July 10, 2009


Now, I'm wondering if I'm doing the right thing. But, 'thing' already happen. Just now, I accept a job offer from one company at Bukit Jalil. I just moved to PJ. And right now, I need to find a new house at Bukit Jalil.haihhz. Hating and blaming myself for being weak. Actually, cari rumah kat PJ ni wif hope I'll stay in PJ at least for 1 year. But, things happen. Susah jgk nak decide to accept the offer or not. Salary is not that great. But, I have some feeling telling me to go there. After discuss with my family member and some friends, I decide to accept the offer. BUT WHY RIGHT NOW MY FEELING IS SO MISERABLE!!! What I'm gonna do, if Im making the wrong decision? Can I survive there? Questions like these keep appearing in my head..haihhz. Help me!!!