March 29, 2009

♥ Congrats My Bro~

Yesterday, my dongsaeng graduate from his college. Actually, I'm sooo lazy to go to his convocation bcoz diz week I'm very tired. Lack of sleep. Bz helping my sis before her engagement next week. But, my parents oso not going, so, me n my sister cam kesian plak kat my bro nih. So, kitorang kakak2 yg baek hati lg comel nih pegi la jgk smlam..

Date : 29 March 2009

Place : Institut Aminuddin Baki, Genting Highlands

Time : 2.30 - 5.00 pm

Bunga2 cinta yg dijual di tmpat kejadian..Ni sesi pagi pny convo..Sesi ptang tinggal bape kuntum je..

X gune pon pas tetamu ni sbb sorg je bole msuk dewan..

Sorry! Sorry! Shawty! Shawty! Terasa pendek..T___T

Shawty! Shawty! Looks like I'm the shortest one here.. Huh, sebenonye tanah yg ku pijak itu tdak rata..hahaha

Time kasih la kpd penaja makanan kami, Kolej Komuniti Rompin..=)

Mase kami sudah berlalu..Terasa diri dah tua..huk3

P/s to my Bro;


Dongsaeng ah, Congratulations on ur Graduation Day. Hope U becoming a better person. And hopefully U got a better job soon. And I will pray for ur success and happiness. Luv u..

March 20, 2009

New Subject, New Trainer, New Mode..

Today is my 1st day. For the new track, new subject and most imprtant thing new trainer. Actually yesterday shud be my 1st day, but becoz of my 'kerajinan' Im not coming yesterday. Bgun je pagi2 ni, rase malas sgt nk pegi klas. Reason?? I got bad impression of my trainer. They said (referring to my clasmet) he likes to 'membebel'..OMG!! 1 more guy like diz?? Dammit!! Totally my mood is 'gone'. But life must go on rite?..haihhz. Ku pujuk hati ini spy tdk bersangka buruk. Maybe, he's not so bad. X jumpa dia pon lg kan..Maybe, he just know my class for 1 day, so he had so many things to tell. Maybe, when the real things started, hi wud stop 'membebel. Maybe, smlm dia just nk penuhkan mase lapang, so dia membebel je dr pg smp ptang. (Maybe, maybe and maybe). Akhirnye, ku gagahi jua kaki ini ke klas. But still, we 15 minutes late today..

Tp, dia lom msuk klas lg..Fuh!! Selamat.. Then, bile dia msuk je klas, bebelannye pn bermula. Actually, dia bercerita 'sumthing'. Bkn nk ckap ape, tp sory la, sgt x menarik cerita dia. So, I'm not really focusing on him. I just do my own work. Conteng2 paper, surf intenet. Smpai la lunch hour..

Then, petang we got IQ test@quiz. But he really likes to talk la. Nk mulakan kuiz pon, aduinaaa..Lamenye la dia membebel. After dat, we hv 'unlucky draw'<--(we must draw 1 topic to present). And I dun know if I'm lucky or really unlucky. I got diz topic. "SHELL COMMAND". What d hell is dat? I really have no idea. But, dats not the problem. Bak kate Mahen, "internet is the best solution"..ahaks

And for the 1st time, kami abes klas lewat sket. Honestly, I don't have much fun today. My mood is slightly mess up wif sum bad words from sum 'ARROGANT' people. Dun want to talk bout it. Just hoping dat, I have fun di mnggu2 terakhir ni..

March 16, 2009

♥ Addicted..Love is Pain


FT Island.. What so special about them? They are just pretty boys..Young and cute. Like so many other boybands out there. What is the different?? First time I heard one of their song around 2 years ago..If I'm not mistaken lar..Tajuknye "A Man's First Love follows Him To The Grave"..Such a long title huh!! Tu pon stlah 'dipaksa rela' oleh 1 of my frenz ni. Dia paksa tgok pon sbb dia kate MV dia best. Dat time, aku yg 'terpaksa' tgok nih, tdakla memberikan spnuh perhatian, then I just said 'Hmm, not bad'. Padahal MV tu psal ape pon aku x tau. Sehinggalah pd 1 hari yg tenang dan aman nih, I found out dat diz grup menang award for Best New Male Group in 2007 MNet/KM Music Festival. Itu pn stlh di'inform' oleh rumetku. Dat tym, aku 'terlebih' masa lapang..Then ape lg. Aku pon meng'google' la grup nih..Saje nk tau psal dorg. Ape yg buat dorg mnang coz dat time dorg bru bbrp bulan debut secara official. I found out that their 1st single is 'Love Sick @ Love is Pain @ Painful Love' (if u're a K-poppers, u won't surprised if a song had so many title) but I had listen to another song 1st. My friend said, 'Outdated'..Ciskek tol.. So what? I dun care..haha. And I listening to all their songs and watch their MVs again(tp dgn spnuh perhatian..=p) and then, I'm ADDICTED to them.

Introducing U, the members of F.T.I.S.L.A.N.D..(jeng..3x)

Vocalist (Hong Ki)
-OMG!! I think I'm falling for him. (Err..Am I Phaedo?? Oh my God!!) His 'angel voice' bisa mencairkan hati wanita2...ahaks I think his voice too mature for him..The most thing I like bout diz guy is his 'charisma' on stage. In reality (I mean some reality show dat I watch, dun know la bout his real life), he just a playful kid that likes to play around, sumtimes act cute, sumtimes act dumb, sumtimes funny BUT everything changes when he's on stage. I luv the way he put all his feeling when he's singing. Almaklumlah their trademark is 'sad luv song', so kalo dia nyanyi wif no feeling, sape la mau dgr kan..=p

Honey, u look so fine here..AWWWW!!! [Phaedo mode on..ngee]

Guitar + Piano (Jong Hun)
-Leader of the grup. I dun know why they choose him as a leader. He's so famous wif his 'awkward'ness on and off stage. He said they choose him because of his look..(wut the heck??). But honestly, he's really handsome. Unlike other members, I think he give us mote a mature look. I like his smile..pretty?? Of coz, he can sing well.(show off leader's talent)

Waaa..luv his white guitar. Hunnie favourite guitar..

Rapper + Guitarist (Seung Hyun)
-I dun know much bout him. He is a new member replacing Binnie.. Meaning he's also the 2nd vocalist. His voice?? So-so..He got soft voice which I'm not really prefer it.

New guy..

Bassist (Jae Jin)
-He's cute. But I think he's the less famous in this grup (sorry Jae..ngeeee). Surprisingly, he also can sing..
Cutie pie Jae Jin

Drummer (Min Hwan)
Potrays the 'cuteness' of the group, here comes our Magnae!!!(screaminggg~~~). "Stop it!!".."Ok2". He's the youngest member. He was born in 1992. OMG he just 17. Wut I'm doing when I'm 17?? Study..Dok asrama..Abeskn duit mak bpak.. But he's already making million money..haihhz. Jelous 3x..
Uri Minnie is soo famous among noonas^^

Former Member
2nd Vocalist + Rapper + Guitarist (Won Bin)
-Uwaaaaa...Binnie, how dare U leave me here.huk3.. I remember those time, when I heard the news (around mid February I think) dat he left the group..haihhzz. Sad + frustrated + brokenhearted + fall into pieces.. Wut I really luv bout him is, he looks masculine from other members. His voice and Hongki's voice perfectly harmonize together when they perform on stage. Anyway, wish U all the best out there..Wuteva happen, be strong k!!

Binnie Hwaiting!!


March 13, 2009

♥ Our Dinner..

Its already 4 months since I join ACCP..How time flies..My friend told me just now dat we only have 42 days left..Waaaa..almost reach d end..So fast lar..Feel like just yesterday I had join this ACCP program. Oh btw, for those who really dun know wut d hell is ACCP, here i'll tell u a lil bit bout it. ACCP is stand for Aptech Certified Computer Professional which is a program where we will undergo 6 months training to be a software developer/engineer and blablabla. Here, we code n code everyday. And when the project comes, everyone will be like !@#$%!!..

But we really have a great time 2gether. But soon farewell will come and say goodbye to everyone. We should appreciate the remaining days we're here.ahaks. In this 'greatest' college in the world. (Wut d hell??) And last week, we decided to have a dinner 2gether. Maybe it could be our last dinner 2gether..hukhukhuk(T___T emo plak). 

Date : 2nd March 2009

Place : Flaming Steamboat, Bandar Sunway

Time : 6pm until around 9.30pm(nyaris2 kn halau blik)

Here some of pics during the dinner..

Only RM20.90.. makan smpai FULL!!

Makan x ingat dunia..

Nk makan ape lg nih?? 

Ceti o Ceti~

Yummy!! Marshmellow and cookies wif choc~

Sory Sir, we digest well without you..haha

♥ First Try!!!

Finally..I have my own blog..Don't know why, tibe2 rase nk blogging.. 1st reason, maybe sbb ari ni terlampau bosan sbb xde, bkn xde klas, tp sir x nak ngaja..lg pon, rmai yg x dtg klas. And for now, ade 7 org je yg dtg klas..Congratulations to all my classmet yg cekal hati menghadirkan diri hari ni..To Farah, Akhmar, Mekna, Kinah, Madi n Azwan(yg da blik pastu dtg blik..rajin pelik) and of course 'me'..Kite sume mmg rajin..hak3

2nd reason, sbb most of my friends have their own blog..dr dlu lagi ade bbrp org suggest me to write a blog..And I give them a lot of reasons.."xde mase la, x tau nk tlis ape la, blog boring la" n mcm2 alasan lg..yela, nk seribu daya..masalahnye mmg taknak..Then, today dgn bantuan Farah(yg meminta aku mengabdikan namenye..=p) aku berjaya mem'blogging'kan diri..haha

Tapi, x tau la tuk brape lame nk blogging ni..Jgan ni post yg pertama dan terakhir suda..hehe. And sory for my 'rojak'ness of my language..Aku mmg suke rojak buah..Bkn niat di hati, nk merosakkan bahasa budaya bangsa, tp utk kebebasan menulis..peace^^