February 08, 2011

Take Care of My Girlfriend Chapter 19

Chapter 19 :

Gayoon opened the door to the studio and looked around for a certain blonde boy. Her face lit up as she saw him hunched over the desk, practicing a new song. She walked over to him and lightly put her hands on his shoulder, careful of not to scare him.

“Hey.” the blonde boy looked up at the voice and a smile came over his face as he put down the song and turned his chair around.
“Hey.” Gayoon sat down on the couch next to the chair.

“Practicing again?” Yoseob nodded.
“Yeah we have a new song for our new album.” Gayoon read the lyrics over.

“Wow. Take Care of My Girlfriend. Nice title.”
“Yeah. It’s my favorite song. Junhyung actually wrote the whole song by himself.” Gayoon’s eyes widen.
“Really? I thought he usually wrote the rap only. Wow. These lyrics are deep. He must have been going through something really bad.”
“I think we all know where he got the inspiration from.” Gayoon nodded, agreeing with Yoseob.

“You know, I tried to stay out of it. It’s something Kikwang, Hyuna and Junhyung should figure out for themselves. I don’t think the rest of the members have any idea what’s going on. So anyway I came to look for you for a reason.”
“Really?” Yoseob’s eyes lit up. “Do you have a present for me? Gimme Gimme!” Yoseob jumped in anticipation. Gayoon laughed at the action and got out a package from her purse.
“Here. When we went to Phillippines, I found the dried mangos that you love so much so I bought the whole big bag.” Yoseob grabbed the bag from Gayoon’s hands and kissed it hard.

“Thank you.” The boy cheered. “That’s why I love you Gayoon.” Gayoon blushed at his words. “But not as much as I love these mangoes.”
“Yah!! How can you love those mangoes more than you love me?” Gayoon pouted. Aegyo was not her thing but being around Yoseob brings out all different sides of her.
“Ok ok. I love you, way more than the mangoes.” Yoseob mumbled as he stuffed a bunch of dried mango in his mouth.
“I love you too.” Gayoon whispered but Yoseob didn’t hear it since he was too focused on eating.


Kikwang ran down the hallway of Cube, searching for Junhyung. Kikwang had a plan and he was going to go through with it, no matter what happens next. He ran past several room where trainees were practicing and ran past the recording studio. He paused for a while, seeing Yoseob and Gayoon in there, laughing their heads off at something like it’s the funniest thing they see. Kikwang looked through the window and flinched as he saw Yoseob caressed Gayoon’s finger.

Caressed, not in a friendly oh-you’re-so-cute way but in a I-think-I-like-you way and for some reason, Kikwang’s anger boiled at the sight. Seriously, what was wrong with everyone? Don’t they have any loyalty left? Kikwang immediately thought of Hyungseung, wondering if he knew that Yoseob and Gayoon were getting so closer, day by day.

But he forced himself to look away and shift his focus back onto his plan. He already had one backstabbing member on his hand, he didn’t want to involve himself in Hyungseung/Gayoon/Yoseob triangle, although they seemed clueless that there even is a love triangle.

He finally found the rapper in the dance practice room, working on the choreography for their new song. Kikwang took a deep breath and walked in in the room and watched Junhyung dance. After the last note of Shock ebbed away, Junhyung finally turned his attention to him and Kikwang threw a towel at him.
“Thanks.” Junhyung wiped his sweat off and took a seat on the floor next to Kikwang.
“Good job.”
“Oh. Yeah. Prepix has killer choreo.”
“yeah. I really should practice more but you know when you have a girlfriend, she comes first.”

Kiwang noticed Junhyung tensed for a millisecond but quickly returned to normal. He smirked to himself.

“So you’ve been practicing a lot lately. You need to go out more and have fun.”
“Nah.” Junhyung replied. “The comeback is more important. Besides, I missed a lot since I was promoting Change with Hyuna.”
“But you got to take a break sometimes, man. I got an idea, how about we go out tonight? Just you and me.”

Junhyung raised his eyebrows. “Where?”
“I heard there was a party tonight. We can go there.”
“What about the others?”

“They can come if they want to. The person I want to be there is you. So come on. What do you say man?”
“Fine. I guess. But I don’t want to stay too long.”
“Whatever. Why don’t you get back to practicing. I’m gonna go.” Kikwang got up and left the rapper alone.

Kikwang closed the door and sighed to himself. He needed to make sure that his plan was going to go perfectly. He had a phone call to make.


“Oh. Sorry. I didn’t know you were here.” Hyuna opened the door to the dance room to find Junhyung sitting on the floor, wiping his sweat off. “I’m gonna go.”
“No. stay.” Junhyung found himself saying. Hyuna smiled and took a seat next to Junhyung.

“So what are you doing here?” Junhyung asked. Then his expression went from a tired one to a concerned one when he saw Hyuna. “Are you ok?”
Hyuna smiled sadly. “Yeah. I just talked to my mom. I’m just a little homesick.”

“Is she ok?”
“Yeah. She’s fine. Everyone’s fine. I just miss her a lot. Her birthday is coming up soon and I can’t even go back home for it. We have schedule all next week. It’s just around those times, I just want to be back home.”

Junhyung smiled in understanding. “I know what you mean. I miss my family too. Especially my mom. You know when I was living at home, she would nag at me a lot.”
“So that’s where you got your nagging from.” Hyuna teased, hoping to lightened the mood. Junhyung glared at her a little and soon broke into a smile.
“Yah!” He pouted. “Like I was saying, I never realized how much I miss her nagging until she wasn’t there to nag at me anymore.”

“So you’re saying, if you stopped nagging, we’re going to miss it?” Hyuna thought about it for a while. “Nah, I don’t think so.”
“Yah, so what? You’re not going to miss me if I’m gone?”
“of course I would.” Hyuna replied quickly. “I don’t know what I would do if…anyway, I want to get something really nice for my mom. Any suggestion?”

“What? You seem to be thinking of something.”
“Yeah. But I don’t think you’ll like it.”
“Tell me.” Hyuna pulled on Junhyung’s sleeves, begging him to tell her what he was thinking about.

“Ok ok. Geez, you’re impossible.”
“You know you love me.” Hyuna retorted as Junhyung could only smile. “So tell me, you seem to have a great idea.”
“I was just thinking of what I wanted to do. You know how I always wanted to get a tattoo right?”

“Yeah since forever. So?”
“I was going to get one but I had no idea what kind I should get. But hearing you talk about your mom, it gives me a great idea. I think I want to get a tattoo about my mom.”
“Really? That’s so cool. But what do it have to do with me?”

“I was thinking you can get one too. For your mom’s birthday present. You know, dedicate it to your mom.” Hyuna stared at Junhyung and suddenly her eyes lit up.
“Omo, Oppa. That’s such a great idea. A tattoo dedicated to my mother. You know she has a tattoo too so I’m totally sure she’ll love it.” Junhyung smiled.

“Glad to know I can help.”
“But would the President let me, let us have a tattoo?”
“We can get permission. But I’m sure he will. He’s lenient on stuff like these. Not like other Presidents.”
“Let’s go ask him right now.”

“Right now? I’m sweating.” Hyuna wouldn’t take no for an answer and pulled Junhyung up and dragged him to the President’s office, excited about their tattoos.


“Come on, man. Look more excited will you?” Kikwang was literally dragging Junhyung out of the van and into an unknown building. Junhyung growled at Kikwang, shrugging himself off from Kikwang’s strong grip. He made a mental note to himself to work out more so he wouldn’t be so weak.

“Where is this?” Junhyung asked as he looked up the building. He was pretty sure that it was one of the idol’s dorm seeing as how there are other several idols that lives in the same building. But he had no idea where Kikwang was dragging him off to. He just wanted to go in, drink a little and go home so he can wallow in self -pity and think of ideas for what his tattoo should say.

“It’s a surprise. Come on. Man hurry up.” they entered the elevator and Kikwang pressed the button for the 13th floor. The ride up there was quiet, Junhyung was dozing off and Kikwang was twitching in nervousness. Finally they arrived at their destination and stepped off the elevator.

“This way.” Kikwang led the way and knocked on the door. Junhyung raised his eyebrows in confusion. Kikwang had said that there was a party but it was too quiet for there to be a party and there weren’t enough shoes outside the door. Something was up.

Finally the door opened and Junhyung was face to face with smiling Hyomin. She quickly opened the door and gestured the two guys in. Junhyung immediately turned his fiery gaze towards Kikwang who had an innocent look on his face.

“Kikwang.” He growled quietly but he was ignored.
“Come in guys.” Hyomin invited the guys in and Kikwang dragged Junhyung inside.

Junhyung looked around the dorm and found it to be empty, just the three of them. The party that Kikwang was talking about was obviously a lie, a complete set up, concocted by his member standing next to him with a victorious smirk on his face.

“I thought there was a party tonight.” Junhyung asked Kikwang.
“I lied. Hehe.” Kikwang smiled. “I just wanted to get you over here.”
“What the hell are you doing?” Junhyung whispered into Kikwang’s ear and then turned to Hyomin who had a smile on her face.

“I made dinner.” she pointed to a table set up for two in the dining room. “Are you guys hungry?” she asked, her question directed for Junhyung only.

“Yeah. He’s starving.” Kikwang answered for Junhyung who was starting to piece together what’s happening. “Come on man. Go sit down.” Kikwang pushed Junhyung toward the chair and pushed him to sit down.

“Great.” Hyomin looked at Kikwang and hinted to Kikwang toward the door, signaling for him to leave.
“Oh. I forgot. I have a date with Hyuna. She’s probably waiting for me right now. So I’m gonna go.”

“I’ll go with you.” Junhyung started to get up but Kikwang pushed him back down.
“No stay. Hyomin made all these food. It would be horrible for it to go to waste. Just stay and have dinner with her. I’ll be heading out first. And Junhyung, I’ll take the van back first. You probably won’t need it tonight.” he winked at Hyomin who was now blushing, hint of red on her face matching the hint of red in Junhyung’s eyes, showing his anger.

“Bye-yum.” and with that, Kikwang was gone, his plan executed perfectly.


“So.” Hyomin started nervously. She has been sitting across Junhyung for over thirty minutes now and it had been awkward to say the least. Junhyung just sat there, not saying much and not eating anything, looking as if he would rather be anywhere else in the world but there at the moment.

“It was really great running into you and Hyungseung the other day.” Hyomin tried to make conversation which only got a tight smile in return. “Soyeon and Hyungseung really seemed to hit it off too.”

“That’s impossible. He likes Gayoon.” Junhyung answered quickly.
“Are you sure? Because he has been calling Soyeon ever since that night.” Junhyung looked at Hyomin.Hyungseung and Soyeon? What happened to Gayoon? Honestly, he had been so wrapped up in his own drama with Hyuna that he had been totally clueless with what’s going on with everyone else.

“That night, I think it started a lot of things.” Hyomin started. “I mean, it started a lot of feelings. Didn’t it?” Junhyung took a sip of his water and shrugged.
“Sure. I guess.”

“I know it did for me. This is kind of embarrassing to say but ever since that night….aigoo. I think I have feelings for you. I even had Hyuna give you my number.” Junhyung suddenly seemed to perk up at the mention of Hyuna and Hyomin seemed to noticed.

“DId she give it to you?” Hyomin asked, wanting to make sure that her so-called friend did what she asked her to do.
Junhyung couldn’t stop himself from thinking back to that night. The night that Hyuna gave him Hyomin’s number. He remembered everything perfectly, as if it happened last night instead of several nights ago. He remembered how Hyuna’s lips tasted, how she felt under his touch, how he felt kissing her. It was something he couldn’t get out of his head.

“Junhyung?” Hyomin’s voice broke him out of his thoughts. “Are you ok?”
“I got to go.” Junhyung said, standing up. Hyomin stood up too.

“I just…I can’t. I’m sorry.” Junhyung said but was stopped by Hyomin grabbing his hands.
“Why? Why can’t you? I told you I like you. I confessed to you. Why can’t you accept me?”

Junhyung didn’t answer but instead just stood there, emotionless.
“Is there someone else you like?” Hyomin asked, her voice small. “There is isn’t there?”

Junhyung looked away. “I’m sorry.”
“Yong Junhyung. Tell me who it is. Tell me who it is that you like.”
“I can’t tell you. I’m sorry Hyomin but I just see you as a friend.”

Hyomin started to tear up. “But Kikwang told me you liked me. He told me that you had feelings for me too. That’s why he offered to help me. Why would he lie to me?”

Junhyung thought it over in his mind, his anger growing by the second. Why did Kikwang offered to help Hyomin when he had no idea how Junhyung felt about Hyomin? Why did Kikwang dragged him here to her dorm in this lame set up? Why would Kikwang do it?

“I don’t know.” he mumbled to himself. He shrugged himself out of Hyomin’s grip and made his way out of the apartment.

“Hyuna!” Junhyung suddenly stopped at the word. “It’s Hyuna isn’t it? The person that you like is Hyuna.”

Junhyung turned back to face Hyomin, unable to say anything. “You like Hyuna.” It was more of a statement than a question. Hyomin suddenly pieced everything together in her mind. Junhyung likes Hyuna, Kikwang is dating Hyuna, Hyomin likes Junhyung so Kikwang used her to get Junhyung away from Hyuna. She closed her eyes in frustrating, anger and embarassment. And judging by the look on Junhyung’s face, it looked like he figured it out too and he wasn’t too happy with it.

“I gotta go.” Junhyung’s voice was raspy, anger and hurt mixed in and he left the dorm, on his way to see Kikwang.


He opened the door in anger and found the person he was looking for immediately. He marched over to him and lifted him over by his collar, his eyes piercing with hatred.

“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING LEE KIKWANG?” Yoseob was taken aback by Junhyung’s attack on Kikwang but even more surprised by how Kikwang didn’t look so shock or scared at all. Instead he had a satisfied smirk on his face. What was going on?

“I’m asking you Kikwang? What’s the big idea?” Junhyung’s hold on Kikwang tightened but didn’t seem to affect Kikwang.

“Junhyung. Stop it! Let Kikwang go!” Yoseob, the only member there, tried to loosened Junhyung’s grip on Kikwang but the rapper wouldn’t budge. “Let him go! What the hell is going on with you guys?”

“Why don’t you ask him?” Junhyung finally let Kikwang go and Kikwang shrugged it off.
“Kwangie, what’s going on? What did you do?”
“I didn’t do anything.”

“Yeah right. You didn’t do anything. You freaking set me up. You had no right to do that.” Kikwang scoffed.
“I had no right?”
“Hyomin told me everything. How you offered to help her! How you told her that I liked her even though you knew shit about how I felt about her.” Junhyung yelled out, his frustration clearly showing.

“What?” Yoseob was still not following what’s happening. When did Hyomin get in the picture?

“Hey she liked you and I thought you should find someone. I was trying to help you and this is how you repay me?” Junhyung’s glare got colder.
“You were trying to help me?” Junhyung scoffed. “Yeah f***ing right. You were doing it for yourself and you know it!”

Kikwang suddenly saw red and couldn’t contain his anger toward Junhyung any longer.

“What if I was huh? What if I was? I had to do something to get your f***ing hands away fromMYgirlfriend.”
“I told you I would let her go.”

“REALLY? Is that why I saw you kissing her the other night in the park? Because you let her go.” the two were yelling at each other now, Yoseob unable to stop what was going on.
“You saw us?”

“Of course I freaking did. How dumb do you think I am? I saw everything Junhyung. How you were all over her. As far as I’m concerned, you are the one who effed up here! I’m just simply repaying you and keeping you away from my girlfriend.”
“So you just used Hyomin? That night what you saw was an one time thing.”

“I don’t give a damn if it was one time thing. It shouldn’t have happened!” Kikwang screamed. “I asked you specifically if you were ok with it. I even asked for your damn permission and you said yes. You let her go to me. I trusted you man. You were like my brother! I believed you even though my gut was telling me not to.”

Junhyung didn’t want to say anything. He just shook his head. “I did want to let her go. I did everything to forget about her. I wanted you to have her.”

“Yet, you were kissing her behind my back!”
“I’m sorry.” Junhyung whispered.

“I don’t give a damn if you’re sorry. Because you still kiss my girlfriend. MY GIRLFRIEND. And for that.” Kikwang suddenly punched Junhyung across the face. Junhyung fell back and landed on the floor with a thud. Yoseob immediately rushed over to Junhyung to help him up but Junhyung shrugged his helping hands off.

“Get up man.” Kikwang ordered. “Get up and take it like a man.”

Junhyung wiped the blood off his mouth and forced himself to get up and face Kikwang. Kikwang clenched his fist and punched Junhyung again.

“Kikwang. Stop it!” Yoseob interjected, stopping Kikwang from hitting Junhyung again.

“Yeah you would take his side Yang Yoseob! After all, you’re doing the same thing he is.” Kikwang turned his anger towards Yoseob.

A look of confusion swept over Yoseob’s face. “What are you talking about?”

“I saw you and Gayoon together. Of course you would defend that backstabber since you’re backstabbing Hyungseung with Gayoon yourself.”

Yoseob looked like he was punched in the gut by Kikwang himself, an expression of guilt and unbearable pain was written all over Yoseob’s face. He looked like a baby wounded by someone he trusted.

“Kikwang, leave Yoseob out of this. The person that you’re angry at is me.” Kikwang scoffed.

“WHAT THE HELL?” Doojoon, Hyungseung and Dongwoon walked into the mess going on in their dorms. Their eyes shifted from Yoseob who looked as if he was about to cry, Kikwang with such hatred in his eyes that they have never seen before with his fists clenched tight and Junhyung who was bleeding.

“TELL ME!” the leader took charge. “What’s going on?”
“Why don’t you ask him?” Kikwang pointed at Junhyung. Doojoon turned to Junhyung, anticipating an answer.

Junhyung sighed. “I messed up. I kissed Hyuna.” Doojoon closed his eyes, understanding everything.

“I knew this would happen.” the leader whispered to himself. “Kikwang, Junhyung let’s just calm down and talk about this.”

“No. I don’t need to calm down. And I certainly don’t want to talk to that traitor right there.”

“Kikwang sit!” Doojoon ordered. “We avoided for long enough. It’s time we solve this problem. NOW!”

The six members sat down on the floor, ready to solve this dilemma once and for all.

End of Chapter Nineteen. (Credits to twinkinglibra@4-Minute.com)

Take Care of My Girlfriend Chapter 18

Chapter 18 :

AT 4minute dorm

Sohyun sighed happily to herself as she turned off the T.V. How can a drama be so good? She thought to herself as she headed back to her room when the door opened again. She hit her forehead for forgetting to lock the door once again. She was surprised to find Kikwang walking in the door, with an unreadable expression on his face.

“Hey Oppa. I thought you went to the park. You didn’t find Hyuna unnie?” Kikwang snapped out of his thoughts and looked up at Sohyun.
“What? Oh I…I um didn’t go to the park. I went outside to get some air. That’s it.”

“Hyuna hasn’t come back yet?” Kikwang asked, even though he already knew the answer and knew exactly where Hyuna was. His heart hurt when he replayed the sight of Hyuna kissing Junhyung over and over in his mind. How can two people he loved so much betray him so badly?

“No. I guess her filming ran long. But oppa” Sohyun approached Kikwang and touch his shoulders in reassurance. “Don’t worry. Junhyung is with her. She’s safe.” Sohyun smiled and then retreated to her room.

Kikwang stood there and scoffed at Sohyun’s statement. Safe? Junhyung? He was pissed off to say the least. He was pissed off at the situation, Junhyung but for some reason he couldn’t hate Hyuna. He loved her too much to hate her. He decided that it must have been Junhyung’s fault, not Hyuna’s for what happened tonight. He repeated that in his mind, trying to make his head follow his heart.


Hyuna pushed Junhyung off, realizing what they were doing.
“OPPA!” She wiped her mouth off and stared down at Junhyung.
“I’m sorry.” Junhyung mumbled then walked off, leaving Hyuna there.

“UGH!!! You’re just gonna leave??” Hyuna cursed at the backside of Junhyung who was walking further and further away from her. She touched her lips after Junhyung walked away. The kiss was short but it felt so good. She felt so many things during the short moments, feelings she didn’t feel when she kissed Kikwang. That’s when she remembered Kikwang and a flood of guilt rushed to her.

“Damn it!” She cursed. She stood there, then finally decided that the kiss was just a one time thing that will never happen again.


“Unnie, you’re finally back?” Sohyun’s voice greeted Hyuna when she finally got back to their dorms.
“Yeah. You’re not asleep yet?” Sohyun shook her head.
“No I was watching Pasta and Kikwang barely just left.”
“Kikwang was here?” Hyuna was surprised. She searched her memories to see if her and Kikwang made any plans but she couldn’t think of any. “What was he doing here?”
“Find out for yourself.” Sohyun pointed Hyuna to the kitchen. Hyuna walked over to the dining table and found the food that Kikwang made for her. Tears began to form in her eyes as she thought about what she was really doing tonight with Junhyung.

“Yeah. He is so sweet isn’t he? But I don’t think you would want to eat it. After all Kikwang cooked it.” Sohyun laughed at her own joke but Hyuna just stood there, staring at what Kikwang made for her.
“No I’ll eat it. He made it for me and I’ll eat it.” Sohyun was surprised at Hyuna’s answer. Doesn’t she remember what happened the last time someone ate Kikwang’s cooking?
“Are you sure unnie?” Hyuna nodded. “Ok then I wish you luck. I need to get some sleep. Bye.” Sohyun went into her room.

Hyuna sat down at the table and took a bite out of Kikwang’s food. She gagged at the taste but forced herself to eat another as if it’ll help her relieve her guilt about kissing Junhyung.


Junhyung turned on the T.V, not able to sleep. He replayed the events of tonight over and over in his mind. It was so stupid of him to kiss Hyuna like that and he wanted to kill himself. He didn’t know what came over him, but seeing Kikwang and Hyuna kiss and hearing Hyuna talk about it just pushed him over the edge. And what’s worse? He just left her there like an idiot that he is. How can he just do that to her? He was worried about her, whether she made it home ok or not? But he knew he shouldn’t call her, he should just give her some time to cool off and maybe forget about the whole thing.

His thoughts were interrupted by Kikwang coming back to the dorms. Junhyung felt weird around Kikwang now, especially after tonight. He felt this huge sense of guilt for backstabbing Kikwang.

“Hey Junhyung.” Kikwang’s voice snapped Junhyung out of his thoughts.
“Hey Kikwang. Coming back now?” Kikwang smiled at Junhyung, not showing any tension.
“yeah. I went over to Hyuna’s dorms but she didn’t come back yet. Wait, wasn’t she with you?” Junhyung started to sweat, trying to think of a lie.
“Yeah. But I mean, I left faster than her so I’m not sure. I’m sure she’s ok though.” Junhyung added. Kikwang looked at him.
“Yeah.” Kikwang laughed. “It’s probably just me being overprotective. It’s just that I like her a lot hyung. And it would kill me if something happened to her.”
“I know. Kikwang.” Junhyung replied uneasily. “I know.”
“Well I’m gonna go sleep. Bye.” Kikwang left to their room.

Junhyung sat there on the couch, feeling like an even bigger asshole than before. “What am I gonna do?”


Kikwang closed the door and leaned on it. He barely managed to hide his anger in front of Junhyung and played nice. Seeing Junhyung act like there was nothing wrong just added to his anger. He knew exactly what he was gonna do to Junhyung and he is going to make sure Junhyung get hurt just like he did tonight.


At Mblaq’s Dorm

Kikwang took another sip of his beer and looked around at the party. It was Mblaq’s part and as usual they invited practically every idol they knew. He searched the room and saw Hyuna talking to Sohyun, the rest of Beast picking Joon and Mir. He remained in the corner, not wanting to socialize with anyone at all. He finished off his beer and walked over to the fridge to get another.

“Hey Kikwang.” He turned to the voice and saw Hyomin standing there, smiling. He did his best to smile back. “Another beer?” Kikwang nodded. “Can you get me one?” Kikwang grabbed two beers and gave one to Hyomin.

“Thanks.” Kikwang just nodded and was about to walk away when Hyomin followed him. “Wait, what’s wrong with you today?”
“Well normally, you are the most social person and today you seem so antisocial. Are you ok? Are you having problems with Hyuna?” Kikwang’s head immediately turned at the mention of Hyuna.
“How did you know we were dating?”
“Oh.” Hyomin chuckled. “Junhyung told me.”
“He told you? Why would he tell you?”
“Oh, don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone. Junhyung just mentioned it when we ran into him and Hyungseung at the club the other night.”
“Really? You guys were at the club together?”

“Yeah. He was actually pretty out of it that night but he’s still so hot.” Hyomin blushed.
“You like Junhyung?” Kikwang asked, his mind filled with many thoughts.
“Yeah. I like him. I mean there’s just something about him that is so hot. Like he’s brooding all the time. That’s sexy. You’re gonna laugh at me and think I’m desperate but I even asked Hyuna to help me.”
“You asked Hyuna to help you?”
“They’re so close aren’t they? I figured Hyuna can help me. But nothing happened so far. I guess he’s not interested in me.”

An idea suddenly came into Kikwang’s mind.
“Oh, don’t worry. Hyuna has just been busy with her schedule lately. Junhyung is interested in you.”
Hyomin’s face light up. “Really? How do you know?”
“Junhyung has been acting strange lately and trust me, I know Junhyung. He always act weird when he likes someone. Don’t worry Hyomin, I’ll help you.”
“You will?”
“Trust me. You’re gonna get Junhyung in no time.” Hyomin jumped in joy and hugged Kikwang who had a smirk on his face.


“Ok Unnie, you can’t leave me.” Sohyun held onto Hyuna’s arm.
“Ahh, you’re hurting me Sohyun.” Hyuna tried to shook her arm out of Sohyun’s death grip.
“I’m sorry but I can’t. If I’m alone, Mir or Dongwoon is gonna come and talk to me and I can’t deal with them right now.”
“Ok sit.” They both sat down. “Tell me what’s going on with you? Who do you really like Sohyun?”
“I don’t know.” Sohyun confessed. “I was sure I liked Mir and was pissed off at Dongwoon but ever since he came and apologize the other day, I saw a new side to him. A more mature side.”
“He really does like you a lot. And I’m sorry but Mir isn’t that mature.” Hyuna pointed to Mir who was dancing along to IU’s Marshmallow. They both laughed at his antics. “Maybe you just need time to think. Think who did you originally like before the whole thing happened, you know before you got pissed off at Dongwoon. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go find my boyfriend.” Hyuna left to find Kikwang.

Sohyun sat there by herself and thought about what Hyuna said. Who did she really like? She was so confused. Then she spotted both Dongwoon and Mir making their way over to her and she ran out of the party before they can come and talk to her.


Hyuna walked over to Kikwang and interwined their arms together, catching Kikwang off-guard. Kikwang turned to find Hyuna smiling and kissed his cheeks. He closed his eyes, feeling happy.

“Hey.” Kikwang put his arms around Hyuna. Hyuna had been extra affectionate with him lately and he knew that she was feeling guilty and trying to make it up to him. But he didn’t care what her intentions were, just as long as Hyuna is with him. He kissed her hair, hoping she’ll see how much he loves her.

“You’ve been quiet tonight. Are you ok?” Kikwang nodded.
“Yeah. I’m just tired. You know with all the filming and schedule.” Hyuna wrapped her arms around his waist.
“Yeah. Do you want to leave? And go somewhere else?”
“Yeah let’s go for a walk.” Kikwang grabbed Hyuna’s hand and left the party, not noticing Junhyung’s eyes watching them leave the whole time.

End of Chapter Eighteen. (Credits to twinkinglibra@4-Minute.com)

Take Care of My Girlfriend Chapter 17

Chapter 17 : Unexpected Rival

“Bye. You guys worked hard today!!” Hyuna bowed and greeted everyone and packed to leave Yoochiri and go back to Seoul. It was the end of another recording session for Invincible Youth. She really loves G7 and honestly the show showed a new side of her that people don’t really get to see.

She put on her jacket to shield herself from the winter cold and headed to the van to go home when she heard her name being called.

“HYUNA! HYUNA! WAIT!!!!” Hyuna turned around to find Hyomin running towards her, trying not to fall in the snow.
“Be careful Unnie! You’re going to fall!!!” Hyuna shouted as she caught Hyomin, saving her from falling on her butt.
“Thanks. I wanted to catch you before you leave.”
“Oh ok. Why?”

“Um, this is a little embarrassing. But I need your help.” Hyuna smiled and took notice of Hyomin’s blushing face.
“Sure. Anything for you.”
“Ok. Um can you give Junhyung my phone number?”

Hyuna was not excepting THAT!.

“Um, what?”
“Yeah. Can you give Junhyung my phone number?”
“You know Junhyung oppa?” Hyomin nodded.
“Yeah. We ran into him and Hyungseung the other night at a club and I think I….” Hyomin couldn’t contain her blushing face. “I really like him. I’m too shy to do this but I think he’s really cool and hot. Anyway I’m rambling on. So can you?”

Hyuna didn’t know what to say. She looked up to see Hyomin’s pleading eyes and nodded slowly. “Sure. I’ll give him your number.”

Hyomin jumped in joy and bear hugged Hyuna.
“Oh, thank you thank you thank you. You’re the best !!!!!”


Sohyun opened the door to find Dongwoon on the other side of her door. She was about to slam the door on his face.

“WAIT!!!” Dongwoon shouted, blocking the door with his hands. Unfourtunely, Sohyun couldn’t stop it in time and ended up slamming Dongwoon’s hands between the doors.

“OW!!!!!!!!!” Dongwoon screamed in pain. Sohyun opened the door immediately.
“OW!!! Do you hate me this much?” Dongwoon screamed.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry I didn’t see your hands.” Sohyun screamed as she grabbed Dongwoon’s hands to look at the injury. She grimaced as she see his fingers turning blue from the pain.

“I’m so sorry. Are you ok?” Sohyun asked as she ran into the kitchen to grab an ice pack. “Here.” she said as she placed the ice pack on top his finger.

She led him over to the living room and sat him down, tending to his injury.

“You know you deserve it though.” She broke the silence. Dongwoon smiled.
“yeah. I probably did. I really messed up didn’t I. that’s why I came here to apologize. Again.” Dongwoon said, looking at Sohyun who wouldn’t meet his eyes.

“I don’t even know why I did it.” he confessed. “It’s just that when I heard that you were going out with Bang Chulyong. That’s Mir’s real name by the way.”

“I knew that.” Sohyun rolled her eyes.

“Right. Anyway, I was jealous and when I get jealous, I do really stupid things like following you around on your date. I know I messed up. I’m sorry again.”

Sohyun thought about his apology. He did seem sincere and she DID injure him. She finally smiled and nodded.

“Fine. I accept your apology. But you better not do this ever again!” Sohyun warned him.
“You got it.” Dongwoon answered, happy that Sohyun finally forgave him. “So you’re going out with Mir again huh?” Dongwoon asked, taking in Sohyun’s expression. “I mean, I can ask you that right?”

“Yeah. You know what’s funny? I wasn’t even sure about going out with him in the first place. I mean I like him, he’s funny but I always thought I would end up with you.’

“ME?” Dongwoon asked, getting his hopes up. Sohyun nodded.
“Yeah. To be honest, I was confused. I didn’t know who I wanted to be with so I figured I should give Mir a chance.”

Dongwoon took in what Sohyun said. He had to be mature about this. No more scheming, planning and trying to sabotage Mir and Sohyun. All that matters is that Sohyun is happy. He sighed.

“Well, I really hope you’re happy with him. And I promise, I won’t involve myself with you two anymore.” Sohyun looked up at Dongwoon’s words.
“You know Sohyun, I really like you and I want you to be happy. And if that means letting you go to Mir, then I’ll do it.”

Sohyun looked at Dongwoon in surprise. She had never seen Dongwoon so sad or so MATURE before. Honestly, it was an eye opening thing for her. Maybe Dongwoon’s confession was the answer she was looking for.

“Dongwoon oppa.”
“I”ll go apologize to Mir too. I’m gonna go. Thanks for the ice pack.” Dongwoon said and left Sohyun without a word.

“OPPA!” Sohyun called out but it was too late. She plopped down on the couch, confused about her feelings for these two boys.


At Music Bank

“I can’t believe this is our goodbye stage already!!! I’m gonna miss it so much!!” Hyuna whined as she got ready for her last performance of Change. She was going to miss all the pelvis thrusting and dancing.

“I know. It’s been so fast.” Her make-up artist agreed as she applied Hyuna’s famous star “tattoo” near her eyes. “You look hot by the way.”

“Unnie.” Hyuna giggled. “Thanks.”
“So what are you gonna miss about being solo Miss Superstar?”
“Honestly, nothing. I like being solo but I miss the members. It’s so lonely being on stage by myself.”
“Well, you’re not completely alone. Junhyung is up there with you.”

“Yeah, only for like a second.” Hyuna said.
“What? That moment too short for you?” The makeup artist teased. “You want Junhyung for a long time? So you can touch him?”

“UNNIE!!! STOP!!” Hyuna said, embarrassed.
“Ok ok I’ll stop. But seriously you two are so hot together. every time you guys perform, I can hear other groups just staring at you two.”
“Really? Like who?”

“Well, last month, I was watching you guys, I saw Shinee members watching you. And I swear, I saw Jonghyun and Minho with their jaw dropped open. Even that Diva Key too.”
“Really?” Hyuna blushed.

“Yeah. Junhyung seems popular among girls idol too. I saw some girls checking him out.”

Hyuna growled inside her head. She felt her jealously growing at those words. Which was crazy since Junhyung wasn’t even her boyfriend.

“Like who?” Hyuna asked curious.
“Um, I don’t remember all of them but some of the After School girls. That girl with huge eyes.”
“You mean UEE unnie?”
“Yeah yeah yeah. Her and some other. Oh yeah Hyomin too. I saw her staring at Junhyung a couple of times.”

“Hyomin?” Hyuna asked, trying her best to conceal her anger and jealously. “I guess she really likes him.”
“oh it’s just Hyomin gave me her number. To give to Junhyung oppa the other day.”
“REALLY? I guess she really likes him then. What happened to her and Joon?”
“I don’t know. But I guess she likes Junhyung better.”

“So what did Junhyung say when you gave him her number?”

Hyuna looked down, avoiding her eyes. “UM, I haven’t given him the numbers yet.”
“Oh why?”

They were interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Hey, Hyuna. We’re on next. You ready?” Junhyung asked as he entered the dressing room, ready to perform.
“Yeah. Um give me a second. Oppa.” Junhyung nodded and took a seat on the couch. Junhyung turned his attention to Hyuna getting ready.

It was their last performance and he was sad. Even though he was tired, he really liked performing Change, mostly because performing it means having a little bit of alone time with Hyuna all to himself. Selfish he knows but he doesn’t care.

Nothing seems to be working. He had tried everything to get her out of his head but it’s like a disease. Every experiences that he had with girls seemed to be useless when dealing with Hyuna. Before whenever he was having girls problem like when he was trying to get over someone, he would just cuss her out, think of her bad points, then go to the club and drink until he throws up.

But with Hyuna, he really really tried doing that. He tried his best to find her bad points but any negative parts about her turned into a cute quirk that he loves, all the cuss words seem to vanish and unable to come out of his mouth.

He even went to the club with Hyunseung and drank a lot. The hangover the next day was proof that he drank more than he can take. But no matter what he did, he couldn’t get over Hyuna. You know the famous saying, You can never get over your first love.

He was so deep in thought that he didn’t even realize Hyuna waving her hands in front of his face. He finally snapped out of his thoughts.

“Oppa. We’re ready. Let’s go.” Junhyung got up and headed to the stage with Hyuna.


“Good work everyone!!” Hyuna and Junhyung greeted everyone as they made their way back to the dressing room.

“Ok Hyuna. Let me go grab myself and we’ll head out to dinner ok?” Hyuna nodded as Junhyung headed toward his separate dressing room.

She was walking to her dressing room when her make up artist came beside her, looking at her with a weird expression.

“What unnie?” Hyuna asked.
“We have to talk now!” the make up artist replied as she pulled Hyuna into her dressing room.

“What’s wrong unnie?” Hyuna asked as she was seated down on the couch.
“Ok Spill.”

“Don’t even think about lying to your unnie. I’m too experienced in this area to know when you’re lying. Now tell me what’s going on with you and Junhyung?”

“I saw that way he was staring at you when he was here earlier and I also saw the way you were staring at him. Now tell me what’s going on? Do you guys like each other? I thought you were dating Kikwang?”

Hyuna was shocked at how easily she figured it out.

“Am I that obvious?” Hyuna asked herself.
“Yeah. Too obvious. Now tell me everything.”

“AiiI!!! it’s not what you think!!!” Hyuna explained.
“Yeah right. I’ve known you for years Hyuna. I can’t believe I didn’t see it before.”
“No it’s not true Mi Yeon Unnie.” Hyuna tried to deny it.

“You like Junhyung don’t you Hyuna? That’s why you haven’t given Hyomin’s number to him. You’re jealous.” Hyuna hung her head in shame at how transparent she was.

“I don’t even..know what I’m doing unnie. I mean I really want to give it to Junhyung but something’s stopping me from doing so.”
“yeah. It’s called jealously. You don’t want Junhyung to have the numbers so they can’t get together.”
“I’m really selfish aren’t I? I’m a horrible person.”

“NO you’re not Hyuna.”
“Unnie, how can you say that? I have a boyfriend you know. Kikwang. Yet I’m here trying to stop Junhyung from dating.”
“Look, Hyuna. To be honest, I don’t even know why you’re dating Kikwang when it’s pretty obvious that you really like Junhyung. All I had to do was to be in the same room as you two and figure it out. And no you’re not a horrible person. Just someone who’s confused.” Mi Yeon tried to comfort Hyuna.

“Also Hyuna, I’m older and I know more about this than you and trust me when I say Junhyung is totally in love with you too.”
“How can you tell? You just found out today.” Hyuna asked. Mi Yeon just smiled.
“I know the type like Junhyung. You know the bad boy types. The type that want you to think they don’t care when they really do. All I needed was to see how he was looking at you. And trust me girl, he’s sprung.”

“Really?” Hyuna asked, getting her hopes up. Mi Yeon looked at her.
“Yes. Now the question is what are you going to do?”
“I….I don’t know.”

“HYUNA!!!” Junhyung interrupted their conversation. “Ready?”
“Yeah. I gotta go Unnie.”
“Bye. “ Mi Yeon said, hugging Hyuna and whispered in her ears. “You’ll figure it out Hyuna. Pick who you really love. Bye.”

Hyuna nodded and left the dressing room, headed to dinner with Junhyung.


Kikwang exited the set of “High Kick through the Roof”, excited.

“Finally I’m done.” He said to himself and took out his phone and called his dorms. “Hey, Seobie, it’s me. Yeah. I’m done with filming. Listen, I’m not gonna come back to the dorms yet. Yeah I’m gonna stop by the supermarket then swing by Hyuna to cook her dinner. It’s gonna be a surprise. And don’t worry I’ll try to save some for you. What? Fine, no food for you.” Kikwang hung up.

Seriously he was a good cook and it was time that people should realize it, instead of running away in fear at the sound that he was cooking. Whatever, he wanted to surprise Hyuna. His happy thoughts followed him as he headed to the market.


“So you’re gonna have your comeback so soon?” Hyuna asked as her and Junhyung sat across each other.
“Yeah. I know it’s too soon. I barely finished this promotions and now we have a new one coming up.”
“So what? You hate promoting with me?” Hyuna teased.

“Of course not. I love it. Don’t tell this to Doojoon and Yoseob but I like you more than them.”
“Oppa, you’re such a liar.” Hyuna laughed.
“It’s true.” Junhyung insisted, pouting his lips.
“Well I like you more than Doojoon and Yoseob too.”
“Now who’s lying?”

“It’s true. I like you more than them combined.” Hyuna said, causing Junhyung to smile.
“Of course. I’m the Beast Joker.”


Kikwang looked out of the window for the hundreth time that night, waiting for Hyuna to come back. He had cooked an amzing dinner for her and she still hasn’t come back and it was almost midnight.

“Shouldn’t she be back by now?”

“Don’t worry Oppa. She’s always late like this.” Sohyun comforted Kikwang.
“Yeah. Probably. She’s too busy huh? Anyway Sohyun, I have some chicken left. Do you want to try some?” Kikwang asked, shoving a plate of his chicken in front of Sohyun’s face. Sohyun’s face immediately turned green at the sight of the food.

“Actually Oppa. I already ate and I’m allergic to chicken. Sorry.” Sohyun said then immediately ran into her room, escaping from Kikwang’s food and another trip to the hospital.


“Oh my god. There are so many stars tonight!!!!” Hyuna shouted as she stared at the night sky, amazed at millions of stars out tonight. Junhyung looked up too and smiled.

“Ooh ooh, there’s a shooting star. Make a wish Oppa. Make a wish.” Hyuna shouted then closed her eyes and made a wish. Junhyung listened to Hyuna and made a wish of his own.

“WOW!! I hope my wish comes true. What did you wish for Oppa?”
“if I tell you now, it wouldn’t come true would it?”
“Ok ok I get it.” Hyuna pouted.

“it’s nice to be in here with you though. This is my favorite place.” Hyuna said as she ran to the swings. Junhyung followed her and pushed her on the swings.

“Yeah. Ever since I was little, I would always come here. It’s so fun. Especially at night, when there’s no one here.”
“Yeah that’s true. We’re the only two in here right now.”
“Yep. No cameras, no creepy guys hiding waiting to take pictures like they did in Daegu.”

“Don’t even remind me about that.” Junhyung said, wanting to forget everything that night led to…mainly Hyuna and Kikwang’s first kiss.

“Yeah. That was pretty interesting.” Hyuna got off of the swings. She shivered and wrapped her arms around herself.
“Here.” Junhyung wrapped his jacket around Hyuna and rubbed her arms, hoping to warm her. “You can’t get sick again. You scared me too much last time.”

“Of course. Do you know how I felt when I found you lying on the ground?” Junhyung asked, remembering the traumatic events of finding Hyuna passed out. “I went out of my mind, thinking something really bad had happened to you. The nurse even told me to shut the hell up.”

Hyuna laughed. “Really? She told you to shut up?”
“Yeah. I believe she said “Hey girly, if you don’t shut up, I’m gonna shut you up myself” Pretty scary nurses they have at that hospital.”
“You must been really scared for them to say that to you.”
“Of course. I don’t know….I don’t know what I would do if I lost you. And yeah I know you weren’t going to die right there but I wouldn’t be able to take it.” Junhyung confessed, making Hyuna’s heart beat faster than ever.

“Me too. I don’t know what I would do if I lost you too.” She sighed. “and I guess that’s why I haven’t given you this.” Junhyung looked at her confused. Hyuna took out a piece of paper from her sweater.

“What’s this?” Junhyung asked, grabbing the piece of paper from her.
“It’s Hyomin’s number. She asked me to give it to you last week.”
“Last week?”

“Yeah. And I’m sorry that I didn’t give it to you sooner but I guess I thought if I did…I would…
“You would what?”
“I would lose you to Hyomin.”

“I don’t want to lose you. And I know I don’t have the right to say that but I guess I was just jealous. Anyway I’m sorry.”

Junhyung didn’t say anything but just stared at her.

“She really likes you, you know? You two will be great together.” Hyuna said, trying to be happy for Junhyung.
“You and Hyomin, you two will really be good together.”

“No we won’t. I don’t want her number.” Junhyung said.
“What? Why? She really does like you.”
“I don’t give a damn whether or not she likes me.”
“You don’t like her?” Hyuna was surprised at his answer.
“No. I just ran into her at the club the other night. Her and her members were all over us. I have no feelings towards her.” Junhyung said straight out.

“Why?” Hyuna asked confused. “Hyomin unnie is really cool. And she’s pretty and nice. Why don’t you like her?”



“OMO! She’s still not back yet?” Sohyun came out of her room again to find Kikwang sitting on the couch, watching T.V. At this rate Kikwang was never going to leave and probably will end up staying the night at 4minute Dorms and will hog the TV.

That is something that can’t happen. Pasta was on tonight and she can’t miss it.

“You know she usually likes to walk in the park sometimes at night.”
“WHAT?” Kikwang immediately sat up. “At night? BY herself? Aigoo. What is she thinking? It’s not safe for her. Aish.”

Kikwang nagged as he put on his jacket and went to the park to find Hyuna.


“Why do you think I don’t care about Hyomin? Or any other girl for that matter.”
“I don’t…I don’t know.” Hyuna answered softly, avoiding Junhyung’s eyes.

Junhyung grabbed her face and tilted it so that she would look at him.

“You know exactly why. You know that you’re the reason.”
“Yes! You!! You Kim Hyuna is the reason why I don’t give a damn about Hyomin or any other girl.” Junhyung shouted, letting his frustration out.

“Junhyung, we already went over this. We agreed to be just friends remember?” Hyuna bit out, trying to control her emotions.
“I know I know. It was way harder than I thought it would be. I really thought us being just friends would be better. And that given time, I would get over you. But I….” Junhyung sighed. “I can’t. No matter how hard I tried.”

“It was your idea to be just friends.” Hyuna said.
“I know it was my idea. But do you have any idea how hard it is to see you be with Kikwang so easily when I’m in pain? I want to see you be happy. I do but seeing you with Kikwang is slowly killing me.”
“You think I have it easy? You think it’s easy for me to be with Kikwang?” Hyuna asked. “Of course it’s not easy for me to be with him. You have no idea how I feel when I’m with him.”

“I feel like I’m the worst human being ever whenever I’m with Kikwang. I feel guilty when he’s nice to me, which he always is. It’s not easy for me too you know Junhyung. I’m like carrying this guilt around all the time with me. Trying so hard to be happy with Kikwang and trying so so so hard not to think about how it would feel to be with you.” Hyuna shouted, letting all her frustration out.

Junhyung just scoffed. “Yeah it must be really hard for you. I’m sure kissing Kikwang would help make forgetting me easier didn’t it?’
“What?” Hyuna asked.
“I saw you guys kissing the other day. Talk about hard.”
“You saw us?”
“Of course I did. I was coming to comfort you after we got back from Daegu and when I walked in to the lounge, there you were with Kikwang kissing.”
“I didn’t know that. I didn’t see you.”

“No surprise there. You had your face glued to Kikwang’s to notice me.”
“And what? You’re angry about it? You’re angry that I kissed Kikwang?”

“I couldn’t get that sight out of my head. I still can’t.”
“Well what do you except? Kikwang is my boyfriend. Of course we’re going to be kissing sooner or later!” Hyuna shouted.

“I know that!!!” Junhyung shouted also. “ OF course I freaking know that. But it doesn’t make it easier!!”
“You’re the one who pushed into his arms!!!”
“I know what I did Hyuna. Cause I think about it everyday. The thought of you and Kikwang, I think about it everyday!!! I can’t get it out of my head. I swear the members want me on drugs. They think I’m depressed or something.”

“Well honestly you should take medication cause you’re confusing me!!! You’re making me crazy Junhyung. I don’t know what you want from me anymore. Just tell me!!! Just tell me what you want!!!!!!!”

Hyuna screamed but her screams were interrupted by Junhyung’s lips crushing against her own. She opened her eyes in shock at the sensation of Junhyung’s lips on her. Pretty soon, she couldn’t resist him as she closed her eyes, losing herself in his kiss.

They both have been waiting so long for this. Their first kiss. Junhyung couldn’t stop himself and closed his eyes, trying to memorize this moment in his mind. Hyuna and Junhyung were both too deep into their kiss that they didn’t notice someone standing there watching them.


Kikwang stood there, next to the bushes as he watched his girlfriend kiss his best friend. He clenched his fists in anger, betrayal and rage and it took all of his control not to run over to them and beat Junhyung up.

“You’ll pay for this!” Kikwang said as he turned around, leaving the sight of the two lovers in the park.
“You’re gonna pay for this Junhyung!”

End of Chapter Seventeen.
(Credits to twinkinglibra@4-Minute.com)

Take Care of My Girlfriend Chapter 16

Chapter 16 : Plan Backfired

In Cube Lounge

Kikwang had his arms around Hyuna, enjoying his break with his girlfriend. This morning had been hectic to say the least. He was consumed by anger and felt betrayed when the articles came out about Hyuna and Junhyung. But who knew that the day would end happily with him and Hyuna sharing their first kiss and his faith in their relationship restored.

“Hyuna, I’m sorry about how I overeacted earlier.” Kikwang apologized, looking straight into Hyuna’s eyes.
“I’m the one who should be sorry Kikwang. And you didn’t overreact.”
“Well I’m glad that’s over now.” Kikwang stated, kissing Hyuna’s face.

“Ok you two. Stop it. You’re making us sick.” Doojoon teased as he, Jihyun, and Hyungseung came in the room.
“Don’t be jealous Hyung.”
“Why should I be jealous when I got my girl here?” Doojoon said as he put his arms around Jihyun.
“Oppa.” Jihyun blushed.

“Where’s the rest of the people?” Hyuna asked. Hyungseung shrugged.
“Gayoon is going to the vocal room. Yoseob is probably heading there too. Junhyung has been missing all day. And Dongwoon and Sohyun are….”

Hyungseung was interrupted by the two maknaes yelling as they came into the room.

“Come on Sohyun. I said I was sorry.”
“Just leave me alone Dongwoon.”
“Not until you forgive me. Come on. I really am sorry.”

“What are they fighting about?” Hyuna asked Jihyun, being out of the loop.
“Apparently, Dongwoon ruined Sohyun’s date with Mir,”
“Oh really? How?”

“I didn’t ruin her date.” Dongwoon shouted, scaring the rest.
“Oh you can hear us huh?” Jihyun smiled innocently.
“of course. What do you think? That I’m deaf?”

“Yah-maknae. Don’t talk to Jihyun like that.” Doojoon ordered.
“sorry.” Dongwoon said quietly. “But I really didn’t ruin their date.”
“Didn’t ruin our date? You mean to tell me that following us on our date and stalking us on our first date didn’t ruin it?”

“Huh? You were stalking them?” Hyungseung asked.
“Ok I wasn’t stalking them exactly. I just happen to run into them. At the same place and at the same time. Pure coincidence.” Dongwoon explained.


“Wow, you look really pretty today Sohyun.” Mir said sheepishly as Sohyun blushed.
“Thank you. You look really nice too.”
“So what do you want to do first? Do you want to go on a ride?” Sohyun nodded.
“Yeah. I want to go on the ferris wheel.”
“Ok let’s go.” Mir said as he grabbed Sohyun’s hands.

Sohyun couldn’t stop smiling as they walked over to the ferris wheel when she suddenly heard someone called her name. she turned around to find Dongwoon, jumping up and down waving at them.

“Hey Sohyun.” Dongwoon yelled, smiling. Then he turned to Mir and his smile disappeared. “Mir.”
“What are you doing here?” Sohyun asked, confused.
“Well I decided to come to the amusement park to have fun. And I just happened to run into you two. What a coincidence huh?”
“You knew we were coming here Oppa so what are you really doing here?”

Dongwoon played dumb.

“Oh you were coming today.” Dongwoon said, hitting his forehead. “I totally forgot. Well anyway now that I’m here, let’s all hang out together ok? The three of us. Let’s go to the ferris wheel.”

Dongwoon said as he put his arms around Mir and Sohyun and dragged them to the ferris wheel.

End of Flashback.

“And that’s how he ruined my first date with Mir.” Sohyun pouted and ran out of the lounge.

“Aish, Dongwoon. Don’t tell me that was the genius plan that you had.” Doojoon said. Dongwoon nodded. “Aish Babo. I told you not to do go through with it.”
“Well how was I supposed to know that it was going to backfire on me.” Dongwoon yelled as he too left the Cube Lounge.

“Maknaes.” Doojoon sighed. “Come on Jihyun.”

The leaders couple left them alone.
“So Hyungseung, why aren’t you with Gayoon?” Kikwang asked.
“She wanted to practice her vocals.” Hyungseung explained. “Although, I don’t know why. She is already amazing.”
“Well maybe you should take her out to dinner or something.” Kikwang said.

“What?” Hyungseung finally realized what Kikwang was doing. “Oh, I get it. You’re trying to get me to leave so you can be alone huh? Geez, just ask.”
“Well then can you please leave so me and Hyuna can be alone? Hyung?” Kikwang used his most charming voice. Hyungseung just rolled his eyes.

“Fine. I’d rather hang out with Junhyung anyway. I wonder where the hell he is today.” Hyungseung mumbled as he left the couple alone.

Over at the vocal rooms

“And how do you expect me to live alone with just me. My world revolves around you and it’s hard for me to breathe.” Gayoon sang. “How am I supposed breathe with no air, can’t breath, can’t live with no air. That’s how I feel whenever you ain’t there. No air. No air.”

She finished singing and walked out of the room. She jumped when she saw Yoseob sitting on the couch, waiting for her.

“You scared me. What are you doing?” Yoseob shrugged.
“I’m listening to you.”
“Oh. How did I sound?”
“Amazing.” Yoseob answered as Gayoon smiled.
“Oh thanks Oppa.”

“So are you going to sing another song?” Yoseob asked. Gayoon shook her head.
“No. I think I’m done for today. Why don’t you sing a song?”
“Nah. Lately I’ve been feeling like singing by myself is not as fun as singing with you.”
“What?” Gayoon asked, her heart skipping a beat.
“I sound better when I sing with you. You make me sound better Gayoon.”

“ Really.” Yoseob answered. “and I’m not just saying that to be nice. I really mean it.”
“Thanks Oppa.”
“So what else are you doing tonight?”
“Nothing. Why?”
“Let’s go to dinner. My treat.” Yoseob said.

“yeah. Come on.” Yoseob said as he dragged Gayoon’s hands and led her out.


Jiyoon sighed sadly as she waited for the elevators to take her back to her dorms. She finished her schedule and practice for today and she couldn’t wait to lie in her bed and eat a gallon of ice cream. She has been feeling depressed ever since the whole thing with Seungho fell apart. She really did like him. He was the opposite of her but opposite attract right?

She was energetic while he was serious, always bringing her back down to earth. He had a hidden sense of humor that not a lot of people got to see and a caring side that she was lucky enough to witness. She tried apologizing to him a thousand times but he’s too stubborn. But Jiyoon wouldn’t change his stubborn side for anything in the world. He is perfect just the way he is.

She groaned as she got out of the elevatore, heading to the safe haven she called her dorm. She almost dropped her bag when she saw Seungho sitting there on the floor, in front of her dorm.

“Oppa.” Jiyoon started. “What are you doing here?”

Seungho shook awake and got up immediately. “Jiyoon, you’re back.”

“What are you doing here Oppa?” Jiyoon asked, surprised to see him there.
“I’ve been waiting for you.”
“Um. Really? Um…why?”
“To apologize.” Jiyoon’s eyes were wide opened, surprised.

“yeah. Apologize. I’ve been a real jerk to you and I’m sorry. I should’ve listened to you when you explained to me about TOP. I wanted to but I was just…”
“Just what?”
“Scared? Why?”

“I mean look at you. You’re amazing. You’re beautiful, talented, funny and I’m just me. And one of the best idol in the business wanted you. I guess I just felt like I couldn’t compete so I figured why not end it before I got heartbroken.”
“I just thought you wouldn’t choose me over TOP and I didn’t think I could take it. Then when you came to our dorm apologizing, I thought you were apologizing for lying to me and decided to choose TOP instead.”
“Then what made you change your mind?”

“Would you believe Mir is the one who finally got me to see things clear? Apparently we were a hot issue to him and Sohyun on their date. I finally realized that I’m an idiot. Actually I already knew that. I just finally learned to stop.” Jiyoon just stood there, taking it all in.

“So that’s what I came here to do. I’m sorry Jiyoon. I’m a jerk and I should’ve trusted you earlier. But I never felt this way about a girl before and I guess I just don’t know how to react.” Seungho rambled on, his courage fading with Jiyoon’s silence. “Anyway, since you’re not saying anything, I’m guessing you don’t forgive me and I just look like an idiot standing here rambling so I’m gonna go.”

Seungho started to leave but was suddenly stopped when Jiyoon jumped on him, hugging him. Seungho smiled widely and hugged her back tightly.

“Does this mean you forgive me?” Jiyoon let him go and smiled.
“Yes. I forgive you.”
“Really?” Seungho couldn’t believe his luck.
“Really. You have no idea how much I missed you.” Jiyoon confessed.

Seungho couldn’t contain his wide smile and kissed her.

“I missed you too. A lot.”

They hugged each other tightly for a long time, reveling in the joy of being back together.


Hyunseung walked into their dorms, bored. He was surprised to see Junhyung in the dorms, watching T.V.

“Where the heck have you been all day? Everyone has been looking for you.” Hyunseung asked he took a seat next to Junhyung.
“Here, there.” Junhyung replied dryly.
“Why haven’t you picked up your phone? We’ve been looking for you. You know?”
“I wanted to be alone. I’m tired.”

“What’s wrong with you?”
“Like I said, I’m just tired.”
“Then go sleep, take a nap.”
“I can’t.” Junhyung answered.

Ever since, he saw Hyuna and Kikwang kissing, he had been replaying in over and over and over in his mind. And he couldn’t get it out. He had been avoiding everyone, especially the happy couple.

“So you’re just going to mindlessly sit here and watch T.V all night?”
“God, why is wrong with you?” Hyunseung yelled frustrated at how Junhyung was so detached from this world. “Come on, let’s go out. Let’s go to a club.”
“I don’t want to go to a club.”
“You used to love clubbing and meeting girls. What happened?’
“I just don’t feel like it ok? Just leave me alone.” Junhyung retorted.
“Oh come on. Let’s just go. Please. I’m so bored. Come on. Come on. Come on.” Hyunseung nagged and begged until Junhyung finally gave in.

“Fine. Just stop begging.” Junhyung gave in. and he thought he was the naggy one in the group. Maybe going to the club would help him keep his mind off Hyuna and Kikwang. “ just let me go and get my swag on ok?”

“Ok!” Hyunseung answered happily, excited that he actually has plans tonight.

End of Chapter Sixteen.
(Credits to twinkinglibra@4-Minute.com)

Take Care of My Girlfriend Chapter 15

Chapter 15 : Never been Kissed….until now

Awkward would be the understatement of the year as the tension in the van remained high. The manager kept his attention on the roads, Junhyung on his iPod, leaving Hyuna, alone, to wallow in fear. Fear over what the President was going to say, what the media thinks and most importantly what Kikwang is going to say.

The trio cut their mini vacation short after the news article came out and a call from the President demanding that they get their behinds back in Seoul ASAP came. As the manager entered the Cube Entertainment buildings, there were mobs of people waiting. From fan girls to reporters, people mobbed the arriving van. Junhyung groaned and put his hoodie back on, hoping to hide away from the world.

After finding safe haven in the garage of the Cube, the three of them made their way to the President’s office, as if they were walking to their death. No words were exchange, no glances were made as they entered the elevators.

When they entered the President’s office, Hyuna took the seat furthest away from the President, as a last resort to protect herself from what was about to go down.

“You guys are finally back.” The President started the impromptu meeting.
“Yes. President. We came back as soon as possible.”
“You know Manager Lee what kind of a situation that we have right now. Two of our artists are now embroiled in a scandal. Sure it’s not a big scandal but it is a scandal nonetheless.” The manager nodded at President’s words.
“I’m sorry. I should’ve taken better care of them.”
“You see the people outside. Media outlets are here demanding the truth about the so-called relationship between these two.”

“They are not in a relationship. The pictures were just taken at the wrong time.” The manager defended Junhyung and Hyuna.
“that’s not what people think. While it’s great to have this much attention on our stars, it can be very damaging to them. Fans can turn on them in an instant.” The President explained and then turned his attention on the two who kept quiet.
“You two, you guys are not really dating?”

“NO President-nim. We’re really not. We were just having fun and the photographer just made it seems like we’re dating.” Hyuna quickly explained.
“I… I believe you. But they won’t.” the President sighed. “But it’s too late. The pictures are out there already. I already sent out a statement denying that you guys are not dating, just really close friends.”

“So is there anything we can do?” Junhyung asked, slightly relieved at the President’s lack of anger.
“Well, don’t ever let any more pictures like this be taken again. Understand?” Junhyung nodded. “How about you Hyuna?” Hyuna quickly nodded.

“Good. I guess there’s nothing we can do but just to wait for this to pass. Ok. You guys can go.”
The trio quickly got their butts out of the office.

At the Lounge.

Hyuna had never been so relieved in her entire life. The whole car ride, she had been worried about President’s reaction and it seems that he had taken in better than she thought he would. Hyuna let out a sigh of relief as she grabbed herself a drink by herself. She ignored the stares and whispers of other trainees passing by and she relaxed when she was left alone in the lounge by herself.

“Yah Kim Hyuna!!!” someone suddenly yelled out her name. Hyuna tensed as she realized whom that voice belonged to. She turned around to see a furious Kikwang storming towards her. Guess I can’t relax yet. she thought to herself as she braced for the conversation she was about to have with one pissed off boyfriend.

“Hyuna.” Kikwang’s low voice scared Hyuna more than his loud yells. She could tell that he was angry just by looking at him. His usually smiling eyes are replaced by death glares and his breathing was more shallow.

“Oppa. I can explain.”
“The pictures. Are they true?” Kikwang asked.
“We were just playing around. We didn’t even see a photographer anywhere. It was just innocent playing I swear.” Hyuna said, praying that Kikwang would believe her.
“So the photographer just saw this and just decide to write this story about you guys going out?” Hyuna nodded profusely. Kikwang stared into Hyuna’s eyes, hoping to see signs of whether or not she’s telling the truth.

“Oppa. I swear. This was just a misunderstanding. I would never betray you like this.” Hyuna pleaded with Kikwang. Kikwang kept quiet for a while, not saying anything. Tears began to roll out of Hyuna’s eyes, at the thought of Kikwang not believing her.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Hyuna said through her tears. She couldn’t even blame Kikwang for being angry. She would be angry to if the situation was reversed. She couldn’t stop her tears at the thought of losing Kikwang. Kikwang just stood there, watching Hyuna cried and all the while his heart was hurting. He hated seeing her cry, even hating it more that he’s the reason why. He trusted Hyuna, he really did but the picture of seeing Hyuna in Junhyung’s arms just struck a nerve with him.

He knew their history together, knew that if he wasn’t in the picture, Hyuna and Junhyung would probably be together. He had pushed it out of his mind for a while now and focused on treating Hyuna right. After all, both Hyuna and Junhyung promised that nothing was going on right? And Kikwang had been working hard to replace Junhyung in Hyuna’s heart.

As more tears streamed down Hyuna’s face and she began to sobs, Kikwang couldn’t remain to be stoic anymore. He raised his hands and wiped her tears away. Hyuna gasped as Kikwang pulled her into his arms. She began to cry harder at her most understanding boyfriend.

Outside of the Lounge

Junhyung was exhausted. That little vacation turned out to be more tiring than having no vacation. He remembered vividly in his head of Hyuna’s face when the manager showed them the article. A mix of shock, disbelief, fear, and anger were shown on her delicate face and it broke his heart seeing that the prospect of them being together can cause her to have such reactions. He sighed to himself. He thought, actually prayed, that time would heal all. Time would be the answer to make him forget about Hyuna but the more time passed, the more he seems to fall for her. Now she is stuck in his mind, like superglue, unable to take her out. And he feels like a total bastard for feeling that way, because of Kikwang.

He walked over to the lounge, hoping to find Hyuna. She seemed upset when they left the President’s office and he wanted to help her. He was about to enter the lounge when he saw something that would shatter the last remaining pieces of his intact heart.

Back in the lounge

Hyuna pulled away from Kikwang’s embrace and looked into his eyes. Kikwang wiped her remaining tears off and smiled. Hyuna smiled back, relishing in his once smiling eyes, directed for her.

“Oppa. You’re the best.” Hyuna whispered.
“If you say there’s nothing going on then I believe you Hyuna. I trust you.” Kikwang whispered back. Hyuna couldn’t take her eyes away from Kikwang’s understanding self.

Pretty soon, Kikwang leaned closer to Hyuna’s face, his attention directed at her lips. Hyuna’s heart beats fast when she recognize what is about to happen. Her first kiss. She closed her eyes in anticipation for it. Kikwang took that a sign to continue as he inched closer and closer. Pretty soon, their lips were touching as they kissed for the first time.

It was a tender and sweet moment and when they finally pulled apart, Kikwang smiled and kissed Hyuna’s forehead. Hyuna found refuge in his arms once again, grateful as she found a way to hide her blushing face.

As Junhyung watched this, he couldn’t move. He couldn’t breathe. Hyuna’s first kiss was now taken by Kikwang, just like how Kikwang also stolen the place as her first boyfriend. He suppressed his anger and sadness and snapped out of his trance and walked away, deciding to leave the couple alone.

End of the Chapter Fifteen.
(Credits to twinkinglibra@4-Minute.com)