss) inside the office while he call Eric. (And again and again, we are waiting~~) After 1 one hour waiting, we're getting tired. Ronnie da tido da. Bahie baca novel. Aku, Dayah and Madi da kebosanan. Apsal la si Eric botak ni x sampai2 lagi? Dia x tau ke kitorg nk datang? Ke dia lupa? Then, after 1 and half hour, he arrived. And he told us that, 'Actually saya x suruh pun kamu datang sini, tp 'Madam' kamu yg suruh'. WTH??? And he also surprised dgn kedatangan kami. Siapakah yg harus dipersalahkan?? Adakah ini semua salah faham?? But, untuk tak mengecikkan hati kitorg yg dah tunggu lame, dia bagi la briefing sket2. After 5 minutes, the session ended. Dan kami disuruh balik and disuruh tunggu email dari dorg.. And 1 more time, WTH?? Apakah kedatangan kami sia2 belaka?? We are waiting for so long, and it just ended like that. No input and output. And our status still not confirmed yet. And all of us feels so down. KUCIWA!!! Lebih menggelapkan harapan, when Eric botak called one of us to get back to their office, and giving her a task. Only her. Izzit maksud tersiratnye adalah, the rest of us was rejected? OMG!! Can anybody explain to us what is going on?? I was so angry and frustrated. Please confirm our status ok!! And stop giving us the false hope!! Are you responsible to pay back our scholarship? Oh man! It's not 100 or 2.. More than 10k ok.. Please say earlier if we are rejected. Senang kami prepare resume baru. Ni x..Sabow je la..grrrr

Actually this morning, I promised wif sum other friends, to 'ronggeng' together. But after all these happened, sape yg ade mood nak jalan kan. Utk lepaskan tension + kekecewaan, kami pegi makan. Ikutkan hati nak balik terus je. Tapi disebabkan I made 'promised' by myself, so, aku ngan Dayah pegi jgk la KLCC. Meet Hanis, Leha, Sha and Aini there. Meluahkan kemarahan and ketensenan..T___T. And oso, we watched movies. 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'. Cerita dia sgt besh. My Daniel Henney was there, in the movie..lolz

Kepada sesiapa yg blum tgok, this movie recommended. Rate: 4 stars^^

After watching movies, we met Azwan, Mekti and Hawa. Skali lagi meluahkan kekecewaan yg ntah untuk ke berapa kali. After makan2 and jalan2, aku ngan Dayah kembali ke pangkal jalan. Mane lagi, balik umah la. In the train, I asked Dayah. What about our future? Ntahla. Seems dark again. Dan untuk ke berapa ratus kali, kami mengeluh lagi.. Sampai je rumah badan, otak dan minda x dapat berfungsi. Ape lagi nk buat, tido je la kami..ZZZzzz

I'm going to update soon if I get the status. And for now (the time I'm typing these words), I'm still feeling down. Please give me 'semangat' and pray for me... This is just a beginning of my new life..