November 08, 2009

Nice Weekend!!

Nice weekend!! That's all can I said..I try my best this weekend to enjoy myself and forget about work. But still, at the bottom of my heart I still have a little worried. Can I finish the work on time? But still..I try my hardest not to think about work on this weekend. I really want to forget everything. And just on time, Bahi asked me to watch movie. I thought just the 2 of us. But there's also Alin and her friend and Bahi's rumet to join us together. I arrived quite late because komuter delay. Sorry guys! I waited there so long + berbakul2 dah kena sumpah seranah (dlm hati je la..-_-)..haha..And today we watched 'The Time Traveller's Wife'. Setelah kecewa menonton Jennifer's Body bersama Shar pada minggu lalu, cerita ni mengubat kekecewaan. Even though it is not the best movie I had ever watched, but still not a rubbish..This romantic drama is about a librarian with a gene that causes him to involuntarily time travel, and how it creates the complications in his marriage. I will rate this drama for 3.5 stars..

After watchig movies, we makan2 at KFC, laughing so hard until I forgot about work. Thanks to Bahi, Alin, and 2 other girls for this weekend..=)

November 06, 2009

I Just Want to Cries My Eyes Out

I am so busy nowadays yet I still spend some times to update my blog..So rajin lar Rozy ni..^^ Until today, I had working at Celframe more than 6 weeks already..Huh, how times flies..In these 6 weeks, so many things happen and I learn so many things..This week, I am feeling the pressure at work. Due date is next week, yet, my team have a lot of things that haven't done yet. The whole team keep getting the hardcore pressure from the top staff. We're so new (most of the team members are fresh graduates) yet we don't have enough experiences to develop such a big project. Expert developer delayed this project for almost 2 years. Yet, they want us to finish it in 5 weeks. I don't know what they expect from us...Such a big *&@!^&(&#!!!!!!! My team members keep saying "I wanna die","I wanna resign"..Me also have the same feeling..haihz

Few days ago, Vignesh and Izuddin resigned. Back to early of this month, Ammar and Zainuddin also resigned. Just 6 weeks here and I am seeing 4 people left this company. When Ammar and Zainuddin left, I don't feel anything at all. Hmmm..maybe a little bit shocked? Because I don't even have a word with them. And I don't even know anything about them. But, when Izuddin and Vignesh left, I feel some kind of .......sad?missing?lonely?hurt?-_-.haih..Don't know what terms I should use. Because we just started to know each other. We just started to laugh together. And we just started to play around together. We enjoyed ourselves and suddenly, they are gone. U know what I mean right? That feeling?

We have some kind of farewell party for them last Saturday. Plus celebrating Anis' birthday. I'm going to update the event pics later..Cya for now^^