September 26, 2009

Raya Datang Lagi..♥ ♥ ♥

Hi All,

Before I start working on Thursday (1 Oct), juz wanna update a lil bit about Hari Raya.. Today is 10th day of Hari Raya. still raya kg ke ni? And I'm already back in KL. Penat beraya sakan selama seminggu. 1st raya, cam biasa la. Pegi solat raya, then pegi rumah yang tua2 dulu. I mean atuk-atuk dan nenek-nenek. Then, pakcik-pakcik and makcik-makcik. Raya ke-4 baru dapat beraya ngan kawan-kawan. Seronok raya kali ni. Jumpa sanak saudara and kawan2. Family pon bertambah besar. Baru aku tau, pny la ramai anak2 saudara aku yg baru. Rasa baru tgok dorg lahir..Ni dah boleh jalan dah skang. How times flies..haiz. Yang x tak best nya, time jumpa sanak saudara ni, cam biasa la.. Soklan2 cepu cemas dorg tu. Bila nak tunang? Bila nak kahwin? Dah nak jawab camne.. Wat-wat muka comel la time tu. Buhsan sungguh. Sedar x sedar, cousin aku yang sebaya ramai yang dah kawin. Tu la makin banyak soklan cepu cemas tu..

Ni la antara anak-anak saudara yang ramai tu. Ni pon baru bape kerat..haha

HAFIZ..Budak ni, last jumpa dia time 2 bulan lepas kot. Time tu dia sakit. Asma. But, I'm happy to see him smiling again. Be healthy boy~!

AMMAR..Tak ingat last jumpa bile.. Tahun lepas tak salah aku. Kenduri kat...err..sumwhere la. Last jumpa merangkak lagi budak ni. Skang umur dia dah 2 tahun. Pastu mulut dia..pot pet..pot pet..x reti nak diam. Soklan feveret dia "ape ni?". Semua benda pon dia nk tny apa ni? Kalah budak 'burung murai' dalam iklan petronas tu. Kadang-kadang dia point random je pastu tny ape ni. Kalo tak jawab, sampai subuh la dia tny. Haha..teringat plak sumthing. Aku saje nak test budak ni. Nampak cam bijak je. Then, dia tunjuk la kat sekor katak (toys) ni. Dia tanya aku. "Ape ni?". Aku cakap "ikan". Pastu dia jerit kat aku. "Bukan la. Ni katak." Sape ajar sape ni.haha. Pastu aku cakap ngan dia. "Dah tau tanya agi." Tapi, tak tau la dia paham ke tak aku cakap ape..haha. I'm going to miss u Ammar~!

ALIF..atau dipanggil 'Ayih'..(Sape la ajar cakap pelat2 ni. Dah aku pon ikut sekali.haha). Budak ni memang selalu aku jumpa. Setiap kali balik kg pon aku jumpa. Tapi, balik kali ni, dah tak larat nak dukung dia. Atuk dia kata berat dia skang 16 kilo. (sejak bila berat mu bertambah ni?). Ari tu dia nak aku dukung, pastu tak nak turun2. Termengah-mengah bawak dia jalan. Pasni jalan sendiri ye Alif..;p

Gambar di atas menunjukkan..(cam ayat karangan plak..ahaks)..Ni la puding ribena namanya. Memang suka try macam2 resepi tuk buat puding. Tapi, puding je la. Buat2 kuih tak suka plak.haha. Ni first try buat puding ribena ni. Setelah resepinya diambil dari TV3. Creditz to TV3..^^

And right now, I'm all alone. My brother leave me for 3 weeks. He got game around Klang I think. Tenet plak x berapa stable skang. TV pon takde. Mau mati kebosanan aku kalo tiap2 hari gini. Naseb la, start keje tak lame lagi. But, I'm lil bit nervous right now. I'm going to start working the day after tomorrow. What's going happen next? Patiently waiting..

September 15, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri~!

Is is too early for me to wish Selamat Hari Raya??^^ I think not too early because we have less than 1 week to celebrate it. And now, I'm already here, at my beloved Jerantut..haha. Guys, don't be jelous ok..ahaks. Orang tanam anggur memang la dok kampung..-_-

Di kesempatan ini, saya dengan rasa rendah hati ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin kpd semua family dan sahabat handai yang mengenali diri ini. Semoga semuanya bergembira di hari lebaran ini. Jemputla datang ke rumah.. (Tp, sblm datang call dulu ok..haha)

September 09, 2009

How scary the world indeed! Be strong Jay!!!


All my friends already know how much I love Kpop Music. I usually dun write about what happened in Kpop world inside my blog. Because it's too much to write and it's too tiring. But, since this controversy just happen to Jay and I'm still not over it, I want to give my opinions since this case leave a deep mark in my heart.

If u ask me which Kpop Idol I like, my first answer is absolutely FT Island. And if I had to choose 5 group among hundreds, I will choose these group. FT Island, 2PM, Super Junior, SS501 & DBSK. Or maybe plus minus 2 more group? Cho Shin Sung and Big Bang. (Such a greedy girl..ngee)

But, I bet this year is not really a good year for them.

#FT Island - Won Bin leaves the group because of personal view/taste of music. *Brokenhearted*

#DBSK - 3 members file lawsuit against their company because of dissatisfaction of their salary. What will happened next? Is it will end up with someone leaves the group also?T.T

#2PM - Jay quits as a leader of 2PM and leaves the group because of stupid judgements made by netizens. *Even more brokenhearted*

#SS501 - Hyun the leader was dignosed swine flu few days ago. Please get well soon Hyun!

#Super Junior - Kangin accused for beating someone but he claimed it as self-defensed. After investigation, he assured fan for not being guilty. After everything cooling down, Kangin suddenly heat up the situation with hit-and-run incident.haish..What are u doing Kangin??

--Jay controversy--
4 years ago (before he debut as a singer), Jay had made comments on his MySpace saying something like "Korea is gay. I hate Korean." And those anti-fans had dig in into his account and make fuss of it. I admit it was Jay mistake (because he is a public figure, he should be careful about all things including his past), but he already apologized for many times. But still the netizens don't wan't to forgive him. The outraged protesters demanded that Jay should be forced out of 2PM. That was acceptable bacause maybe they were angry. But WTH with suicide petition? And 3000 peoples sign for it. DAMMIT!!! This is so RIDICULUOS + CRAZY + STUPID. These 3000 f***ing stupid netizens has completely changes my point of view towards them. They has set their standard to the lower of LOWEST level of human being.

And yesterday, Jay calls it quit. Quits from being a leader and quits the group oso. He apologized to his member and his supporters for leaving like this. Another online petition pop up to support Jay and more than 100K (supporters is 34x ganda from the hatrers) supporters sign for it. But still...decision has been made. Jay still leaving. It brokes my heart seeing someone who struggle for 4 years training to fulfill his dream as singer+dancer give up his dream. Hundred fans gathered at the airport, trying to stop him from leaving. They shouting and crying like crazy people not to let him go. But he still leaving. Jay look so weak and sad. He apologized so many times and enter the departure gate. Other members also send him off at the airport, crying like a baby. Wooyoung(one of the member) even fainted and being rushed to the hospital. This is sooo heart wrenching.*Sigh!*T____T
Fans gathered at the airport.

I had teary eyes when WonBin leaves FT Island because I don't even understand the reason of him leaving. And for Jay case, I can't even stop my tears.*Sigh!* I try my best not to cry, because it looks childish+stupid+fool and I'm trying to look cool even when I'm alone. I tell Shar, Jay is leaving. What should I do? I feel like crying. And she said, it's ok even u crying. And my tears really fall that time. I'm usually not like this. Crying over someone who I never met. But it really hurt me seeing such a friendship, love, support from everyone who love Jay. He's leaving not because he want to leave, but, the situation let him leave. Blame me for being so weak. Blame me for 'berhati tisu' (<--perumpamaan lembut+lemah seperti tisu).

Jay keep bowing and apologizing at the airport.*Sigh!*

Support from friends and fellow members. Such as strong and sweet friendship. I hope I have strong friendship like this where we laugh and cry together.

"My heart is hurting very much My heart feels like it’s being torn apart because he is a dongseng (younger brother) that I love Because I believe and love my dongseng I believe that he will return with a better appearance Today my heart is hurting very much Jaebeom, hyung will work harder so that when you return I can protect and hug you with a warmer embrace Please return healthy……… I love you…………….."

"The first song we practiced together.. We felt nervous and excited.. I always pray. That it won't be such a hard journey.. I believe you will get stronger because you're my brother."

"Through the wind, fall came. Out of nowhere, the fall scent has arrived.... The bright blue sky It keeps making me cry. Even the sky is making me cry in the fall of 2009."

"Let's walk together."

"2PM, we're not 7 members. We are One."

And this morning, Jay arrive safely at Seattle. His family and his best friends are waiting for him. Right when he saw his mom, he burst into tears. His mom held him and washed his tears away. Suddenly, I remember a saying, 'God's cannot be everywhere, that's why he creates a mother'. Even at the baggage claim, he kept saying that he was sorry to his parents. He was sorry for his family, leaving his family behind to pursue his dreams. And he's back to his family like this. My eyes got teary all over again. Seeing such a warm love from his parents. And now, I decide to go back to my parent as soon as possible to spent as much as quality time with them.

I hope Jay safe besides his family. That is the best place he should be for now. Our prayer and best hopes always with u Jay.

P/S : Thanks Shar for understanding what I'm going through. I know some people don't even know how I feel and dun even want to try to understand how I feel. Even though, I know you don't really know who is Jay, but, having someone by my side that understand how I feel and share the same 'things', I really appreciate it.^^

September 01, 2009

♥ ACCP re-united!!!

I promised to update accp event rite? Here, bout the event..

Date : 27th August 2009

Place : Flaming Steambot, Bandar Sunway (Reason for chosing this place not limited..2nd..We can stay there as long as we like..3rd..We can 'huhahuha' suka hati..^^)

Time : time bukak pose

Attendance : 10 person..(without Bahi, Kema, Mekna & Mekti)

Actually, kami sampai agak terlewat dpd waktu berbuka. Maklumla..area Bandar Sunway tu mmg terkenal ngan jam. Kinah, Yati, Ronn and Aziz lg la smpai lmbat..Sbb sesat..isk3..Sian kat dorg. Kitorg dah 2nd round dah, baru dorg sampai. Masa mula-mula sampai tu, cam lawak jugak. Aku turun dulu dengan Dayah and Hawa. Then, tauke kedai tu suruh bayar bil dulu plak. Sblm ni, kitorang makan dulu baru bayar. Masing-masing bawak duit sikit. Tak mampu nak bayar bil RM200++..Terpaksa la berdiri kat kaunter tu tunggu Farah(tym tu tengah parking keta) dtg support. Dorg tak mau tunjukkan meja kalau belum bayar..haishh. Malu gak la..hahaha

There's a saying, 'A picture is worth a thousand words'..*wink2*

Flame the Steambot

Suke ngat dapat makan..-_-

Posing dulu..Opps, gelas bertingkat2 di depan itu adalah kepunyaan saya..-_-

Semua tersandar selepas kekenyangan..

2 org in front of me tu 'tukang masak'..Thanx Madi n Hawa..hehe

Gundut said we like Oggy and cockroaches..d0_ob